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How Yury Shevchuk wrote songs about boys - mazhor, Leningrad, the terrorist and revolution?

“Pressing“ of Shevchuk after an exit of an album “Periphery“ forced the musician to leave Ufa. Having sat out some time in Sverdlovsk, Yury decided to send the feet directly to the capital. More precisely, to the settlement of Ingino which was located from Moscow in half an hour of driving.

By then “Periphery“ already brought to Shevchuk a certain “disgraced“ glory among capital musicians. Therefore the following album of DDT - “Time“ - registered in the mixed structure: Ufa was represented by V. Sigachev, N. Abdyushev, S. Ruda, and Moscow - the violinist S. Ryzhenko and a saksofonoist S. Letov. Record happened in Spartan conditions - in the Moscow one-room apartment therefore Shevchuk sang in a corridor, the violinist played in a toilet, the saxophonist - in kitchen, and the keyboard player in the room.

“Boys - mazhor“ (1985)

the Leader of DDT remembered that he after the Ufa persecutions wrote very evil and pessimistic songs, but crossed out made and decided that to spite of enemies the new album will be major and vital.
began with an album “Time“ which I heard in the terrifying quality my acquaintance to DDT group. And that DDT which we know now, in my opinion, began with “Time“.

Shevchuk confirmed the reputation of the witty and accurate satirist again. So, the composition “Boys - mazhor“ - the humiliating ode of “gilded youth“ of that era - to “sons of diplomats, lawyers, ministers and professors“ became the most famous song of an album.

Yu. Shevchuk:
“... they are written off from life. In 84 - me brought m on some kind of banquet of diplomats. Absolutely mean there was a situation. As it was possible to pass by and not to write anything!“

In the song it is full of time signs as, for example, Volga cars by which the administration, or videorecorders very expensive for those times on which the elite looked everyone forbidden - from fighters to a porno drove about.

It is necessary to tell that here Shevchuk is indignant quite in the spirit of the Soviet morals - a pier that you - from stands speak about equality, and were closed up by new “bourgeoises“...
generally, was absolutely clear to any listener what there is a speech about. Only one couplet haunted me:

Here the viewer will exclaim: “Here all in black light. aces have
and good fellows sons“.
the Friend, I know all, I, the brother, from these, But in the song you did not understand
, alas... anything.

Ya, of course, not about lack of a rhyme, and that the singer “of these“ . Subsequently the singer told that his father - Yulian Sosfenovich Shevchuk - really was large “cone“ in Bashkiria.

Yu. Shevchuk: “My father worked with
in the Ministry of Trade of Bashkiria, was the party organizer. We swore at it much in due time, but will never come to my mind to tell it: communists - shit. I respect its principles and I know that he is an honest person. I, happened, spoke: “Fathers, you though stole something there, jeans, perhaps“. And it: “You that?!“

By the way, on an acoustic home concert “Stokehole“ of 1985 the last couplet is absent, and instead of it is sung:

Ceremonial, clicks of locks -
bury It an old major...
Subsequently “Mazhora“ were rewritten by

for a plate “I received this role“ where sounded much more vigorously. However, did not do without acceptable changes. So, in a line “Having buried in video spitting sperm“ rough “sperm“ replaced on “happiness“ .

And still later “Mazhorov“ without shadow of confusion use as prompt of the telecast “Big Parents“ where children of Soviet “elite“ told about the eminent parents.

The song did not lose relevance also after falling of the Soviet system. Though what to be indignant with mazhor if outside capitalism...

“Leningrad“ (1987)

B 1986 Yury Shevchuk leaves Moscow and moves to “Mecca“ of the Soviet fate - the hero town of Leningrad, St. Petersburg, Petrogradishche... It is necessary to tell that in Petersburg fate - a party first treated the beginner he alerted - there arrived some wild provincial, furiously argues, drinks, fights... But many were subdued also by his talent. As a result in a year the janitor Shevchuk living in a hovel brought together one of the best structures of DDT.
the Keyboard player of DDT Andrey Muratov remembered that “Leningrad“ became the first song which Yury subdued it.

V. Muratov: “The person, the arrived devil knows
from where he - Ufa for me at all not the name, - could exhale it...
cannot make This city someone`s city specifically. Is possible just most to become its inhabitant. Shevchuk, of course, became the resident of St. Petersburg, the Petersburg person, unlike hundreds of others who come and until the end of days cannot understand where it is.
... St. Petersburg - the city not Russian. Shevchuk precisely noticed it: “Pale, thin, EVROGLAZYY passerby“. There is a hidden word-play...“.

