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Why it is worth being afraid of wealth?

Many people dream to grow rich, but are not ready to a big state. One person who won the huge sum of money in a lottery, having faced wealth, exclaimed: “For what to me this test?“ Actually the wealth is too test with which not everyone will cope.

Why should be afraid of wealth?

1. When the person is lucky in money, often there is no health or love, or he has no children. It is impossible that at one person of all was much. Respectively, if in life there is a lot of one, then another, respectively, it is less. Therefore it is necessary to analyse whether the person is ready to lose love or health for the sake of big wealth. Perhaps all - is better if everything is in harmony?

2. Big money is a heavy responsibility. People get used that they among the elected minions of fortune therefore they begin to live, taking great pain to derive pleasure. And each time there is a wish more and more new feelings, and many begin to become an inveterate drunkard on infinite parties or to use drugs in search of happiness. Often it occurs because that the person tries to fill the formed emptiness. At such moments it seems that it would not be better than this money which made conceited and tore off from the earth.

3. In the people speak “money spoils“, and of course, in it there is an element of truth. People who got used that everything can be bought cease to estimate things adequately. The present depreciates, they do not believe in love as they got used that to them treat as production on hunting. They got used to false people who surround them for the sake of profit, and perfectly know that there are left they without money - a half of their “friends“ will run up. And if human becomes alien, then in the price there are a vanity, arrogance, boasting. Having felt on itself a crown, such people will do everything to keep on a pedestal: to give expensive parties, displays, to overact, reveling in the vanity.

4. Very rich people cease to feel pleasure which is tested by ordinary people from achievement of small victories. To the rich of insufficiently usual rest in the paradise place, they begin to dream of eternal youth, of immortality, forgetting that they are ordinary people.

It does not mean that the person has to live in poverty and be afraid of wealth. No! It is necessary that everything was in harmony: mutual love, healthy children, material benefit, respect, sincere close relatives, loyal friends.

If there is a big wealth, there will be no tranquility as responsibility is big. There will be no loyal friends as there will be many envious persons. There will be no sincere relatives, they will count how many it is possible to extend money at the rich relative.

Often rich people live in loneliness because they avoid sharing and do not want that used them.

Too big wealth - load of the ordinary mortal person. But so it developed that we to this world brought nothing and with ourselves we will take away nothing. And money is not the most important, it is much more important to realize themselves as the personality, to be a self-sufficient and happy person. And the concept “happiness“ for all a miscellaneous.

And you dream of big wealth or you have on the first place other dream?