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How to find the calling and to change life?

to Find the calling is nearly the most important criterion for the person. It seems everything in life is harmonious - a family, work, stability. But the worm of doubt sharpens: whether I am engaged in that in life? Whether my this calling? If you often ask

these questions, so you did not realize the potential.

Many cases when some people became hermits are known and lived in a unification with the nature, having refused all benefits of a civilization. And when all felt sorry for this person, he said that he is happy because he lives in harmony with himself and nothing torments him I smother.

At first sight can seem that calling is looked for only by representatives of creative professions: writers, artists, actors. But this delusion. In what business of people would not be engaged: the culinary specialist, the manager, the seller, the teacher - the inspiration is necessary everywhere. And that work came easily and eyes burned, it is necessary that it was your path, that is your calling.

It is important to find the calling because at work we spend the most part of time, one may say, that half-lives. If it turns into torture, you look forward to the termination of the working day, glancing for hours, so it is necessary to think that you will return for this work tomorrow. And everything will repeat again.

To find the calling, it will be necessary to glance in himself, it is better than you nobody will answer a question. And if you listen to the internal voice, you will make the correct decision. You will find the shortest way from understanding of the mission before realization. Often the person chooses between demanded specialty and business as a hobby. It depends on character of the person - someone adapts, and someone is in painful searches of.

1. Work in pleasure.

Ask yourself a question from what work or activity you derive pleasure. Carrying out what work, you have a rest?

Life brings joy and satisfaction therefore refuse slavery, it is not obligatory that you got a salary a hard work. If you go about the own business, then it will be absolutely simple to work to you.

2. In what you succeed? Remember

in what areas at school you succeeded. What objects you loved more? Having defined the direction, remember the friends and an environment. On what questions they consult on you. Or, maybe, they said to you that you have in something a talent, but you did not attach it significance, having taken it for a compliment.

Let your desire and aspiration will not be approximate, designate what specifically you want, set the object and you aspire to it.

3. Get down to business. be not afraid of

that at you it will not turn out, be afraid to refuse the mission and to live others life, without having realized potential. Never undertakings come easily, prepare yourself for this thought. Therefore let difficulties do not stop you, and only do stronger.

4. Aim at result. Even if you will do

favorite thing from whom you will have moral satisfaction, do not accept it as a whim as a hobby. Organize yourself and adjust on a serious harmony. Having set the purpose, go to result, do not relax. As they say, patience and work

Dare! Be not afraid of changes! Live in harmony with yourself!