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What accent at your character?

Arthur Schopenhauer compared people to the freezing porcupines to whom needles prevent to nestle to each other to be warmed. Needles, thorns or acute angles are the our too expressed features of character, or accentuation. The more people with acute angles, the higher to touch risk someone or to be touched with others, to fall a victim of someone`s manipulation or to destroy fragile balance of the relations.

the Authorship of the term “accentuation“ and classification of types of aktsentuation belongs to the outstanding German psychiatrist and the psychologist of the 20th century Karl Leongard though types are known for a long time - Leongard in the second part of the ledger “Aktsentuirovanny Persons“ analyzes behavior of heroes Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Gogol, Shakespeare, Cervantes, Balzac, Goethe, Stendhal from the point of view of the classification.

Accentuation is an unsteady and mobile side between personal frustration and norm, a weak spot, an Achilles` heel which can complicate life to the person and his environment. It is not that case when the psychiatrist has to give up, but it is a high time to stop and listen to himself: that not and what it is necessary to pay attention to. It is possible to learn the features by means of introspection and self-diagnostics, but there is always a risk to run into doubtful literature or to find at itself everything, including a maternity fever.

For an illustration of eight types of aktsentuation we use an octahedron. So far it is simply enumerable its corners according to the simplified classification of types: demonstrative, disturbing, emotivny, purposeful, pedantic, impulsive, original. These names already give a general idea about personal features of each type. The technique “Character and a profession“ gives the chance to construct the octahedron in which the sticking-out corners will mean the expressed personal features.

All these features are in each person, individually only their ratio. From them as from flowers of a palette, there is a picture of the personality. If there is too much one paint in our character, that is some lines are hypertrophied, there is a risk of vulnerability and possible difficulties which the psychologist T. V. Orlova designates as problem places:

• the neurotic warehouse of the personality which is shown in unreasonable uneasiness and the aggravated sensitivity;

• an egoistical warehouse of the personality with a distinct dominant on themselves at which other people are perceived only as means of achievement of the purposes;

• impulsiveness when the person follows the tastes the desires and badly transfers delay of their execution;

• the rigidnost of installations closing access to new information, narrowing opportunities;

• the emotional coldness interfering full communication;

• the unrealistic self-assessment based on the distorted self-perception.

Leongard wrote that in aktsentuirovanny persons are potentially put both possibilities of socially positive achievements, and socially negative charge therefore to understand the nature and mechanisms of aktsentuation important not only to psychotherapists and psychologists.

The teacher and the tutor need to distinguish types of aktsentuation in order that it is correct to build up the relationship with children, to see the reasons of bad behavior and to choose optimum models of communication. Life and health of children depends on psychological literacy of teachers and parents. Effective prevention of deviant behavior, different dependences, children`s cruelty, suicide is impossible without understanding of specific features of aktsentuirovanny persons - what pertinently and is necessary for one, is inadmissible for another.

For many years fight against teenage drug addiction was reduced to intimidation in the form of plots about terrible consequences for health. But it works only on is disturbing - hypochondriac children of whom it is not much, and demonstrative and gipertimny can provoke and push to experiments only.

How many children could be rescued, having distinguished signals of the help which they sent us before stepping in anywhere! How many the production and family conflicts it would be possible to prevent, learn to smooth we the corners and to press the needles!

But so far the subject of aktsentuation causes practical interest more specialists in advertizing and marketing.