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Evgeny Kisin - “Cliches of the anti-Armenian propaganda are identical anti-Jewish …“

at the end of December of last year in the Jewish Voice from Germany edition (JVG, “ The Jewish voice from Germany “ Siegfried Guterman`s article « was published; Azerbaijan - the strategic partner for Germany “.

The outstanding pianist of the present Evgeny Kisin who presented own position on a number of the questions raised in article in the letter sent to edition to JVG responded to the publication. there is no
However as we were told by Evgeny Igorevich, the answer from JVG still.

“ HECTARE “ publishes E. Kisin`s letter with insignificant reductions.

In the article “ Azerbaijan - the strategic partner for Germany “ g - N Z. Guterman writes that “ since the first Independence Day Azerbaijan builds political structure peculiar to the western democracy. It is presidential democracy with pluralism of the parties presented also in parliament. Let`s note that Azerbaijan is not “ Westminster democracy “ and not only concerning freedom of the press. The political system of Azerbaijan should be compared not to Germany or Great Britain, and to other Post-Soviet countries - Russia, Georgia etc. “.

WELL, LET`S REALLY COMPARE. ACCORDING TO the INDEX of DEMOCRACY of 2012 made by The Economist Intelligence Unit, Azerbaijan is the state with authoritarian regime and on the level of democracy is on 139 - m the place among 167 countries. According to the same Index, Russia (which is also called the authoritative country), is on 122 - m, and Georgia - with the mixed &ndash mode; on 93 - m. Among 15 former republics of the USSR there is Azerbaijan - on 6 - m the place since the end. As for freedom of the press, in a rating of the « organization; Reporters without borders “ Azerbaijan occupies 156 - e the place among 179 countries - 5 - e since the end among the Post-Soviet states. At the same time Russia - on 148 - m, and Georgia - on 110 - m places.

Since 1993 the former general of KGB and the member of the Politburo Heydar Aliyev ruled Azerbaijan. During Gorbachev reorganization Aliyev was considered as one of the most odious and reactionary figures of the Soviet political elite, an iron fist as the leading Azerbaijan up to the death in 2003. It was replaced by the son Ilham who to this day is the president of the country. If to speak shortly, Azerbaijan - east tyranny of the Syrian type, and even the provided g - number Guterman arguments concerning construction there “ first in the Muslim countries opera “ or “ worthy status of women “ do not cancel this fact.

Yes, anti-Semitism is not inherent in the Azerbaijani authorities and Jews well live in this country. However it is not the proof « at all; tolerances “ as approves g - N Guterman. Those who lived in the end 80 - x - the beginning 90 - x in the former USSR, with horror remember bloody riots of Armenians in Baku in January, 1990 when within a week tens of people were killed, the Armenian population of the city (tens of thousands) was completely deported, however the authorities did not interfere with the events.

“ TOLERANCE “ TODAY`S AZERBAIJAN WHOLLY ILLUSTRATE TWO EXAMPLES. In 2004 during courses of NATO in Budapest the Azerbaijani lieutenant Ramil Safarov killed with the axe of the sleeping Armenian officer Gurgen Margaryan at night and tried to kill the second Armenian participant - Makuchyan`s Nut. Having left several years of punishment in the Hungarian colony, Safarov was extradited to Azerbaijan where he was greeted as a hero, and the president Aliyev pardoned, raised vzvaniya and presented it the apartment.

The second case occurred quite recently and concerns the novel of the Azerbaijani writer Akram Aylisli “ Stone dreams “ which heroes openly condemn the Armenian riots in Azerbaijan. The president Aliyev deprived - on Aylisli of a rank of the national writer and presidential pension, deputies parliaments urged to check his genetic code, to deprive of citizenship of Azerbaijan and to forbid the writer to work in this country. Members of his family were discharged from office; group of young people, including representatives of ruling party “ Eni Azerbaijan “ with shouts “ Akram, get out from the country! “ burned portraits of - on Aylisli directly in front of his house; residents of its native village held demonstrations on a central square under the slogans “ Death to Akram! “ “ Traitor! “ “ Akram - Armenian! “ and then burned books of the writer. Such here “ tolerant presidential democracy “...

We will try to compare political system of Azerbaijan to Armenia, « now; victim “ which, according to - on Guterman, Azerbaijan is. The above-mentioned Index of democracy characterizes Armenia as the country with the mixed mode and allocates it 114 - e the place of a rating, having awarded 25 points more, than to Azerbaijan. “ Reporters without borders “ consider that on degree of freedom of speech Armenia is on 74 - m the place, advancing Azerbaijan by 82 points.

Besides, at least it is strange to read in the Jewish newspaper of the statement concerning Nagorno-Karabakh, in reality identical to standard cliches of the anti-Israeli propaganda: “ illegal occupation, despite resolutions of UNSC “ or “ refugees still wait for settlement “ - without reminder of history of the conflict and that fact that refugees are available on both sides (that is also inherent in the anti-Jewish propaganda). Therefore allow me to remind in brief history of Nagorno-Karabakh and an essence of the conflict.

DURING the MILLENNIA NAGORNO-KARABAKH was the ARMENIAN EARTH and Armenians always made most of the population there. In 1921, having conquered the Caucasus, Bolsheviks made Karabakh part of Azerbaijan to please of Turkey with which they sought to have good relations. All Soviet period Armenians of Nagorno-Karabakh sought for reunion with Armenia and all these seven decades the Azerbaijani authorities deprived of the Karabakh Armenians of their national and cultural rights, actively pursuing region azerbaydzhanization policy. In February, 1988, several years later after coming to power of Mikhail Gorbachev and the beginning of processes of liberalization, the authorities of Nagorno-Karabakh were announced the decision to realize will of the vast majority of the population to reunion with Armenia. In reply in the Azerbaijani city of Sumgayit there were riots of Armenians: the whole three days of citizens of the Armenian nationality cruelly killed in the conditions of absolute indifference and inaction of police and the authorities.

In December 88 - go in Armenia there was a terrible earthquake which destroyed the whole cities which victims were tens of thousands of people. Armenia was come to the rescue by the whole world - from the different countries sent humanitarian freights here. Cargo trains arrived also from Azerbaijan, but only cars were filled with crutches and nails for coffins.

At this particular time - at the end of 80 - x, and at all not after collapse of the USSR as approves g - N Guterman, war between Armenia and Azerbaijan began. As the citizen of the former USSR, I can testify that Armenians in this conflict were supported by all progressively conceiving people of the country, including Andrei Sakharov because it was clear that justice - on their party. And of course, none of us could think at that time that decades later in the Jewish newspaper which is issued in Germany will argue about “ importance of Azerbaijan for the future of Germany... “

Alas, the western democracies too often sell the conscience in exchange for gas and oil. It is well known that Israel for many years was the main victim it shameful policy. Especially it is shameful that support to similar policy is given on pages of the Jewish newspaper which editorial office calls for cooperation and power dependence on one of the tyrannies, worst in the world, and maintains injustice concerning much more progressive and civilized (though, certainly, not deprived of shortcomings) Armenia.

Evgeny KISIN.

London, United Kingdom.

Translation from English and preparation for printing M. Grigoryan.