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How to become stylish? Four steps to effective clothes of

Each woman dream to be good, with taste of dressed and to collect delighted (or envious) views of people around. But the clothes, our the second I, set every morning a puzzle. What to put on today that it was not similar on yesterday? And how in general from a minimum of things to create unique images daily?

This favourite female dilemma can be solved, conforming to the simple rules. Having created the correct clothes, each woman can become unique and stylish.

1. To spread out on regiments

to Release space for new and to create an order in favourite things - the first step towards to own style. This part the most difficult, but courage will be rewarded surely. Having coolly estimated the clothes deposits which accumulated in your case start cleaning. For simplification of this mission, touching clothes, divide everything into three groups:

Everything torn, hopelessly soiled, wiped, faded we put in one heap, and it is better in a garbage package at once. All this on carrying out is unambiguous, and do not think something to pardon.

For formation of the second group to you needs bravery. Honestly admit to yourself that from this in what you looked good five years ago, is hopeless on you a little. Also you remember, long with the pulled-in stomach, an equal back and on socks you do not pass therefore be ruthless. And if will grow thin / extend legs/, replace skin color - buy new. Everything that is close what you grew up from or for any reasons it does not sit on you absolutely, but it is still attractive, will very strongly please girlfriends of sisters and colleagues to whom it by the size.

the Previous recognition will help you easier to finish and with the third group. These are things which are not put on a long time, but all of you still believe that their hour of triumph will come. Ask yourself a question: when and under what circumstances you will put on this thing. The answer - when I will marry / will grow thin / will earn to many money / camp happy - wrong because happiness other clothes will suit absolutely.

2. Let`s be engaged in introspection

Estimate all your wealth is sober and answer a question: how you appeared in a situation when there is nothing to put on? Answers, as a rule, lie on a surface: your love to Tolstoyans, incongruity of things among themselves, love to a glamour and spangles or, on the contrary, love to black with gray? Understanding of a problem - a half of its decision.

Now give a definite answer on questions: where and with whom you carry out the life?

Where it proceeds the most part of time (at office, with children, in own creative studio, on symposiums and the presentations or at concerts and receptions at home)? Where you have a rest and spend free time (in the gym, in club, in mountains, in a pub, at opening of a photo exhibition)?

With whom you spend the time (with colleagues, with subordinates, with children, with the husband)?

What impression you want to make and what image to form (there is no more powerful weapon in this question, than clothes)? Having determined by

a clear picture and the true requirements, it is easier for you to create basic clothes and to sort things in the case by purpose. Whether it is worth buying the twentieth dress with spangles if further a playground in the next year you do not leave? Or, maybe, it is time to think of new expensive suit if you want to achieve increase? You remember, stylish clothes - where each thing will bear the function, mission and a message.

3. We draw a silhouette, we add color

Knowledge of - the main quality of really stylish women. Therefore adequately estimate yourself, having taken an all around view up and down. Ability to make it coolly, without having increased itself complexes - it is invaluable. Further, knowing type of a figure and your features, it is possible to modify schematically the figure the necessary length of a skirt, a style of trousers, length of sleeves and a style of a blouse. The proportional silhouette which is advantageously emphasizing advantages - a basis of any style. What do you want to emphasize and what to hide? What things will help you and what should be avoided?

Also each woman needs to know the tsvetotip. Following it, will easier emphasize himself with different shades. Yes, not flowers, but shades. Actually, any color will show to advantage on you if it is picked correctly up and in unison with others.

4. Trends, brands, counters

the Fashion will never become your dictator if you correctly use it. What we see on a podium and in luster, is the art concentrate not applicable to real life. If you are not a fashionable blogger or the public person, it is not obligatory for you to correspond to a last word in fashion at all. Just it is better to take a two-three of trend things and to mix them with basic clothes. Both you will become famous for the woman of fashion, and you will keep a purse.

One more nuance of stylish women is an existence of own counter. Think what most of all is pleasant to you in clothes irrespective of fashion? Certain combination of flowers, style of blouses or cut of skirts, form of bags or certain accessories? Make it the distinctive feature, bringing in each of the images. If is not present, it is always possible to spot at style icons.

So, we considered the main stages of creation of effective clothes. Believe, it is impossible to become stylish, without having passed them. You can stay idle and look for further “super - decisions“. But practice shows that the one who does not doubt wins, and does. Also you remember: your personal preferences, your handwriting in drawing up images are and there is your style.