Yu. Shevchuk: “The whole year I could not write
anything, I just went, looked, looked. I tried vgryztsya in these stones, to find in them people, myself, this sky low as a roof, to find an angel who always flies, always. And this cold the pig-iron, Winter Palace, wind with a ring of shackles, with howl, with shrill crying; the timid passerby to whom you look in the face, and he jumps aside in other party. These streets, light, color, smells which are absent. Is not present in Leningrad of smells. These lindens, apricots of trunks, the moon - some fantasy.
... Years for two I got acquainted with all dead persons (smiling) which are still live in this city, lived in communal flats, popodmetat the yards of St. Petersburg, wells... Something happened it is and at me the song went... It was such pleasure! Some understanding of in this city, and the city, seems to me, crookedly, but all - grinned and told: well, live, so and to be! And it is healthy!“.
I Remember

, “Leningrad“ struck me, first of all, with the rough metaphors sounding very unusually against a joyful spring waltz.

Plus one, zero, plus two, the Winter
turned black January a sky ulcer, ha - ha Blossoms!
From the South wind came crawling, incapable of run,
Devours, dokhlyak, the put too much salt snow.
A behind it, as plague -
Only Shevchuk could compare

spring to plague moreover and make it so positively. As the song for the first time was heard from a scene in the middle of “reorganization“, long time was its second name “Thaw“ (comparison with so-called Khruschev`s “thaw“ after Stalin`s death meant). Really, in “Leningrad“ the joyful anticipation of changes was felt. there also did not smell of
But any policy both, maybe, therefore the song did not lose the freshness, despite the “old regime“ name also today.

“Revolution“, “Terrorist“ (1987)

Zeitgeist: the Movie depicted in songs can play with them a double joke. On the one hand, songs become certain molds of an era, with another - an era and the creator can exchange, and songs - that such and will remain. If someone suddenly forgot
(or did not know), destruction of the Soviet system happened smartly and step by step. First in the people warmed up quite fair indignation of impenitence and hypocrisy of bureaucracy (see DDT albums till 1987) . Then the next time - but already heartily - discredited Stalin. Lenin and “Lenin“ guard was presented as antagonists to Stalin in “good democratic revolutionaries contra spiteful totalitarian dictator“ style.

Then, of course, and dealt with Lenin, but in 1987 perceived all “reorganization“ as a certain cleaning Soviet revolution which will sweep away “reactionaries“ and will establish originally public and free authority.

You doubt? Look at Shevchuk`s photo of those of years in the All Power to Councils! undershirt or an oktyabryatsky badge with Ulyanov`s face on a breast. The leader of DDT, despite the changing views, long enough burned with Soviet passion to general justice and confidence in a primacy spiritual over material.

A striking example of the aforesaid is the song “Revolution“ in which along with criticism of atheism or the Afghan war, nevertheless, the appeal to revolutionary opinion sounds, and the revolution fire, anyway, still is called “Saint“.
Not without reason at the end of a song sounds well-known revolutionary “Marseillaise“. Over time the revolutionary spirit of Shevchuk fell, and “Marseillaise“ began to flow primiryayushche at concerts in “Beatles“ “All You Need Is Love“.

Yu. Shevchuk:
“I do not treat October revolution in any way. It was such in the history such fact. Powerful, by the way and. But I do not belong in any way. I treat as a historic fact. Rather tragic“.
we will take

one more song of DDT of 1987 under the bright name “Terrorist“ Now. Certainly, the hero of a song - Ivan Pomidorov - shooting from a roof of inhabitants, sends us not so much to shahids how many to the Russian terrorists - narodovolets of the 19th century. Shevchuk`s “terrorist“ is, of course, a metaphor of not indifferent citizen who wants to wake sleepy weight (not without reason he shoots “single“). As on me, it is one of the best songs of DDT of that period.

Yu. Shevchuk, 1991:
“The most terrible - this terror of the inhabitant, but not terror of some there general or politician. Terror of the inhabitant which needs nothing - either freedoms, or democracies“.

Later the unknown student of the VGIK shot the video where “terrorist“ Pomidorov is shot, of course, by “Stalin ghouls“ on the song. Though in other situation of evil People`s Commissariat for Internal Affairs - ist could be replaced with same monarchic pre-revolutionary “secret police“.

About other hits of DDT - next time.