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Unusual hobby of the writer Evgeny Petrov - the letter in anywhere. Or perhaps in parallel reality?

Practically each person has a hobby - hobby to which he devotes free time and derives from it a sheer pleasure.

Often different people show similarity of interests that is caused by a certain historical milestone and its technological progress. The general collecting of brands, cards, labels was at one time observed. Today people create own the Internet - blogs, are engaged in the photo, computer graphics. But there are always those which become originals, being distinguished from the others with fancy addiction.

Evgeny Petrov (Katayev) famous for the works “ Twelve chairs “, “ Gold calf “, “ Fine person “ and others, written in a co-authorship with Ilya Ilf, was a personality uncommon. Only the violent imagination of Petrov could give birth to so original plots for novels and think up for itself the unique hobby which turned back the real mysticism.

Brands were a basis of a collection of the writer. At first sight, in it there is nothing mysterious, then philately was widespread. But at Evgeny Petrov it was expressed in a peculiar form - he composed and sent letters to the real countries, but to the nonexistent cities and to the addresses invented by him. As result, somewhere in one and a half months his letter came back, “ topped with brands, stamps of foreign post offices and with a mark the addressee is not found “. Such marked envelopes were also of interest to the writer.

Perhaps, his passion to similar occupation and would remain entertaining history and a reason for jokes in a close circle of friends if in April, 1939 he suddenly did not receive the unusual answer to the next message.

As always, Evgeny in English wrote quite trivial letter, mentioning the concrete, but thought-up events and saying hello to members of a family allegedly familiar to it as we often correspond with friends and relatives. And as he wrote to each country according to one letter, for a full complete set it needed to send the last - to New Zealand. Using the checked tactics, on an envelope he wrote the fictional address and the addressee.

There passed about two months, and the envelope all did not come back. Petrov decided that he was lost on the way and ceased to wait for replenishment for the collection. And here, at last, to the mail carrier was what to please the writer. But what his surprise when he took in hand not the envelope which is habitually stamped, and the answer from the addressee who is thought up by it really living to the address specified by Petrov was!

The most interesting was ahead. The letter completely confirmed the events composed by the writer, and the addressee addressed it by name, as the good acquaintance. It would be possible to think that the guessed address - accident, and the New Zealander just was a joker and kept up correspondence in such peculiar way if not enclosed photo where Evgeny Petrov costs embracing the strong, unfamiliar man, and on a reverse side of a picture appears date: “ on October 9, 1938 “.

Surprisingly the fact that this day the writer was hospitalized with the hardest pneumonia which got, bathing in cold waters of the Black Sea. It was unconscious, and doctors battled several days zay life, having warned the family about the minimum chances of recovery.

To dispel delusion, Petrov decided to write one more letter and to admit that he never was in New Zealand, and at this time was in a coma and told from - for what. But he did not wait for the answer to the letter any more.

Since the beginning of war it worked as the war correspondent, covering events for “ of Information bureau “ and “ of the Truth “. On July 2, 1942 the writer, coming back from Sevastopol to Moscow by plane and flying by over the Rostov region (village of Mankowo), it was brought down by the German fighter. Subsequently on the place of crash of the plane the monument was established.

The letter from suddenly acquired New Zealand friend came to the same time for the home address of Evgeny Petrov. In it he reminds that Evgeny swam not in the Black Sea, and in their lake which was valid very cold, but in response to cautions playfully said that he will not drown as destiny to it prepared other death - death in plane crash. In end the New Zealander asks Evgeny to be careful and not to fly too often. But, as we know, it was not fated to read correspondence to the writer.

This mystical, intricate and at the same time drama history was picturized and for the first time presented in Moscow on May 29, 2012. The short film “Envelope“ the director Alexey Nuzhny, became russko - the American project and was finished completely shooting in two days in Los - Andzheles. Evgeny Petrov was played by the American actor Kevin Spacey who in 2011 declared the beginning of the competition Jameson First Shot to reveal “fresh blood“ among talents of cinema, and A. Nuzhny was one of three winners.

Actions in the movie are postponed for the middle of the eightieth years that caused several minor changes in history events. But it did not prevent the director to transfer highlights, and it is talented and natural to Kevin Spacey to play a leading role, having contained all storm of emotions seventeen minutes.