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Where there passed Alexander of Macedon`s youth?

of Dion - the antique city, is located in northern Greece. As well as the set of other more or less known ancient settlements which are in a shadow of the well-known Athens or, say, Delf, nevertheless does not remain unaddressed tourists. Should tell

that northern Greece in principle is not so rich in ancient monuments as the southern or island its parts, but also here are the antique pearls. One of them just also is ancient Dion - Zeus`s city, the city where Alexander of Macedon carried out the youth and from where it went to the campaign in eternity!

We, having a rest in the hotel on the bank of the Aegean Sea located in only several kilometers from Dion for the reasons absolutely not clear to me even did not plan his visit. Though beforehand collected information on the few nearby sights to which it was safely possible to refer Litokhoro`s small village located at the bottom of a mountain ridge of Olympe and the canyon crashing into it Enipeas. And also the resort town of Paraliya Katerini which was famous for the hospitality and gold beaches.

As we began to plan and organize part of the excursions, and this time decided not to depart from the developed tradition especially as independent visit of antique Fazelis in Turkey showed the mass of advantages of this way of acquaintance to sights.

Decided to reach Dion by a taxi since it very quickly and rather cheap (12 euros). Having agreed with the taxi driver that back he will take away us in the hour agreed, we moved to buy tickets. Two tickets worth 4 euros everyone promised to present us unforgettable impressions of what was seen.

Having passed on the avenue, we reached T - the figurative intersection and right there came across the grandfather - the controller who unperturbably tore off the necessary part from the ticket and then also unperturbably lost to us interest.

Having idea in what direction to move, we chose the direction counterclockwise and made nonsense. The dug-out part of the city can be divided into two parts conditionally. The residential quarters which well remained after repeated earthquakes with country houses, terms and public constructions were just in an opposite direction from the beginning of our route. And destroyed, culturally - temple part, just in our direction. So I advise you: when you are in Diona, at once turn on the left, and then examine all the rest. Though ruins of the temple of Isida certainly deserve due consideration.

The river which is flowing from the foothills of the Olympus and being in the ancient time for residents a source of fresh water and a waterway since was navigable wins more and more territories from the city now, absorbing it whether at will of Gods, whether at will of other everyday reasons.

But the most interesting and impressive as I spoke earlier, waited for us in inhabited part of the city. The first that at once is evident, to be exact under legs is the main road, paved huge boulders which borders are issued by borders. On the one hand benches and office buildings closely approached the road, with another the view of country houses of prosperous citizens opened.

Columns, inlaid floors, numerous pools - all this brightly and colourfully transferred idea of Dion`s architecture. And having added a little imagination, it was possible to present also residents among structures, and young Alexander with the friends who are eager for glory, revenge and a revenge before Persians.

During an era of the Roman government of Dion began to gain lines of the Roman city - numerous terms and toilets were constructed, water is laid on and new temples are built.

With 20 - x years of the last century in Diona archeological excavations which do not stop to this day are conducted. Who knows how many he still antiquities hidden underground conceals Zeus`s city, Alexander of Macedon`s city.