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How to look after a garden? Secrets of gardeners of

to Grow up a big garden not to everyone on forces, it demands also a lot of special knowledge, and it is a lot of work and time. But on any seasonal dacha without fail there are though several fruit-trees and bushes, competent care of them - pledge of a desired harvest. to find

full and detailed information on each culture Presently - not a problem, there would be an Internet near at hand or special literature. But I want to share some interesting moments collected from different printing sources and at skilled gardeners - fans.

For example, quite widespread practice of sodding of the earth under fruit-trees is not absolutely useful. Especially for a young garden. The grass grows quickly and quite strongly exhausts the soil. Besides, the soil under crowns needs to be fertilized and loosened on depth about 10 cm. Therefore it is far more expedient to plant under trees greens, spices, herbs, flowers or wild strawberry which will be periodically fertilized and processed that will do good and to fruit-trees.

The adult fructifying trees it is possible to feed up in two ways:

Approximately on crown perimeter, is not closer than on 1 meter to a trunk, by a sharp stake in several places in the soil do deepenings on depth of 30 - 50 cm. In these deepenings pour the fertilizers dissolved in water, having calculated necessary volume, proceeding from age and the sizes of a tree. Then these punctures fill up with a fertile soil.

On perimeter of krone dig around a flute width and about 35 cm in depth. It is filled with the rerotting manure with addition 3 - 4 kg of wood ashes, condense a little and fill up with the soil. At fertilizer of plums and cherries it is useful to add still extinguished lime or old plaster.

When landing cherries and plums the following subtlety is: entering of manure into a landing hole should is obligatory, and rather - it is undesirable. Much more advantage will be from introduction of wood ashes, bone meal, old lime, the burned-through clay or beaten plaster. In too fertile, “fat“ earth of cherry and plum begin to be ill - they have a cracking of bark and the expiration of gum. Fructification from it decreases, trees weaken and, eventually, perish.

One more secret : cherries and plums do not love cutting of krone, adult trees transfer it especially painfully. Therefore it is recommended to form krone of these cultures once - at once when landing young saplings: from lateral branches leave approximately 1/3 length, shorten the central escape half or slightly less. In the next years only removal of the frozen slightly escapes is admissible.

Skilled gardeners claim that survival of saplings of fruit-trees is much higher at their landing in an afternoon, in the late afternoon, approximately on sunset. It is hard to say what it is connected with and how to explain it from the rational point of view, but this reception really works!

Probably, many came up against such situation when the fruit-trees which are grown up with such care suddenly are fruitless, turning into purely decorative element of a landscape. In such cases it is a pity the spent efforts and unfulfilled hopes for a rich harvest.

It appears, trees happen fruitless for quite explainable reasons:

If when landing buried a root neck, then the tree badly grows and is ill.

When landing saplings in the crude cool place when roots concern layers of earth with a close bedding of cold ground waters.

If soil too poor and poor.

If a fertile soil, and trees dump flowers and an ovary, so there are not enough mineral substances. It is necessary to introduce urgently mineral fertilizers with phosphorus and potassium. But, of course, at first it is necessary to exclude work of insects - wreckers.

If soil too fat. At the same time on trees there is a lot of foliage and very few fruit branches. In that case to the soil add clay, ashes, lime or bring fosforno - potash fertilizers.

At too strong cutting intensive growth of vegetative, but not fruit escapes happens. It is necessary to adjust the scheme of cutting and to give to a tree the chance to gain strength for fructification.

If during blossoming observed strong frosts, or there was very wet rainy weather. In that case insects - pollinators are very little and flowers remain not pollinated.

At strong defeat of trees harmful insects. It is necessary to carry out preventive spraying by the corresponding preparations to established periods.

How to correct a situation? the Tree can force to fructify the correct cutting. When forming krone it is necessary to remember the following rule: short cutting causes the strong growth of vegetative sheet escapes, and long causes formation of fruit kidneys. Therefore, the branches which are not yielding fruits should be truncated approximately on a third of their length, it is no more. It will stimulate a bookmark on them fruit kidneys.

Large old trees considerably reduce with age productivity . In this case carry out the rejuvenating cutting of krone, deleting too old fruitless branches. Such cutting should be carried out not in the early spring and when leaves already developed, and young escapes of the current year reached 2 - 3 cm in length.

Also it is necessary to delete root young growth under trees, cutting out it to the basis because it is closer to power supplies, the tree intensively expands and oppresses.

I hope, these simple councils applied in combination with scientific agroreceptions will help you to look after correctly the garden and to receive good harvests.