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How to be protected from a pikaper?

It is sure, everyone though yes overheard about so-called “pickup“, forums, trainings and on which the Internet abounds with articles. Initially the pickup was constructed with the good purpose - in order that timid pimply guys overcame the fear of refusal and all - met girls and got though some relations. Nevertheless now the pickup turned into sophisticated mockery.

the Main goal of the former pimply teenager, and nowadays experienced temper - it is not simple to i to get acquainted with the girl, it is not simple to oversleep with it, having spent as little as possible money (read - resources!) and to get it to fall in love to unconsciousness that then with special cruelty to throw it!

And to be a pikaper, it is not obligatory to complete all these courses, to read forums or even to call itself is as follows: some men perfectly know these technicians, and such characters as Casanova or Don Juan, even became history and are repeatedly described in various psychological literature as archetypes. Anyway, moves such men cynical desire to hook, tempt, get to fall in love and to throw. At the same time sex in itself, seemingly, too not especially interests them - it was also repeatedly discussed in numerous researches that Don Juan associates was a bad lover.

One my friend, having got acquainted with a pikaper and having fallen in love with him (!) admitted that he did not even begin to sleep with her. “I told then it - well it it, I will write on you the complaint to labor union of pikaper!“ - with bitter irony she spoke.

Is more senior than Pikapera zealously are grazed on dating sites, for young people “Vkontaktik“ and other social networks, streets and student`s cafes is ideal. In any of these places danger can wait the girl or the woman that the young man pleasant in every respect will turn her heart into one more dried trophy. And though pikaper are called “female fans“, true motive of their behavior - not love to women, but the most true hatred.

So to be protected from this harmful phenomenon, we will walk in the beginning in brief on pikaperstvo methodology to distinguish the enemy before while heart is broken, and eyes will not dry out from tears. Their main task - as soon as possible to break borders of future victim (read - you). For this purpose they begin at once after acquaintance quickly to reduce a distance - to try to touch, fill up with compliments, slowly begin to speak about sex and so on.

Right there first and the main council at a meeting with a pikaper: to be developed, leave and not to communicate any more . Because each hook which it clings you breaks your borders more and more until you find out that you sit over phone and as the abnormal hysteric woman, you wait for it a call. Of course, it is possible to try to change a pikaper - however, as well as to prove to Jehovah`s witness that there is no God. But if you are not sure of the abilities of the theologian and temper, it is better not to try, and I will repeat, at once to run while the mentality is whole, and the apartment is not rewritten on sect.

We will dwell upon that, as break borders of the personality . For example, the pikaper accidentally speaks about sex, mixing these words compliments and enthusiastic comments on you. You, having listened with delight to such pleasant words, you try to pass unpleasant words about sex - such attentive and careful guy on the first appointment to you cannot so just want to oversleep! And if wants, so it only that you as he already told, such delightful, seductive and sexual that it cannot just restrain! It supports the words with the promise of gold mountains in the near future that trustful female heart cannot but please. Then - more: the unpredictable behavior begins - when the pikaper promises to call and does not call, appears - vanishes, says scurrilous things - alternates them delights. All this actually very strongly clings: as soon as you came across a bait of its false promises and compliments - everything, you in his hands: you begin to doubt yourself and to think that actually it good, and your offenses - small cavils of the spoiled little fool. Actually, alternation of mucks and priyatnost is already drug which it is almost impossible to come off.

Therefore, if you all - distinguished a pikaper and risked to play his game, your task - to take the initiative . On a slang of pikaper it is called “open contact“. Its essence that you do what is usually done by a pikaper: you meet when it is convenient to you, you slander a heap of priyatnost or you promise to make something good and you vanish. You begin and finish conversation itself - the main thing that the initiative proceeded from you, and only from you. You call unexpectedly and only itself, and you vanish also unexpectedly, without having executed any of the promises or having executed only small that did not come off a hook. Be not put itself, and keep him waiting, to want and be perplexed. If you make everything correctly and with cold heart - you will turn the pikaper into the shivering creature which will roll in your legs. As it was already told above, clings nothing stronger, than here such here emotional “swing“.

The question only in that is why it is necessary for you? It is better as soon as the pikaper got to the field of your sight, stop at a stage of a superficial acquaintance and be not caught in its net.

And always remember the phrase which already strongly podzaterla citing in the statuses in social networks, but which from it do not lose the relevance: “Nobody is worthy your tears, and the one who is worthy will not force you to cry!“