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What teacher is necessary to the teenager?

We got used to consider school as the second house and the chief tutor after a family. With occurrence of teenage age in the house it there comes the cold war which is quite often escalating to hot. What has to be the “good“ teacher and what modern teenagers want to see him?

it is important to i to remember

features of teenage age where laziness - a consequence of increased fatigue, rudeness and aggression - attempts to ego-trip and protect itself, elaborate clothes and piercing - means of expression of the uniqueness, and the unwillingness to study is caused by a gap between dreams and actions.

Prompt physical development forces them to have complex from - for appearance, hormonal splashes do them vulnerable and irritable, and the first love in general eclipses all “everyday“ and removes study and household chores for the second if not the tenth plan.

Here such they come to a lesson … And how to be to the unfortunate teacher who as the fates decree needs to subdue these obstinate creations moreover and to train them in something? It is important to understand the reasons of their behavior, but it is necessary and to react somehow to them, to preserve itself and the vanity, without destroying a self-assessment of “shtudent“ and without falling before shouts and roughness.

According to statements of teenagers, such qualities as honesty, flexibility, respectfulness, ability to listen are necessary for the teacher, it is interesting to explain love to work, good knowledge of a subject and ability. But those who work at school, understand how it is difficult to be “good“ for “present kids“. they want

of What?

If you work as

with teenagers, try not to do misses in communication - your relations with a class influence the relation to a subject and progress.

- Quiet and sure intonation. If the teacher speaks a quiet, steady voice, it affects positively even the angry teenager. Lack of reciprocal aggression calms, does not allow to inflame to the conflict and to shift sense of guilt from itself to another.

- Respect. And once again respect. It has to be mutual. If not to reckon with opinion of teenagers, to lecture at all class, to deride and humiliate them, it is only possible to acquire enemies, but nothing good from this will definitely leave. Especially will fondly wait for respect from their party.

- The good assistant to the teacher - healthy sense of humour, ability to transfer incident for fun, and at times to laugh together with young schoolboys at own mistake. But do not confuse it to malice and a causticity. The venomous remark even if very witty, is pernicious for the relations with the teenager.

- Do not hang labels at all. If you call the child “idler“, it will lower his self-assessment and behavior. The brand of “rude fellow“, “parsley“, “sloven“ will lead to feeling of his own helplessness and despair.

- Try to treat that “they put on themselves“ more quietly. The clothes during this difficult time become also cover from the whole world, and way of self-expression. And any criticism of how they look, and what they listen to will wound, good in the relations crosses out all.

- Teenagers in general perceive criticism as dislike, rejection, not something concrete, but themselves in general. The remark and discontent of the teacher - confirmation that he is the worst.

- You praise better. You praise efforts and diligence of the pupil, but not him. Then it will be visible that you love not Petya Vasin and you appreciate, and his work and work on studying of a subject.

- It is necessary to draw line in behavior. Agree about punishments in advance, but not after something happened. You impose moderate sanctions and carry out them. Avoid empty threats which you never execute.

- The teenager needs to overcome obstacles to estimate the opportunities. When they are completely free and provided to themselves - it is potentially dangerous. Put a framework, be ready to a compromise.

- If the pupil is angry, angry, upset - do not hurry to sort out the relations. Postpone conversation for later.

- And still. To speak their language - does not mean to plunge into a youth slang. Do not go too far - it can look ridiculously, and speak here rather well, without pressing in the return extreme, - the fact that it is necessary.

As them can teach something?

to the Teacher it is important to h2 to be able to present to

material intelligibly and interestingly, to connect material with a context of modern life, to explain where it can be useful, arrange discussions of disputable subjects, consider the points of view of several scientists, it is patient explain difficult places to those who did not understand.

- If the teacher has a spark in eyes, then and the youth is more interested at a lesson. Questions of pupils should not be left without answer. If you could not answer immediately, promise that you will answer at the following lesson.

- If the pupil openly expresses lack of interest in your subject, ask it couple of the questions “on the future“. For example: “How you think if you, write to the girl of SMS with three mistakes in the word, it will add to you chances of appointment?“

- Always remind the pupils that they can develop. Not the one who “clever“, and the one who strives for knowledge studies well. If to begin to use the efforts now, then it is possible to achieve even the best result, than yesterday`s excellent students. Tell that by preparation to control and to examinations it is possible to use more effective methods if to consider what types of memory work better.

- It is possible to use also more original ways of motivation. For example, notice accidentally that, on the last researches of psychologists, reading books about active, purposeful heroines helps girls to become more active and to lose weight.

- To strengthen desire the promise of an award - the help on control, a trip to the museum or to theater will help to work with all class. The future of the great engineer or businessman is still far, and here the end of a quarter not far off. For the sake of an interesting trip it is possible to try to take away tails and to tighten estimates.

Justice, flexibility, resourcefulness and sincere desire to understand and accept their such what they are will help to build the strong bridge between you and a class. Do not forget that all of us once were teenagers.