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How Yury Shevchuk created the first hits? To birthday fate - the musician of

Yury Yulianovich Shevchuk - it is YuYu, it is “the Tatar on the person yes with a surname Ukrainian“ , he “Yura is a musician“ - always borrowed in the Soviet fate of 1980 - x the special niche. Strongly exaggerating, one may say, that Shevchuk represented a certain synthesis hipparya and the intellectual - the populist (who is self-critically derided by it in the song “Post - the Intellectual“). Same

and with music. When almost all Petersburg fate - the scene sat down on “a new wave“, DDT group cut from a scene a strange hybrid a hard - fate of 1970 - x and a native chanson. When it was fashionable to write in a flowery style and metaphorically, Shevchuk beat on slaughter with the distinct, direct and venomous texts. Even literary tastes of the leader of DDT looked too traditionally - Pushkin, Yesenin, Lev Tolstoy.

All this not only did not turn Shevchuk into “reactionary“, and, on the contrary, sharply allocated him from fate - environments. Two times of DDT were succeeded to tear public to pieces - in 1987 the Petersburg structure of group subdued rockers, and in 1992 - notorious “Fall“ brought to Shevchuk already mass national love.

We will remember some sign songs of group with the poisonous name.

“Rain“ (1981)

“I did not want to sing this song. In my opinion, a little... Well, in general, for you“. Shevchuk precedes by this muffled phrase performance of the song “Rain“ on the Cherepovets home concert of 1983. What confused the author, unclear still.
Will pass time, and the song will go to the people, having become one of hits of an album of 1992 “Actress Vesna“. It is amusing that by then she will already manage to bother my company - so many time we executed it to the guitar...

From all hits of DDT “Rain“, probably, one of the earliest. On ill-matched memoirs of the author the song in native Ufa, in May, 1981 was written. Once Shevchuk with the company hid from a rain in a gate. This moment to it was remembered, and he decided to paint this picture for the thesis (Yury studied on artly - graphic faculty of the Ufa teacher training college).

Yu. Shevchuk:
“It was in 1981... There was a heat, hard, all badly somehow... I sat in the workshop, wrote the thesis. There was a wish for some rain, a holiday... And it burst! It was my birthday - on May 16... Burst heavy rain... I sat down just in pants of one on a window sill, lit, a circle of a stream flow... Also such song - “Rain“ was written...“
the First version of a song was written down by

in operating time over an album “Periphery“ of 1984. The sound producer of this album is Igor Vereshchaka - remembered: “At night spring rain expected to fall. Air was impregnated with ozone at daybreak, and the sky looked surprisingly beautiful - mix red with blue. And then Shevchuk who in this sleepless marathon kept to the bitter end, speaks: “The old man, let`s write down one more song!“ And on a separate film we wrote down the composition which did not enter an album “Rain“ which Shevchuk sang to the accompaniment of a grand piano“ .

Just recently I found on YouTube record of one more “royalny“ version of a song (from the Nostalgia broadcast) on which, it appears, in 1986 the whole video was shot! There we can see the beardless (!) Yury Shevchuk who is driving about on the city on a water cart (!!) . The author a little ottsenzurit the text, having replaced rough “Devil take it!“ on “As could“ . The origin of this roller personally to me is still not clear.

The song went to the people in 1992 when on it the famous video with toy lodges and tell-tales was shot. In the spirit of that time tell-tales represented civil war. At the end of the clip water flows washed away the city together with “white“, and “red“, and Yury, as if from a blank sheet, began to build a new lodge. As they say, hopes of young men feed...
of What built there, we already see. And song good. And not about that.

“Do not shoot“ (1982)

B 1982 the Soviet management still belonged to fate - music quite tolerantly. Songs about world peace and bourgeois aggressors were even welcomed. Therefore when Shevchuk associates found an appeal to send records to a competition of young performers “A gold tuning fork“ in the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda“, naturally sent the pacifistic song “Do Not Shoot!“ there. Speak, then the group also was named the “chemical“ name.

