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Why we lose what very much we love? How to prevent it? I believe

Ya, in your life there was similar … While something became for you especially important, it right there boldly disappeared. Also there was it on strange combination of circumstances.

Or, for example, what you especially were afraid of, as ill luck would have it, rushed into your life at the most inappropriate moment. Why so happens? It is accident or regularity? Whether in our forces to change this negative tendency? If yes, that how? About it the speech will go.

For clearer understanding I will give several examples.

My friend very much liked a ring which was presented to her by future groom. Not just it was pleasant, and caused wild delight. She quite often bragged of it and very much was afraid to lose. And what you think? In one “fine“ day in the most ridiculous way it dropped it somewhere at home. The favourite ring was not even after clear-out.

One of my friends very much liked to play soccer, it did not represent the life without it. And when its fanaticism reached the highest point, he suffered a serious injury of a knee. This incident completely excluded this sport from his life.

My cousin madly loved one guy. It was dissolved in is mute to such an extent that it became the only sense of her life. Without seeing in it is mute any shortcomings, she drew an image which strongly differed from the real personality. Illusion broke in volume the moment when the beloved without explanations replaced it another, at the same time having remained owes the large sum of money.

All three stories have something the general, namely:
- existence of a subject which is excessively idealized;
- its transformation into the “funnel“ tightening the most part of time, emotional and financial resources;
- concentration of meaning of life on the idol, fear to lose it and manifestation of other signs of fanaticism;
- the fear materialization which is shown in the form of loss of object of idealization;
- negative consequences for emotional, physical and financial spheres.

Why it occurs? Whether it seems to you that all these signs speak about existence of a certain vital regularity? When we begin to attach something too great value, it leaves our life.

If to imagine our life in the form of school, then each event in it is urged to teach us to something. If we do not learn this lesson, then the situation repeats again and again, besides in more rigid option. And the person asks a question meanwhile: “Why always so happens to me?“ Instead of finding the answer to a question what this incident can teach me to.

Proceeding from the aforesaid, it is possible to draw a conclusion: situations when the person loses what too loves, are allowed not casually. They occur to induce it to reconsider the behavior to make wiser. So, what it is necessary to change in the lifestyle that similar losses avoided you?

In - the first, realize that the balance is necessary for full-fledged life. the person has six main spheres: spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical, social, financial. It is very important that your attention and various resources were evenly distributed between the mentioned areas. Also remember if you allow a considerable distortion in any party, consequences will not keep themselves waiting long.

In - the second, periodically analyze the state. for this purpose can use an easy way. Draw a circle on a sheet of paper, divide it into six segments symbolizing various spheres. Let the size of each of them will be proportional to that volume of resources which is absorbed by a certain area of your life. If there is a subject which is for you an idol, then draw it in the corresponding part of a circle. This drawing will visually show where you engender a problem and in what sphere losses from - for idealization are possible.

In - the third, take concrete measures, promoting rebalancing. For example, if recently you gave time and forces to work, to the detriment of the physical and emotional sphere too much, then correct it. Allocate time for rest, communication, sports activities. If you undertake nothing, then the failures in career demonstrating that you too were fond can expect you and broke balance.

Following these simple rules, it is possible to avoid a set of losses and painful experiences. And also to achieve considerable success in all areas of life. Never forget that in the Universe there are spiritual laws. Their knowledge and observance, contribute to your happiness and abundance.