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Backup: how to protect favourite photos and briefs from loss?

Probably, each of us at least once suffered from loss of data. When my first hard drive with all videoshop burned down, I tore on myself hair and rejoiced to the fact that on this disk there were only movies, but not the thesis which should be handed over in two weeks, and not the photoarchives including the old scanned family photos.

This case set me thinking on that given which are stored on the computer, can disappear at any time - the computer can be burned with difference of tension, the operating system - to start to malfunction, the virus can rub files. The usual cup of coffee spilled on the keyboard can do to the portable computer irreparable harm. Eventually, the laptop can just be stolen, and all data will be gone together with it. How it is possible to protect itself from loss of important documents and favourite photos?

That was not excruciatingly painful for irrevocably lost family videos, drawings, scientific and degree projects or briefs, experts recommend to do “backup“ regularly. How regularly - depends on that, how often you update a working portfolio or the folder with a photo. If you work on several serious projects at the same time or remove much, will not prevent to do a backup at least once in a week, and it is better - once a day. And if quantity of content created by you not so highly, then in the preventive purposes it is possible to recommend to do a backup at least once in a month.

What is it? Expression “backup“ comes from the English backup, that is, in Russian speaking, “backup“ which will allow to keep all the most necessary in case of sudden death of the carrier with data. As a rule, the backup is done on any external carrier that in case of loss or irreversible death of the laptop or the computer data were not gone together with it. Some external hard drives are already delivered with the program for backup, for example, a row nakopiteleywd is completed with special software of WD SmartWare which will undertake all cares on safety of data.

First of all, it is necessary to be defined what data you want to protect from loss. It is possible to choose backup of certain types of files - documents, music, movies, images or mail; certain formats - depending on expansion:. doc. mp3. jpg. Can set a backup separate documents or folders if the copy does not want to save all files of a certain type. If you often go to holiday, travel around work or just like to photograph, surely add the Photo folder to the list of applicants and if decided to try writing of children`s books or romance novels, do not forget the folder with future best-seller.

The backup can be done manually, and it is possible to customize system definitely that copying happened automatically without your participation. Not to forget to do a backup, it is better to automate it - function of continuous copying will independently create duplicates of all new and changed files. It is possible to adjust backup according to a certain schedule: once a week, every third Tuesday of month, 1 number or in any other order which will seem to you reasonable. Some programs allow to keep several versions of the same file that is especially important for text or graphic documents to which changes are often made.

If near at hand there is no free hard drive (or there is no wish to trust a backup copy to a piece of iron which at any time can kick off), it is possible to do a backup, using various cloud services like Dropbox, Google. Disk or Yandex. Disk. For this purpose you need to download special free software which is provided by the company - the developer on the computer and to make several simple gestures.

We will consider this technology on the example of service from Google. For a start it is necessary to visit a product page (Disk) and to download a distribution kit, then to install the program and to connect to it the account of Google. After that the Master Ustanovki himself will create the folder which contents will be synchronized with the folder of the same name which is on a page of your account in the Internet. Everything that from you will be required - it is timely to load necessary documents into the necessary folder and to allow the program to synchronize data with cloudy storage. The main plus of such way of synchronization of data is that all files which you store in the Internet will be available to you from any place and from any device: laptop, tablet, phone. It is enough to come into the account, and all necessary will appear directly near at hand. One more plus: backup with use of cloud services simplifies data exchange with friends and colleagues - just send the reference to the folder which you want to share, and the one to whom it intends will be able to download it in no time.

What way of data protection to choose - to solve to you. The main thing, you remember: popular music and movies can be downloaded anew from the Internet, and memorable photos and important documents can die or disappear together with the old laptop if you do not take care of them by means of a backup!