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Why to the simple person grist?

Grist. I think that long to explain value of this word there is no need. Vikislovar gives us several interpretation of it, in my opinion, of purely Russian phenomenon.

In - the first, it “the secret place where hide money, values, etc.“. In - the second, “something priberezhyonny, hidden for emergency“. And in - the third - “the hidden financial, raw reserve; emergency ration, savings for rainy day“.

The first value of bulk of the people almost does not concern as treasures at the simple hard-working person were never found, and here the second and third phenomenon very much is even often observed in our families.

There is an opinion that most often the grist is done by men. Like, on everyone the firefighter if suddenly it is necessary to extinguish “smother the fire“. Men hide part of a salary in different places - happens, even then are surprised. My late father-in-law once, having curtailed a tubule three Soviet rubles, thrust them under eaves. Thought that reliably hid.

And next morning the mother-in-law together with the sun woke up to milk a cow and saw a surprising picture: from - under eaves rubles, and after them sparrows took off at first. The father-in-law then nearly had a heart attack as all family laughed loudly over unlucky “tyrshchik“.

One of my acquaintances told recently that she found the whole pack in a jacket of the husband which hung in a case long time still of Yeltsin money. “And that annoyingly, - she said, - we then very much needed, and he hid money from a family“. “And how he explains this find?“ - I asked. “Says that put and forgot, wanted to make some surprise to us and what, now will not remember“. So money was also gone.

If men hide money generally for the needs, then women hide them on “rainy day“ for a family. One my friend still uses this method. Having got paid, she stuffs several hundreds of rubles on pockets. Happens that to the following salary they lie untouched, and the part of the following salary joins them. “But when there comes such moment when money is extremely necessary, and to borrow there is nobody, here and the grist helps out“, - she says.

I remember, my mother hid money behind an icon, considering that nobody will dare to look for them there. Honestly, when already bread there is nothing was to buy, mother as the magician, got ruble, and even it is more, from - for icons, and I went to shop.

A grist is also such widespread phenomenon as a moneybox. Thought up moneyboxes from which money cannot be got nothing. It is only possible to break “pig“ or “kitty“. Someone has enough patience to fill a moneybox up to the top, and someone, having estimated the grown heavy capacity, ruthlessly throws it on a floor. All family creeps among splinters, collecting coins which suddenly are saving “find“.

My son thus gathered to himself money for rest abroad, the truth he threw into a moneybox within a year five hundred-ruble and thousand notes.

It is possible to find both positive, and negative sides in any phenomenon. To someone it is necessary, the grist, to someone is not present. But unplanned money always by the way.