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How it is successful to marry?

Happen love matches and by calculation. If in days of old great happiness was considered to marry darling, then now grown wise women all - want to marry by calculation, that is it is “successful“. Agree, somehow sounds more nobly when the happy bride “shares happiness“ such words: “We with darling will live in the fantastic lock!“, than phrase: “With darling love in a cottage!“.

As it is successful to marry:

• Braque demands to himself the sober relation as many couples which are got drunk by the love not always adequately estimate darling and the marriage. Women can idealize the elect. As it strange sounds, it is necessary to establish a family on the cold head. If you are overflowed by emotions and the head from love is turned, then it is better to wait when you a little cool down. Unfortunately romantics, marriage on one love will not resist because people cannot live all life in a condition of euphoria from passion.

• When you are going to marry, accurately answer yourself the question “What Do You Wait from the Elect and Marriage for?“ if your expectations are not met then about any successful marriage the speech will not be, the disappointment destroys the relations. For example, you dreamed to marry and continue career. For this purpose you graduated, your ambitions and big plans to be realized in the activity. But, it turns out that the husband will do career, and you have to be its reliable back. Your task - to raise children and to warm up the center.

• Before marriage discuss trifles which young people leave “for later“, and as a result it turns out that it is not trifles at all. For example, your elect likes to play computer games from time to time, you consider that it is nonsense, resolve an issue after marriage. And when you appear with the child on hands, it becomes clear that he loves “virtual toys“ more you. Here already late to drink Borjomi.

• Solve for yourself what shortcomings forgive to future husband. Do not hope that the husband will be ideal. In total not without sin. And “to re-educate“ the adult not so easily as it seems at first sight.

• It is necessary to choose the husband with whom you suit one another. “Love comes with habit“ presently it is not actual. You “will eat“ each other rather, do not issue divorce yet.

• Having chosen the worthy husband, do not forget that the woman has to be self-sufficient. It is always necessary to develop, be interesting to correspond to the half. Many women, having married, relax, considering that the objectives are achieved. Operation code-named “to Marry“ is executed. It is a big mistake. Marriage will not be successful if the husband loses to you interest.

As if cynically sounded, but, marrying, it is necessary to count initially what future expects you. Was considered earlier that it is necessary to marry when at the heart of marriage only love. But now other time. If earlier the woman, marrying, was for the husband , then now, without a certain calculation, it can remain with children on hands. So to speak, the love passed, there were only ruins.

It is successful to marry - it means that your family will turn out such of what you dreamed. It is close to someone to raise children and to wait for darling from work, to someone to realize itself as expert. Therefore successful marriage it is possible to call “the met expectations“ more likely. If marriage is such what you wanted to create it, so you can brag of happy marriage.