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What are appeals to earn quickly from actions dangerous by?

In recent years occurred, in my opinion, very dangerous substitution of concepts of the sphere of work with actions - goes very strong shift of focus of attention to obtaining the fast income on stock trade, currencies and other financial instruments. All this leads to very sad consequences for many people (and their family budgets).

From all directions the avalanche of sweet-voiced appeals quickly and fantastically to grow rich falls upon the modern person. We are urged to pass a blitz - training at “ of true professionals of the business “ and right there, without departing from cash desk, to begin “ to cut bucks “, masterly trading on the stock or currency exchange.

Understand me correctly, I - not the opponent of risky operations with currencies, precious metals, securities and their derivatives. Moreover, in due time I passed serious training, passed the most difficult examination and worked at senior positions in various investment companies.

Whether just I well know this kitchen from within …

Are actions an income source?

Of course, are! In particular, they bring dividends ( i.e. annual monetary payments ) to the owners.

At the same time, the companies - issuers can not cope with the increased competition, decline in demand, incompetence of management, consequences of the next financial crisis and to go bankrupt, i.e. both the company, and its actions, and your money which invested in their acquisition will disappear.

It is the worst scenario of possible succession of events . To these unpleasant events it is necessary to be morally ready, a swagger - mazhor nobody cancelled.

But if we more attentively look at independent trade at the exchange ( i.e. speculation in actions, goods, currencies etc. ), we will see really frightening picture which various sellers “try not to advertize fast “ the income.

Here it, to harsh realities of life - the statistics does not lie, and shows the real situation: 95 - 97% of private traders sooner or later “merge “ the trading account. That is almost all who trade at the exchange - in other words, are engaged in trading, - lose all the money.

I will tell honestly, I - too not an exception of this rule. I lost at the exchange very thorough sum of co in many zero, and in dollars!

There is it because we cannot predict future and therefore stock market game turns into gambling with all that it implies.

How to earn from actions?

Ask yourself a simple question: “ why then numerous investment companies spend huge advertizing budgets for advertizing obviously of losing strategy of trade on actions?“ The answer will be simple too: they not bad earn from this .

Their profit is formed at the expense of the fees which they charge from each operation ( of the transaction ), made by the private trader. And irrespective of, this transaction brought in it the income or a loss - the investment company will always receive the commission!

And the investor will gradually lose all the money, but will enrich at the same time those who to him helped to make transactions.

Somehow all this is wrong, in my opinion!

We will address experience of the rich...