The song not only was accepted, but she also managed to occupy 1 - e the place. Under the terms of a competition, the winner had the right to write down a single - a minion in Melodiya firm. It seemed, here to you and the beginning of an outstanding career. But in the USSR not only “Melody“, but also the Union of composers demanding was a monopolist that each talented “fan“ surely wrote down creations of official Soviet “professionals“. Basic Shevchuk could not go to it, and DDT group continued the existence in an underground...

It is amusing that the jury of “the Gold Tuning fork“ did not notice that the speech in “Do not shoot!“ goes not so much about the overseas soldier of “hot spots“ how many about the ordinary guy from the neighboring yard.

Do not shoot in vorobyyov, do not shoot at pigeons,
do not catapult just like that the...

Most important “hot spot“ for the Soviet Union in 1980-.

Yu. Shevchuk (1990):
“I had a school friend who got with the first columns there. After a while it brought home a coffin of the young lieutenant shot in Kabul, - that was unable to take out injustice of that war. We then stayed all night long... Also the song was born. And my friend fought in Afghanistan three years, came back from there almost the disabled person“.

of the Friend - the Afghan was called Century. Tyabin, and words of the first couplet to Shevchuk helped to compose other friend - the artist Alexander Spiridonov (he flatly refused authorship).

The initial version of a song was included into an album of 1982. “The pig on a rainbow“, and in 1988 was rewritten by already Petersburg structure of DDT for a plate “I received this role“ (here it is necessary to mark out wonderful guitar solo Alexander Lyapin). Subsequently the song became for Shevchuk the certain “ambassador of the world“ (we will remember the Do Not Shoot! program played by DDT in 2008 after osetinsko - the Georgian conflict).

Unfortunately, the reconciling Shevchuk`s position only warmed souls of idealists and any war did not stop. In the modern world a position “Leopold“ and desire “to make Kot that everything was well“ it is naive, and sometimes and it is fraught. What party to turn it... “Do not shoot!“ as a protest against senseless cruelty - it is good. “Do not shoot!“ as an appeal to lower the weapon before the enemy - it is silly.

“I received this role“ (1984)

the Latest album of the Ufa structure of DDT there was an album “Periphery“ - venomous and satirical so that the local regional committee of party paid attention to it.

Yu. Shevchuk:
“At them on a table piles of my texts lay, they created the commission, invited the philologist, the national Bashkir composer, investigated my creativity.
“You, of course, the talented person why don`t you sing on civil subjects, you have to think state. You have subjects voyenno - patriotic?.“ They chorus have a little cry about Afghanistan. “Revolution, BAM.“ I was silent, then did not sustain: “Why you me asked such questions? I that, dissident, spy? I poison wells? Look around yourself. We do not have it, they are is not present, enter any entrance where there are boys where to disappear with it? I just know that to love the Homeland is not a birch to kiss. And about what those whom you to me hold up as an example sing?“

In spite of the fact that almost all album carried satirically - the making mischief character, its central song became “I received this role“ - a bitter confession of the young man during a late Soviet era. A confession that inhabitants, hypocrites and careerists began to rule life. That high aspirations broke against a wall of platitude and the emasculated semi-official organ. About misunderstanding between fathers and children. How feeling of disappointment begins to corrode the person from within.

We question fathers, but it is not easier from harmonous speeches. not to collect
and the partial answer from second-hand phrases. their heavy youth passed
in the distance from things,
of Those which so overflowed up to the top us.

Yu. Shevchuk:
“Not spent saliva at boys who sit in cellars endow the time, happy life for the sake of three chords on a guitar and good words. It is devoted to them the song because I wrote it, being the same young boy“.

All over the country the song will be heard already in reorganization. At first in the documentary of P. Soldatenkov “Bards leave the yards“ (1987) where Shevchuk sings it at a brick wall. And then - on a plate of 1988, and called “I received this role“ where the song sounds under remarkable accompaniment of a flute of Vadim Kurylyov...

And then, in 1984 - the m, after fruitless admonitions of regional committee of party by Shevchuk was engaged local KGB. Frightened by article about slander to the Soviet Union and even demanded to sign paper with refusal from now on to write and sing songs. However, nobody was put. The signatures collected by the local public in Shevchuk`s protection had a great influence. And Shevchuk`s father was not the last person in Bashkiria.

But about the father and the subsequent drudgeries of the leader of DDT - next time.