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Internet and social networks: benefit or evil?

are known to All that social networks are not the last position in life of the modern person, but if the adult is, as a rule, capable to sort information obtained by it, passing unnecessary and useless content, to ensure safety of the personal information on the Internet, then the younger generation, including teenagers, most often do not pay it due attention.

The main function of social networks - to provide maintenance of communication between people, even when they are far apart. Each person can easily communicate by means of social networks with friends and colleagues, and also to run for search of people, communication with whom was interrupted, and to get new pleasant acquaintances. Today cases when as a result of acquaintance of young guys and girls new families are formed are frequent.
Viewing of photos, video movies, listening of audiomusic. If you had new photos which you very much want to show to the friends if you want to find easily the movie for the purpose of its viewing or to listen to the hits loved by audio without their long search in other musical websites - social networks to you in the help. Social networks are huge storage of information, each person can find the necessary information on his taste, having just set it in search.
Is very convenient way to find the people for communication having similar interests. If for search of such people you need to bring to lives with them communication, then on a social network it is enough to you to create the group, to fill it with information and to distribute invitations in group - the interested people you and will find.
On social networks exists a set so-called “flash - appendices“ in which each of persons interested can take part, having spent a huge number of the time without any advantage (forgive for frankness). Nevertheless, - appendices occur among these flash also the useful, allowing to pass psychological test, to translate the text into all languages of the world and to send a card to close people.
Nevertheless, despite a wide range of the carried-out functions, social networks bear in themselves danger.

Free access to information posted in social networks. Many people with ease post numbers of the phones and other personal data which can be used against them in social networks. Cases when wives “caught“ the husbands on change through a social network are frequent. Banks which by all means need to find phones of unfair borrowers use also social network. Not to receive excess problems, it is necessary to treat very accurately information posted in social networks, to avoid excessive informational content when filling the section “About“.
Social networks are capable to hypnotize literally the person, to force to think of when it at last comes home and will be able to communicate on a social network. Each new acquaintance on a social network for the person becomes similar to acquaintance in real life, the side between reality and virtuality begins to be erased. As result - the strongest psychological dependence, neurosises and a depression. You want it? Then, be so kind as, to know when to stop. You remember - to the person who got to a social network happens very hardly then to be chosen from there. Nothing is able to replace real communication between people, and let you though in the days you sit on social networks, the desire of real communication at you will not be gone as it is two absolutely different like communication. Scientists from Great Britain found out that the lack of communication is capable to influence negatively functioning of immune system of a human body, hormonal balance, work of arteries and processes of thinking.
according to above-mentioned scientists from Great Britain, the people who are carrying out active social life on social networks more often than other people are inclined to understating of the vital principles and values of real life. The uncontrollable hobby social a web - the websites is capable to increase risk of commission of inadequate acts, including suicides (especially among youth).

Considering all aforesaid, each user of social networks has to think of need of carrying out for them of “excess“ hour of the time - whether it does well to the person, or opposite, leads to delay of its development. Perhaps, also you should not refuse completely communication with other people by means of social networks, but the fact that it is better to control time of this communication - it is unambiguous.