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Cat and dog in one apartment. Love or war?

Owners of a cat or dog sometimes come up against a difficult situation - in the house the animal enemy appears irreconcilable (according to the standard standards). Happens that at someone there lives already at home a dog, but the kitten, such darling, pathetic was suddenly beaten to the house you will not expel …

Or already the cat is, and owing to some circumstances there is a puppy. What to do how to them to help to live in the world and in general whether perhaps it is accommodation in one house of a dog and a cat?

Traditionally consider that this two species of animals together cannot live. Initially they hate each other, the most striking example - as dogs with frenzy chase on the street cats or as the cat strains at once if sees a dog. But it occurs under natural conditions, in the apartment enemies, irreconcilable by the nature, have other problems. It is necessary to specify main:

- fight for food;

- fight for space (quite limited in the conditions of the city apartment);

- fight for attention of the owner;

- different social style of behavior, a cat is singles, dogs - gregarious animals.

If it is competent to help them to solve these problems, the competition and hostility will not make sense any more, and your animals gently will love each other!

The very first task which faces the owner of these animals when both of them begin to live in one room, - change of the personal status. If at you the cat still lived, you with pride carried yourself to “aelurophiles“. And even if you also normally treated still dogs, all the same looked down on them. The same can be told also about dog lovers. Now, time you became an owner and that and another, you just cannot give preference to someone to one, they have to be equally clever, beautiful and dear to you! Animals very sensitively react to preferences of the owner, and “favourites“ in this case are inadmissible.

The moment of appearance of the new inhabitant in the apartment is most difficult. Cats are more intolerant concerning the enemies therefore the “first cat, and the second-a dog“ option is rather dangerous. It is impossible to disregard for a minute both at first! At emergence of a possibility of the conflict it is reasonable to limit movement of a dog on the house initially if you have no opportunity constantly behind them to look, and it is very important - not to allow a cat to make the way there where you left a dog.

Do not punish any, another for aggression to second “resident“, it will never teach them to anything! It is better to encourage for friendliness. For example, the dog approached, smelled a kitten and departed quietly - treat her with something. The cat ceased to hiss and strain at appearance of a dog - the same, for it it put an award. Cats are, as a rule, more aggressive concerning dogs, process of reconciliation by means of awards can be very long, but the dog if it is constantly attacked by a cat, eventually, will obey to the natural instinct - to catch and kill.

An important question - trays for food of a dog and a cat. Dogs, as a rule, not really take offense if they attempt upon their food. And here cats react to it very painfully therefore at once the cat`s bowl should be placed there where the dog will not get it - on any not really high furniture, on the refrigerator. The dog can almost not explain that the cat`s food cannot be touched, punishing her for eating of some “Wiskas“, you only cause instinctive hatred to the owner of this food. Cats think of the food so much that they can even refuse to go to a toilet to the accustomed place out of a protest!

You watch an equivalence of the shown attention to both pets. Stroked a cat - pay attention and to a dog and vice versa. One obvious preference of you - and in heart of an animal for a long time if not forever, the offense and desire to drive out of the house of the competitor lodges.

Can happen so that the dog needs special training to bring up at it the “tolerant“ attitude towards the new partner. Not only the cat can fall a victim of a dog, cats put to the opponent deep painful wounds with claws much more often and can even scratch an eye. Do not allow them to fight at all, it is fraught with serious consequences for both!

Risky to bring one animal there where two and more of his “opponents“ already live. Happen, of course, cases when two dogs well accept a kitten or two cats liberally concern to a dog, but it exceptions. The gregarious instinct is so strong that fight against it is very difficult and will hardly bring results. Therefore it is better not to test the nature and if you already have two - three dogs or, on the contrary, cats, to be limited to it.

Always there is a danger that the dog and a cat will not get on in your house. Well think before making cardinal changes to life of already available pet, consult to experts, talk to those at whom they already successfully coexist houses. Show patience and identical care to both animals, and your works will be rewarded.

Cases when at deaths door one animal of the second began to grieve are described and not much more endured the deceased friend … If the cat and a dog are able to make friends and fall in love with each other, it will be so healthy, and their love with interest will be enough also for you!