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What is polorolevy installations and as they influence family life?

All of us it is from the childhood and even, probably, not always we represent how many useful and superfluous we take from that carefree happy time. Priorities, examples of behavior in different life situations, elementary hozyaystvenno - household skills, the address with material benefits, creation of relationship with similar, habits, readiness to take the responsibility … Yes what is only not put in a childhood! With this baggage the person should go on life.

in the first years of life self-identification of the child according to man`s or a female why his behavior will depend further happens. In fact, it is also origin of polorolevy installations.

Any installations have significant effect on our life. Already classical experiment shown in the documentary “I and Others“ (1971) where examinees were offered to describe traits of character of the person according to the photo is remembered. However at the same time participants of experiment were given different installations: in one case it was reported that in the photo the famous scientist, in another - the criminal is depicted. It is paradoxical that examinees depending on installation found reflection in features of the same person time of opposite manifestations of character.

The same force of impact on family life also polorolevy installations have. From ideas of itself as about the person man`s or female, from the requirements created according to it, motives, valuable orientations, the attitude towards representatives of an opposite sex cast between the husband and the wife depends. In fact, polorolevy installations are an expected behavior of spouses according to their ideas of the man`s and female rights / duties.

What spheres of family life polorolevy installations concern?

1. Who will be a family head / neck?

2. Who carries out interrelation with society (visit of PTA meetings, communication with bank employees, realtors, insurance companies etc.)?

3. Who distributes cash flows of a family?

4. Who is engaged in education of children?

5. Who provides household comfort of family members (cleaning, washing - an ironing, cooking, washing of ware and so forth) ? Whose destiny - shopping and replenishment of stocks of the refrigerator?

6. Who is engaged in the organization of leisure and summer holiday?

7. What qualities the good husband (wife) has to (and) possess?

The more at the husband and the wife of coincidence in these parameters, the happier and more comfortable them family life. Discrepancy of polorolevy installations of spouses, as a rule, leads to discomfort in relationship and, as a result, to the family conflicts. Especially it is characteristic of young families at an accustoming stage to new roles of the husband / wife and “grinding“ to each other.

In general, idea of gender roles is formed in two ways: through society (polorolevy stereotypes) and on the basis of own life experience. But to a large extent ideas of future matrimonial roles are influenced by images of parents.

If the spouse was brought up in a family where all household chores, in education of children, shopping, the organization of summer holiday, distribution of finance, adoption of important decisions mother was engaged, then most likely he will expect the same dedicated daily work and from the spouse, including the existing imbalance in distribution of family duties norm.

What to do in case of discrepancy of polorolevy installations of spouses? First of all, to realize a problem and to try to reach compromise. To reasonable people it in power.