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How to define treasured desire?

For certain in life of each person happen such moments when accurately you do not know what there is a wish for. Or on the contrary, there is a lot of desires what to choose one of a huge number becomes very difficult task. Thoughts dissipate, actions are not continuous, there is no result. Generally, utter chaos and confusion.

In this article we will consider simple step-by-step algorithm by which each person will be able easily and just to define that desire which is really necessary for it during the present period of time.

For exercise performance it is required to us several sheets of paper of the A4 format or writing-book sheets, the handle, scissors, 30 - 40 minutes of time, openness and truthfulness before by itself and the maximum concentration.

So, we will begin our minitraining.

We write down all desires which are in your head in a column on a sheet of paper with a space down on 1 centimeter. Everyone will have the list. Approximately it will look so:

I want the new house. I Want
the car. I Want
giving. I Want
the yacht. I Want
financial independence.
I Want to have an opportunity to do favorite thing.
I Want to travel much. I Want
a beautiful body.
I Want to provide to the children the best education. I Want to provide with
to parents a worthy old age.
Let do not confuse you with

those desires which seem silly and unreal. For example, I want to get on the Eiffel Tower and to shout loudly the darling: I love you! Write all you dream of and you think, and you want that it was carried out in your life and brought joy and benefit to your relatives. You write for yourself, but not for someone. It is your life and your desires.

Then when all your desires are written, accurately we scissor sheets of paper. We carry out cuts so that each written desire was on a separate piece. As a result at us a number of paper strips with separate desires will turn out. We remove scissors aside as it is necessary to cut nothing any more.

The following action of our exercise is that we overturn all strips with the written-down desires the pure party up. With desires we choose from total of leaflets at first only two strips, we overturn them and we read what there is written.

Further it is necessary to choose from these two desires only one, that which you really want at present time from which your eyes will begin to sparkle and will begin to shine for pleasure when this desire is granted. We hold a leaflet with the chosen desire in hand, and that which remained we put aside, separately from all written-down desires.

Then we take from the lump of desires the following strip again, we overturn, we read and again we make the choice with that desire which we hold in hand. We do not forget to choose that desire which is very desirable and valuable to you today, here and now. We repeat this procedure until you do not have the last strip. Be honest and truthful with themselves.

At the end of the minitraining you defined one leaf with the only desire. This that desire without which you do not imagine further life. After performance of this simple exercise many people will be pleasantly surprised because that they did not even represent that it is rather necessary for them.

After the only thing at the moment treasured desire was defined, try to make all efforts and efforts that this wish was fulfilled soon.