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The management on the way fortunately: how to create positive thinking?

So, you defined for yourself the ultimate goal. Now, to move further, you need to understand what prevents to reach it freely. What you have internal restrictions which are not allowing you to make it?

Most often, formulating for itself the purpose, you understand that it was wanted already long ago, but did not dare even to think of it. Which of us did not dream of the spacious house in which there would live all family? Or being the best in the profession? Or about that you could travel around any places of the planet freely? But something prevented to begin to take some actions for achievement of result.

Remember what very first thoughts came to your mind when you wanted to achieve the dream? Most likely, you spoke to yourself:

- It is impossible.
- At me will not turn out.
- All this will be come to a bad end. I have no
- for this purpose money. I have no
- for this talent and other necessary qualities.
- Me it is not given.

Here the approximate list of thoughts which say that the negative thinking operates you. The negative thinking has several manifestations, one of which is the negative forecast when the forthcoming events are drawn in negative light and begin to have character of irrational (illogical) beliefs:

- Me never to find suitable work.
- Me never to earn such sum.
- I will not be able to be good mother (father).

In the relations negative forecasts join when we worry for safety of relatives. For example, if someone from the family long does not answer the phone calls, then in the head the worst options of succession of events and people just rush cannot find any peace.

Other manifestation of negative thinking when you badly think of other people, you begin to give mentally or aloud to them a negative assessment, you condemn, you deride, you criticize, you hang any labels. To it the manner on the basis of any one sign in the person is added or in the phenomenon to draw the general conclusions. For example, on appearance to judge the person in general. Here such beliefs as “All men are goats“ belong, “All politicians are dishonest people“.

One more party of negative thinking is perfectionism, aspiration to make any business on “perfectly“, ideal image. For example, at hostesses of cozy apartments and country cottages perfectionism is shown in maniacal aspiration to sterile purity in the house: that was not anywhere motes, and each thing would lie as the hostess put it, and in any way differently.

Perfectionism takes away a lot of energy from the person, and it is clear: it is impossible to reach in anything an ideal. They cannot become happy because for entire happiness they will lack something. They never and are satisfied with nothing completely. The work begun with them cannot come to the end because always something does not suit them, and they endlessly remake everything, complete, etc.

to understand whether manifestation of negative thinking is inherent in you, I suggest to answer the following questions in detail:

That new and good at you in life?

Of what you think before going to bed?

Who in your family makes decisions?

What can occur in case of your compelled long absence in a family?

Of what you think on vacation?

How you represent the life in 1 year, 5, 10, 20 years?

If someone from your family makes a mistake what you think about it?

What you think if you made a mistake?

Whom and what you criticize houses for?

What thoughts come to your mind if you need to charge any business on the house close?

What you tell to the relatives when they badly perform the homework?

What you think when you do not get along with case?

What for you is meant by well performed homework?

What result is considered for you satisfactory?

What you think when you do not get along with case?

What you think when you do not manage to make household chores?

What has to be made on “perfectly“?

How often you achieve result?

having Carefully analysed the answers to these questions, try to create at yourself positive thinking successfully to move ahead on the way fortunately.