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How to be trained in the system analysis and for what it is necessary?

I the beginning businessmen and successfully processing the case face the choice: where to allocate the available funds for receiving the greatest profit. Look for information in mass media, listen to councils of the family and acquaintances. On the basis of the experience and intuition make decisions. Chaotic processing of initial information leads to admissions of important data from area of business that leads to decrease in profit.
the System analysis saves time of search of the most actual information for more effective investment of capital. Stages of the genetic, structural, functional, parametrical, cost analysis sharply reduce labor input of study of initial information as at each stage the most important direction of decrease in expenses and increase of consumer properties of goods or services is chosen. In technical devices the newest developments of materials and designs, in trade and administrative activity program updates of processing of arrays of information are applied.
On each step of production goes comparison of options on the enclosed expenses and the received results. We receive the stage-by-stage network schedule of a solution with target figures of time of execution and expenses. It is possible to seize this tool and it is necessary solving a real vital problem. In article of the section “Training“ state the problem and we in the correspondence mode on pages of the magazine will help the most active people to go to success shorter and reliable way.
From general provisions should note that work has to be performed at the high professional level. The specialist in brake shoes for cars is obliged to know not only technical characteristics of the blocks, and everything that belongs to production at other competitors and is in scientifically - technical and skilled design development of domestic and foreign producers.
the Genetic analysis gives the scheme of development of goods or service with the indication of the reasons of transition to the following step. The brake shoe for the car was formed from the uniform previously mixed mix of fibrous materials and polymeric pitch in the beginning. In recent years for expensive powerful cars this mix quickly lost the frictional properties from - for its overheat in a zone of contact with a wheel disk up to the temperature over 500 - 600*C. There was a design in the form of a cup from the block enriched with copper powder which several times takes away heat from a zone of friction quicker and the block keeps frictional properties. Experts have to estimate: whether the main function of system is carried out by means of new knot. Then cost of production reconstruction are estimated. Improvements can be a little. On each of them the analysis and comparison of results is carried out.
the Structural analysis assumes the accounting of all elements of the analyzed system. On each element the functional analysis with ranging of its role in system is carried out. Then values of parameters of the function which is carried out by an element are established and weak links are defined upon transition to higher step.
is exposed to the Analysis not only goods or service, but also all production chain, including stages of preparation of production, service and utilization. When calculating cost of expenses the special attention is paid to the stimulating role of compensation of highly qualified specialists in the staff list.