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Dog - the security guard for the private house. How it is correct to choose and bring up?

you live in the own house, love dogs and need protection of the dwelling. Absolutely correct conclusion arises - correctly chosen and well-mannered dog will become your friend and will jealously preserve your house.

the Vast majority of people prefers to keep a dog of large breed in the private sector. It can be understood - the type of four-footed “bodyguard“ will stop even thought of attempting upon your property., It seems, what difficulties can be - bought a puppy of big breed, chained him or to the open-air cage, and it`s done! However not everything is so simple …

Here the main mistakes which are made at the choice and keeping of dogs - security guards.

1. There are breeds which are absolutely unsuitable for protection. For example:

- Huskies. The dog initially has no aggression to the person. She is friendly to one and all, hospitably meets both the owner, and unfamiliar visitors of the house. Never will react to appearance of thieves and will not be able to protect the owner during attack on it. Attempts to bring up from huskies of security guards lead to full shaking of nervous system at this dog, it become dangerous to people around.

- Mastino - neapoletano. It is considered prestigious in “elite“ circles to get such beautiful, powerful and expensive dog, but one is not considered - mastino does not approach for a role of the security guard of the house at all. The dog is very clever, kind to the owner and to all family, however is very mistrustful to strangers by default. It is quiet and good-natured until she was angered, but in anger it is terrible! Categorically it is not recommended to bring up in it aggression even to unexpectedly appearing strangers, it can become uncontrollable.

- Hunting dogs (with rare exception) and, by itself, small decorative do not approach for this role.

2. It is not recommended to keep a dog constantly on a chain or in the open-air cage. It can be done only temporarily, the main time the dog has to move freely on the yard. Also just inadmissibly from puppyish age artificially to cause in it rage! Instead of the reliable friend who loves you a family and it is ready to intercede for you if necessary, you receive the uncontrollable animal rushing on all live.

3. If there is a big yard, then you think that with a dog it is not necessary to walk. It is a mistake, your pet all the same needs walks even if lives not in the close apartment. An important point in education of a dog - the security guard - socialization. The concept of socialization includes schooling to quiet response to different irritants - on strangers, on other dogs, on cars. It does not mean that you have to walk in populous places and allow everyone to squeeze your dog. It is just necessary to happen in different territories and to acquaint it with a various situation.

4. It is impossible to expand a circle of contacts of an animal too. The dog has to know accurately from small age that there are you and your family whom it has to obey and protect. It is possible to include the coming relatives and close friends in a circle of contacts. It is also undesirable that your guests violently caressed and lured a puppy from whom you are going to bring up a security dog.

5. For some reason often consider that any dog by default has to love all family members. Alas, it not so, not all breeds and individually dogs have “blind“ love to all surrounding people. It is a little correct to choose a dog - it is necessary to be rather prepared to cultivate at the pet respect for one and all living in the house. If you have no experience at all, you have no a lot of time and desires to be engaged in a dog, especially if are present at a family elderly and children - put the alarm system better...

6. Wrong opinion - complete dominance of the owner over a dog. The principle of education at a dog of feeling of a victory will seem unexpected to you. So far a dog a puppy, by means of special games it is necessary to cultivate in her confidence in the forces, aspiration to enter fight and to win. Consult with the cynologist who specializes in training of dogs - security guards, he will prompt you games at the end of which your dog will come out the winner. You should not be afraid of the fact that the dog “will mount to you upon a neck“, it is much more terrible if the dog suppressed by you is not able to protect you then.

7. Now the small review of breeds which, according to professionals, well are suitable for protection of the house.

- German shepherd. The most courageous and the cleverest, according to skilled dog breeders. Well gives in to training, it is inclined to “self-education“, is obedient, mistrustful to strangers.
- the Rottweiler. Balanced, quiet, it is perfectly brought up. Shows aggression to strangers if only sees danger concerning the owner.
- the Dobermann terrier a pinscher. The dog clever, but impulsive, can at the wrong education become very aggressive therefore the vigorous and knowing owner is necessary for her. They say that Dobermann terriers bad are not - there are fools owners … These animals are very vigorous, long active walks are necessary for them.
- the Caucasian sheep-dog. It is unpretentious, independent, fearless. But it can be persistent to obstinacy … The advantage of this breed - adaptability to any, even to the most severe conditions. It is perfectly trained, but submits only to one owner.
- Georgian short-haired mountain. Breed is not recognized internationally yet, but there is a wish to mark out these dogs especially. “Georgians“ possess a massive constitution and the big sizes, are extraordinary hardy, adapt to any conditions, transfer a terrible heat and fierce cold. Are mistrustful to strangers, gently love the owner and a family, especially children, can look after them in the absence of adults. Were initially used for protection of herd, presently deserved reputation of the magnificent “house guard“.

You are ready to bring up the friend and the security guard in one person? Forces that the dog loved you agree to spend time also and could protect your house and a family in case of need? Then all in your hands!