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Correction of weight. How to eat properly?

As “work“ diets and fitness? Their essence is usually uniform (the speech not about medical diets and physical culture): to bring consumption and power consumption into accord, at the same time providing us with necessary nutrients. There is still an express - the courses which are seemingly urged to return quickly symmetry. But also they are based or on rigid decrease in a diet, or on peak loadings. The essence - the same, a stress - is more, the advantage - is more doubtful!

I various tricks like zhiroszhigatelny diets and recipes are. They really are (the speech not about pharmacology, and about products!) . Only all this is really effective as part of a normal balanced diet together with loadings. Other - only a bait for lazy.

But it is a subject separate. And we will concern a set of weight separately. Where the vital issue as to drive it. The answer can be given roughly and one phrase: to guzzle less, to move more!

Alas, indeed. “To guzzle“ as “is“ - it is moderately how many it is necessary. Especially to eat - with pleasure, slowly, feeling taste. And gets fat healthy, with material prosperity of people, I`m sorry, from a gluttony. Also there is nothing to hide the truth behind false politeness!

As the food “generally“ “works“, we cleared a little. But any means needs to be able to use. Not znayuch, it is possible to hammer a nail with a microscope also. Only both the nail will be bent, and the microscope will deteriorate. In our case - the translation of products and advantage is not enough. It at best, usually irrational food is simply harmful.

We will begin with what is.

If you seriously decided to grow thin, first of all limit sweet and farinaceous food. Especially it concerns refined (in a broad sense, we will call so everything too cleared and improved) products: actually sugar, fine flour and products from them. Try to use products in more natural look: coarse flour, bran, not shredded grain.

Actually, grain is also the main source of useful slow carbohydrates. Only not quick-cooking cereals, those just gain unhealthy properties. In general, the grinding is more rough and grain, the better is more whole. The same concerns also some bread. Very conditionally: than the flour grade is higher, the more gentle and is more white - the more harmfully. More preferably grain, black, ideally - purely rye bread.

There is less sweet! Your sweets - a fruit candy, a zephyr, fruit jelly, dark chocolate. Ideally - to replace a confectionary with honey and dried fruits. Also reduce amount of sugar in tea and coffee.

Eat, let moderately, fat. It is more preferable to receive fats from fish and nuts though to avoid animal fats of type of fat or butter is not necessary. It is simple not to abuse, but it concerns all products in general. And here eat artificially processed fats (margarine, processed and sausage cheeses and other “cheese products“, mayonnaise) more reserved.

Surely use protein! Especially if you suddenly went on a rigid diet. From proteinaceous food you will not recover, but it will help not to lose muscle bulk.

In general squirrels recommend to use in each meal. Besides food of muscles, proteins are important for those who drive the weight as energy is already spent for their digestion.

By the way, sweets, a confectionary and other should be combined with slow carbohydrates, proteins, vegetables … Well let not at once, not all together … though I personally can and so. But you can use “excess“ and “medicine“ consistently.

By the way, about vegetables … and not only. Except the nutrients called already, the food contains, for example, cellulose. It is rough part of plants (a peel, a peel and so forth) too containing complex carbohydrates. Partially acquired (though giving not a lot of energy), partially not. Cellulose helps regulation of acidity with intestines, improves digestion and passability of intestines. At last, purely subjectively, gives sense of fulness, without loading you with calories. It is sometimes important for those who on a strict diet.

And at last, vitamins. All know that they are necessary. Really, though vitamins are also not either power sources, or construction substances, but they serve as some kind of catalysts of many processes. But from where and how to receive them?

We will begin with the fact that vitamins as promote an exchange of nutrients, and their assimilation requires presence of this or that factor. The simplest: one vitamins are acquired in the presence of water, others - fat. For example, vitamin D is synthesized in an organism under the influence of an ultraviolet. That is sun. And vitamin A - fat-soluble and for this reason its simplest source, carrots, persistently recommend to eat with oil.

So try - not to be limited to restrictions in food, but at the same time to eat fully. Just just in case, as to consider all factors very not easy.

How to solve the main problem of persons interested “to grow thin“: is less? Let`s begin with right delivery of a question. Let`s specify: it is necessary to eat less not so much how many to consume. And it is two big differences.

We will consume less calories and unhealthy, and even harmful, substances. Having tried, not having gone into other extremes, to receive all necessary for full-fledged life. Receiving, including, and pleasure from food. Only from food, but not from a gluttony!

And still the majority should begin with reducing quantity of food. The overeating entered usage long ago and strongly.

First of all, get plates of the smaller size. Now it is your portion! Do not fill them “with a hill“, do not put an additive.

There is other, “anatomic“ measure of a portion - your hand. It is convenient. A hand always at you! And its sizes are individual and connected not only with your growth, but also with a constitution. Recommendations about ratios of portions and even concrete “parts“ of a hand can differ at different authors, but in general are similar. And all this not an axiom, but only an approximate reference point … though strongly you should not deviate it all-.

the Single portion of proteins is equal to the palm size, thickness about a little finger tip.

Fats - to the size big or two top phalanxes of a forefinger.

Carbohydrates (difficult!) - the clenched fist.

Vegetables and fruit - brushes with thumbs up.

Of course, at big loadings a portion it is pertinent and logical to increase. By the way, loadings is a sport or physical work. Normal, say, thrice on one and a half - two hours of training with the calculation. The work interfaced to the long active movement: janitors / cleaners, loader, builder. Sometimes seller. Mail carrier … Generally, you for certain understood about what the speech. Do not deceive yourself: neither office worker, nor the housewife in this list are registered. “Physical“ is understood as the work interfaced to a serious expense of forces and energy. Address tables of energy consumption at different types of activity. Having estimated approximately total power consumption, correlate it to the diet. I am afraid, the result of many will not console!

Cut food on slices. Take on one.

Eat slowly. So you will also be sated in the far smaller portion. It is not illusion. We feel satiety not at once and we manage to overeat.

And not to hurry, be engaged in understanding. Feel taste!

Replace mayonnaise with less fat, low-fat sour cream or yogurt with seasonings.

Believe, the “pure“ food has a taste! You learn to feel it, but not seasonings. For yourself you will open a lot of things.

Not to snatch on food, do not starve! Always have what to have a bite. It is very desirable - not a confectionary! Cheese slice, air-dried meat, dried fruits, nuts. If it is possible, fruit.

You learn to feel the body. Are hungry - have a bite. Are not hungry - do not eat just like that. And generally, doctors recommend frequent having a snack. However, it for those who do not eat too much in the main meals!

And probably, most important: actually is all is possible. With one condition: to feel the valid requirements of an organism, without substituting them for the imagined desires. Then we will learn to eat properly and to feel a measure which you should not exceed. And everything will do only good!