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Is or is not? Here in what a question!

last week we with the husband watched the interesting British movie about healthy food. The tape “PlanEat“ is called, and it is told about various long-term researches connected with the use of meat and other products of an animal origin there.

Conclusions creators of the movie of a distance such: remaining adherents of animal products, we very much harm our planet. No, nobody reminds that to kill animals brutally and chickens live in awful conditions and lay eggs in a condition of a terrible stress. We know it also, but it did not overpersuade still many people. Examples of influence on environment are shown in the same video, and it is much worse if to adhere to a meat diet.

That is, for example, cows need to be fed (to grow up for them food), to give drugs and hormones which production very negatively influences the planet, it is necessary to support them - and it both electricity, and water, and human resources, eventually. For transportation of meat deep freezes, cars and fuel (about their harm we have heard a lot too) while the logistics of vegetables in most cases requests less expenses as on a long distance they are not transported are necessary. In a word, the concrete calculations which are carried out by farmers in several different corners of the earth (England, America, Israel) were shown in the movie and it became clear that the difference in harm is quite essential - an animal diet more harmful to Earth almost twice. This the first.

The second was even more interesting: it appears, protein the casein which in a large number is contained in cow`s milk promotes development of tumors in an organism. Promotes, but is not the prime cause. It turns out, using dairy products, we can inadvertently “help“ to increase even to the beginning tumors.

The third conclusion concerned the cholesterol clogging arteries and preventing normal work is warm - vascular system. All meat and dairy products are rich with cholesterol, and this element does, say, butter such tasty. To lower cholesterol level not easy, and it influences working capacity and protective functions of immune system very negatively. Blood not just flows on arteries more slowly, but also the brain works worse as it is insufficiently supplied with it, and any illness (by the way, tumors too) aims to seize an organism. In the movie examples when, apparently, people absolutely sick with cardiac diseases almost completely recovered were shown, having absolutely switched to vegetarianism.

We have in culture a meat and dairy products - an integral part of food. Porridge on water, meatless soup, pancakes without sour cream, caviar or pie without eggs - are simply unimaginable. After viewing we were seriously puzzled and decided to make experiment - vegetarian week. Difficult, I will tell you. In supermarkets it is very expensive to buy organic fruit and vegetables, to store them it is also problematic as spoil quickly.

Further: to be sated with meatless food quite not easy so it is necessary to prepare and eat more that also unusually. While the heat rescues - we drink juice, vegetable and fruit. But the health improves, in the mornings it is much easier to wake up, working capacity and the truth increased a little. And all this while we and so do not use the refined sugar at all and almost we do not use white flour (only rice).

In a word, we not just reflected, and decided on active actions. Let`s look what will turn out.