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What can baseball tell about belief?

For those who wish to become more convincing the useful training platform can become sport. In baseball, for example, it is quite often possible to see how before warm-up players put on the making heavier ring a bat. According to professional players, after several waves the weighted bat not weighted it seems rather easy. the Principle which is the cornerstone of this reception is known to

in sociology as perceptual contrast . In other words, characteristic properties of objects are perceived not in vacuum, and in comparison with others.

For example if in a gym you lift 10 kilograms after 20, then 10 kilograms will seem to you easier than if you lifted 5 kilograms before. At the same time the weight of 10 kilograms only your perception did not change, changed in any way.

This psychological process is not limited to weight; it is fair and practically for any your judgment. In all cases the picture is identical: what you test at the previous action influences your feeling at the subsequent.

Social psychologists applied these principles recently to show how the effect of contrast can affect beliefs. Specifically they studied, such criterion as information volume.

They asked that people read the convincing message on fictitious department store under the name “Camomile“ (the target message). But only after reading of the convincing message on other fictitious department store which was called “Cornflower“ (the preliminary message). The target message is identical to all participants of experiment - in it three departments of Romashka department store were described. During experiment researchers changed amount of information in the preliminary description of Vasilek department store from rather small (one department) to big (six departments).

Here that they found : when the previous message contained a large number of information, the target message seemed to less convincing and impressed less favourably than when the preliminary message contained very few information. After reading of rather small information on “Cornflower“ participants felt more informed on “Camomile“ and vice versa. Such is effect of perceptual contrast.

To expand the understanding, researchers conducted the similar research differing only in the fact that before obtaining convincing information on Romashka department store participants received a little or a lot of convincing information on the car (Pass - Cooper). Its results were coordinated with earlier conducted research.

They showed: even if preliminary information is not connected with target in any way, it all the same influences persuasiveness of the subsequent message. This idea can be applied by

to sales. Imagine that your company sells a line of products, and you are sure that one concrete product best of all will suit your potential clients. You have to organize a meeting so that you had enough time for discussion of its advantages after you discuss other product more shortly.

Often we have no opportunity to change our products, services or inquiries - it would be too expensive and is labor-consuming. But we can change what compare our products, services and inquiries to.

We will follow an example from real life: the company on improvement of houses could increase sales of one of the most expensive hot pools for a backyard more than by 500 percent, frankly speaking to perspective clients that many buyers of the most expensive models reported that to buy such pool - all the same what to add the additional room to the house, and then asking how many it will be necessary to attach the additional room to their house. After that 7000 pounds seemed considerably a smaller expense: the extension left twice more expensive.

“The belief psychology“ is even more strategy of belief in Robert Chaldini`s book.