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How to combine a hair color and aroma?

With arrival of warm days a fine half of mankind need updating. And, like the finest flowers, women it is not enough to blossom, they need to smell sweet. An excellent way to cease to be depressed - to indulge new aroma. Correctly picked up perfume is capable to give pleasure and inspiration to live.

Scent of a Woman “The second clothes“ it is better for i to choose


in the second half of day when sense of smell amplifies. Before purchase it is worth showing endurance, not to grab the first pleasant bottle. Approach a question more carefully - scatter a drop on a wrist or an elbow bend and wear it about an hour. During this time aroma will open all the notes and will show how it is capable to reveal of you.

The most widespread mistake - a smell assessment in the concentrated state. Aroma should be inhaled in a flying state, in the movement - quite so the female perfumery functions on you. Before purchase it is worth smelling a product not less than three times. It is ideally better to buy a sampler and to use aroma couple of days. For such term you for certain make friends with aroma and appreciate it. And also exclude a possibility of further disappointment.

Charisma of aroma

Began to smell

- the same dance. It is capable to begin to whirl and light, and can caress and pacify. For only a few seconds suddenly to improve mood, to present feeling of pleasure - all this gives aroma.

Therefore the temperament of the woman has to proceed in her smell. It is favorable to the impudent and ambitious, eager for action women to shade itself men`s fragrances. To sensual temptresses - to apply magic of east aromas.

Spirits - the radio miracle capable to form perception of the person to add special strokes to his charm. Quite often began to smell is what is fixed in memory of you. It is difficult to present what amount of aromas is contained by the industry of smells, and are even more difficult to choose aroma for itself. Often women rely on the intuition and personal preferences. But for formation of a complete and harmonious image it is worth using some subtleties. The magic of your charm is multiplied if it is correct to combine aroma and a hair color.

Magic in a bottle

Beauty of brown-haired women is natural and natural

, and the image gives heat and rest. It is desirable for dark brown-haired women to choose medovo - spicy aromas of the Bulgarian and Moroccan rose, a heliotrope. And owners of a golden shade of the brown-haired person should pay attention to notes of a gardenia, acacia, honeysuckle, sweet pea.

It is always actual and we love red a hair color. Such girls - decoration of any society. They are zvana and are desired everywhere - always bear energy, enthusiasm and fun. Relevance, freshness and brightness - here that is necessary for fiery beauties. Red-haired it is worth picking up the aroma teasing, sensual, but at the same time fresh, for example, a hyacinth which can become a personal magnet.

A charm and a spontaneity of women - of blondes cannot resist. They are muses of all creators and artists. Their smell has to emphasize their freshness and purity, well and, of course, tenderness. Therefore notes of a lavender, a blue lilac, a violet, a mimosa, a bergamot are necessary for aroma for blondes. With opaque skin it is better for blondes to choose flower bouquets, and to young ladies with light skin - a citrus.

Passions and emotions which boil in souls of brunettes demand designation in an external image. The spicy and stupefying aroma adequately will emphasize the girl with character. The dark-haired face is well combined with notes of a sandal-wood tree, musk, and also a narcissus and ambergris, a white lilac, a tuberose. Aroma has to be sweet, then it will become a personal beacon for the stronger sex.

A fragrance - science difficult. It is difficult to imagine how many aromas and compositions perfumery history contains. Personal preferences or rules of perfumers - all this has to lead you to one purpose - comfortable and cozy feeling of.