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How to make the robot for the kid? A toy from traffic jams of

Buy that machine... Well buy the machine, I want a toy... It is familiar to you? I think, I will not be mistaken if I tell that each of us met with “Buy!“. This request or the requirement can be different intonation and a tonality. From gentle “The daddy, mummy, buy, please“ to terrible “Buy, and that...“ Further the little blackmailer can continue by

demonstration of a set of the requirements in any form: from a free concert in shop to an infinite roar of the house. How to cope with blackmail, it is possible to read in articles of psychologists.

I suggest to make together with the kid a toy - the robot. I know that in similar subject of toys in shops - a dime a dozen. And the fact that now you will not surprise with toys of children - everything is known. But this master - a class has other mission - educational is perfect.

Here not only an operating time of ability to work with any tools, but also development of creativity and sharpness in the child. Also it is impossible to dismiss that own work is appreciated more.

As the master - the class is called “We do the robot“, generally it is focused on strong part of the population aged from 3 years till 6 years. But if little princesses will also wish to make to themselves the robot, do not refuse to ladies their desire.

We do a toy, using stoppers of bottles with drinks. So if you still did not save up them - it is a high time to begin to collect. We need for this purpose pieces twenty stoppers (6+6+4+4). It is more interesting to select colors different, but it is possible also identical. Everything depends on the imagination. Traffic jams are necessary for hands and legs of the robot.

Also we need a plastic container of any form, it can be various bottles from shampoos, liquid soap or other any things. I took from - under Nova hair gel - big-bellied jars perfectly look in this toy.

The flat and wide cover is convenient for such hand-made article too. Think over what form there will be a head of this robot to pick up it the corresponding size. We had a head - a cover from a bottle with liquid soap. Still the wire, a drill with a thin drill and Moment glue are necessary for us.

In the beginning a drill we make openings in plastic traffic jams and we connect them a wire. Thus we do hands and legs of the robot. Difference - two feet are necessary for legs in addition. In this case it is possible to use 2 stoppers of the bigger size.

Further we make openings in toy “trunk“ - where hands and legs settle down, and, having stretched inside a wire, we twist. As capacity for a trunk at us has a cover which is convenient for opening, problems with work in “organism“ do not arise.

After you established “Headless Horseman“ on legs, he needs to attach the head. But in the beginning think - as well as what you will make antennas and eyes of. For this purpose it is possible to use a thin wire or a twisted spiral. For eyes blue or red small buttons will go - we put them on Moment glue.

Naturally, the robot which is not mechanized. Other level the master - a class is for this purpose necessary. But such Martian has an advantage - in capacity from gel which was transparent, we placed small toys from “The kinder - a surprise“. It turned out ridiculously and interestingly. The robot looked fine.

You ask and what participation of the child consists in? The answer depends only on you - from as far as you have amicable relationship with your kid. But sincerely I hope that collaboration will make your friendship even more strong.