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Carefully, scam! How deceive summer residents?

Annually with arrival of spring quicken marketing by landing material. Brisk sellers - barkers display bright pictures on show-windows and in eager rivalry advertize a miracle - goods: the curling wild strawberry, a lileyny tree, a highly productive mycelium of any mushrooms … What is not offered only today! Well how here to resist to the unsophisticated buyer?

I it is fine the market … What to take from quirky guest performers - shopkeepers? But advertizing of similar goods is placed by very many printing editions, probably, even without penetrating into an essence of such announcements. And to think here is about what and first of all - about the further reputation. Readers in the majority got used to trust the printing word mass media and begin to buy such landing material, enriching unfair sellers whose business is constructed only on momentary benefit. And losses of the gardener - the flower grower - the gardener from such transaction are very notable: it not only loss of the money in every sense dug to the earth but also loss of forces and time spent for cultivation and expectation of return the shattered hopes and bitterness of disappointment.

If someone else believes in existence curling (or ampelous) wild strawberry , then I dare to disappoint: there is no such plant in the nature! Wild strawberry - a bush which well cannot be curling owing to the structure in any way. Under this brand mask usual remontantny wild strawberry, from the grades differing in the strengthened formation of moustaches. Yes, she can be put in a big suspended pot, to provide plentiful top dressing and to receive a magnificent bush with the numerous hanging-down moustaches. But it is only a way of cultivation - in the form of an ampela, the wild strawberry from it neither ampelous, nor curling does not become. But photoshop miracles on counters attract and give false hope: there now beauty what, how many berries!. And suddenly and at me so it will turn out? (Aha, it at all who already bought advertizing of this a miracle - berries over the past few years just hands grow not from there.)

One more modern goods - a lileyny tree . On the picture - and the truth almost the tree covered with tens of flowers. I think, those who uses the computer should not explain, as here everything is worked by means of a photoshop. In a pursuit of profit hazardous swindlers will stick so many flowers how many the area of the picture will allow on a stalk, and it is possible to pick up coloring - the most unimaginable. The main thing, it is convincing to inform the buyer that this miracle of selection needs to be put at itself in a garden, and it will please and please with the beauty, becoming from year to year is more and more powerful and more magnificent. And if at you in the first year the ordinary lily grows, do not despair and drive away doubts! You need to wait only three years until the tree gains strength. And here then … Then precisely all neighbors will lie under it stacks with envy.

Actually everything is much simpler. Under the guise of a lileyny tree in our market push a hybrid. Sometimes it is called still “Goliath“. But who will buy “a hybrid lily“? And here on “a lileyny tree“ - it yes, it sounds! And credulous buyers will always be, even despite of the impressive price of such bulb.

Yes, hybrid lilies, in comparison with usual, have larger sizes in everything - in a bulb, in flowers, in growth (1,5 - 2 meters). But by the nature any lily - a bulbous plant which under no circumstances cannot turn into a tree escapes of a lily do not drevesnet. If to take a lily of some tall grade and to put on sufficient depth in a hole with the soil made in due form, to fertilize manure and to look after strenuously all season, plentifully watering and feeding up, then the powerful copy a little different from hybrid fellows will turn out. Is it worth overpaying to swindlers for doubtful pleasure?

Still advertizing of the highly productive mycelium guaranteeing big productivity to all of the known mushrooms - boletuses, aspen mushrooms, birch mushrooms, chanterelles, honey agarics, saffron milk caps etc. comes across. You begin to read and you wonder. It appears, to part this delicious product as easy as shelling pears though it is direct at a porch put and you will forget the road to the wood. You will be filled up with a harvest!

And if to include logic? Forest mushrooms in the activity are closely connected and dependent on roots of certain species of trees - any mycologist will tell it. And if everything was as simply as with oyster mushrooms and champignons, then mushrooms would grow in the wood at a continuous carpet. But for some reason we for each mushroom go and we go, peering under legs. Yet any scientific team did not manage to remove a mycelium of above-mentioned forest mushrooms, and some magician guaranteeing big crops without the necessary trees and the specific forest soil was drawn here. As they say, the legend is fresh and it is trusted hardly … what

A the agiotage rose a miracle around - godzha berries ! It is presented as the superuseful Chinese barberry rescuing from a set of diseases. But nobody expatiates that the plant and fresh berries are poisonous. That in China they are brought together only in gloves, and eaten only in a dried look. That unique structure on minerals have only the plants growing in China on the plateau around Ninsya. And if to grow up this plant at us, then it all the same will not have similar properties, structure of soils at us another. But even not this main thing. The main thing that its miraculousness is not proved by scientific researches.

We will glance in Wikipedia: “Some marketing statements were in Canada and the USA under close attention. In January, 2007 the CBC TV channel within consumer protection made own investigation of marketing statements for “godzha juice“. At the same time it was established that Earl Mindell`s statement (at that time he worked as the marketing director in the company FreeLife International, Inc) that results of clinical trials in the Memorial cancer center Sloun - Kettering in New - York showed as if the use of juice of a godzha prevents in 75% of cases of the person of a breast cancer, was not true. There were only preliminary laboratory researches and one Chinese clinical test“ .

I think, there is an occasion to think of expediency of purchase of similar exotic.

Unfortunately, such doubtful offers can be listed long, in each region, probably, there will be something special in a makeweight to the most widespread. And though experts can easily prove insolvency of such offers, all the same flimflammers have every season the merchant on next a miracle - goods.