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Modern stain removers do not help? Try “grandmother`s means“!

to Remove any spots from clothes, covers or tulle it is not difficult at all. At least, of it we on hundred times in a day are convinced from screens of TVs. But whether it is so easy to remove spots superfashionable and I will tell, honestly, not really cheap means?

No! And in it I learned by own experience. What to do if widely advertized powder (liquid) did not help to get rid of traces on clothes? To try a “grandmother`s“ method!

For all types of spots there are general rules: before cleaning it is necessary to remove dust from products. To a spot enclose the plate in several layers fitted by fabric from a wrong side. The plate is inserted between a lining and fabric.

of the Spot from fish, milk, canned food and sauces

Fresh - easily are removed soap solution and are washed out by warm water. I recommend to try to remove inveterate spots so: to impregnate cotton wool or a wadded disk with warm glycerin and after a while to rinse warm water.

Spots from fine silk fabrics are well removed by mix of glycerin and water in equal proportions with addition of several drops of liquid ammonia. Before applying this mix on fabric, it is necessary to check whether it fades.

From woolen fabrics of a spot bring solution of glycerin and liquid ammonia in water (to a glass of water of 20 grams of glycerin and 10 grams of liquid ammonia). After cleaning fabric is washed out warm water, dried and ironed.

of the Spot from fruit

Fresh - can be removed hot water. Previously it is better to take a spot in hot milk. After that to wash out. Old spots bring solution of lemon acid (2 grams to a glass of water), then carefully wash out warm water.

If spots did not manage to be removed from white fabric, try hydrogen peroxide with liquid ammonia (1 teaspoon on a glass of hot water), then wash out water. Spots from fruit can be washed slightly warmed up denatured alcohol.

of the Spot from red wine and berries


, as well as spots from fruit. Spots on color products are well deleted by glycerin mix with an egg yolk (1:1). It is necessary to smear with this mix a spot, then to wash out it warm water.

On fresh spots from wine it is recommended to fill damp salt and in 15-20 minutes to wash out warm soap water. It is possible to wet in milk or serum and to wash. From white products of a spot it is possible to remove with hydrogen peroxide (a teaspoon on a half-glass of water). After removal of a spot the cleared place needs to be washed out cold water.

Fatty spots

Gasoline, turpentine, acetone. Fresh spots before cleaning need to be ironed not strongly hot iron through 2-3 layers of a blotter, having enclosed it and under a spot. Then clean gasoline or stain remover. Also remove spots from wax, stearin - only after an ironing still wipe a spot with the denatured alcohol. That around a spot stains were not formed, the spot should be cleaned from edges to the middle, and after wetting by gasoline to cover with the put blotting paper and to press down the warm iron.

Old fatty spots delete at first with gasoline, then soap.

Yellow spots on tulle curtains

Can try to bleach tulle as follows: To pour in 2 tablespoons of peroxide of hydrogen and 1 tablespoon of liquid ammonia in the enameled bucket with hot water, to lower there curtains and to mix a stick. Bleaching time - from 15 to 30 minutes! Not to boil at all!

I hope these councils to you will help, and your things will take a trade dress again.

Source: “Housekeeping“.