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The cornflower and Water

Not each boy can brag of acquaintance with house Water. The cornflower - can.
It actually not a Cornflower, and Vasily, but painfully was not pleasant this name and to it, and his mother.
But the father insisted - he in general always insisted on the.
Is strict as the doctor, he once said to mother, and she, (later how many - that years) told about it to Vasily who was already the Cornflower:
- Vasily - means regal. Time now rigid, bad, so let this name will help it to be successful.
I they are Vasily and his mother - agreed that for the father it will be Vasily, and for itself(himself) and mother - the Cornflower.
But all this is not so interesting to the Cornflower now. It is interesting to it - Water. His acquaintance house - cheerful and crafty - Water, living in cranes, in a razmyota of shower streams, in the water filling a bathtub, living in one thousand various drops and wonderful streams, and, certainly, invisible to others.
Business was so - once, having returned from school where especially with anybody it was not on friendly terms - having had dinner and having made lessons, the Cornflower - all alone - sat and dreamed:
Here such friend whom anybody did not have! It that others also could not see it - and with which it would be cheerful, and secrets to entrust it any …
Loneliness - however full it was - always has the gnome - actually around it it and exists; the gnome, of course, is hidden, but hears and sees the person staying in his force field and sometimes helps it. But only, if the person such that he should be helped.
I here, such gnome prompted to the Cornflower to go to kitchen, to put a teapot though the boy and not especially wanted to tea. But the gnome possesses the wonderful power - and the person submits to it, even without knowing why he needs it.
So, the Cornflower went to kitchen, and already was took a red, bokasty teapot for the black, bent handle when noticed at the crane - at his bent neck called funny - gusyok - a certain stir. The boy did not believe at first - he precisely knew that in the apartment one, and it had no little animals what could escape and be arranged at the crane; but got accustomed - and saw the little man sitting near the crane with a red lid. The little man was is transparent blue, and it was impossible to tell - whether he is dressed, or the small little body publishes gentle, bluish shine; he sat - as it was already told - near the crane, and stirred legs - not put in a certain similarity of shoes - flippers, not too shining sinevato.
- Is surprised? - the little man asked, having looked on the Cornflower, and his eyes flashed crafty sparkles.
- Aha, - the Cornflower answered, having forgotten about a teapot - which it, by the way, even did not lift from a table-top.
- Still, - the little man told enough. - Not everyone can see the present house Water.
- And you are Water? - with a sinking heart asked the Cornflower, still up to the end without believing that it is reality.
- And that! - vigorously the little man responded.
stretched the Cornflower - shy and uncertainly - a finger: there was a strong wish to concern the little man, but that, having lifted the handle, waved with it in air. - Wait a moment
, - he said. - Now I will go down, will become more, and then we will be able to get acquainted, properly.
- And me what to do? - not really to the place asked the Cornflower.
- Anything, - answered Water. - Depart slightly from a sink.
the Cornflower departed, without taking eyes from the little man, and that is dexterously as on a winter ice slope moved down on a white side a sink, and an easy trace - something the reminded trace of a snail - pomertsat second, and was gone, and near the drain where the small nonsense is eternally hammered, the little man was wrapped by the transparent screw, being extended up, and slightly splashing.
jumped aside the Cornflower though was not afraid of water at all, and here near it arose Water - slightly less boy growth.
It was in a blue suit with gentle greenish stains, strong as a borovichok, with amusing - however, the same color, as well as at people, a mug, and very crafty, blue, of course, eyes.
- Here, - told Water, stretching the handle which there was a wish to call a pad. - You, I know, the Cornflower, and I as it was already told - Water. They shook
hands. At what at water a palm, as well as it was expected, turned out damp that it was not opposite at all, and it is pleasant, and slightly shchekotno.
- You here thought of a snail - when the trace for me on a sink saw, huh? - asked Water.
- Yes. - Answered the Cornflower with astonishment. - And from where you know? You are able to read mind?
- I am able to read Mind sometimes - when they concern water, and the different beings connected with it. But in general mind of inhabitants of apartments is not difficult to be read at all - they unpretentious very much and absolutely identical. But it is not it. I just know that when I small, and move down on a sink, there is shortly shining trace.
- And I could not understand in any way, - told the Cornflower - you are dressed, or it it around you a luminescence?
- I can and and so, - answered Water. - When I small, I shine and when I increase, on me these water clothes appear.
- Why water?
- Because I am Water. But if you infinitely interrupt me we will never reach a snail.
- And we have to reach it?
- Of course. Because all snails whom you met before - at all not snails, and so - a trifle, nonsense big-bellied.
the Cornflower began to remember different snails whom he happened to see - at the dacha, creeping on leaves, in ponds, in aquariums of acquaintances …
- And do not remember, - interrupted it Water, and the Cornflower remembered that that easily reads the mind connected with water beings. - All this is not snails. More true - not the real snails.
- And what presents? - the boy was curious.
- the Real snail, - and Water raised instructively a finger, - that that has a lodge into what her friends can come.
- Wow, - the Cornflower admired. He never heard that snails are real and artificial.
- And you - as you believe in me, - and crafty sparkles departed - more true, floated by air as water looked at the boy, - I will take on a visit to one of the real snails.
- the Truth? - the boy was delighted.
- Of course, the truth. And differently why I here?
- And how we will go to this real snail?
- On a water transport, of course, - important said Water. - To the real snail differently not to reach in any way.
- And where we will take such!
- Oh, what curious boy! However, of course, another would not see me. - Here Water concerned a teapot. - It will be transport - we got acquainted with you, thanks to it.
I here from a nose of a teapot escaped steam though it stood only on a table-top, but not on a plate. Steam scattered in one thousand mysterious splashes, shrouded a teapot, and it began to change in the eyes - its sides dispersed in the parties, the nose was extended forward, a subsoil revealed and inside, it appeared, there are cozy - blue, of course, - sidenyitsa.
Kitchen too slightly increased, and a teapot - of the size of the small boat - spoke in a bass:
- Well, floated?
- That`s great! - the Cornflower admired. - We will have a speaking boat.
- I am not the boat! - with insult spoke in a bass a teapot. - I am the teapot which temporarily became the boat.
- Jump! - ordered Water.
I they jumped at the same time.
- What soft seats, - The Cornflower several times - it is careful and accurate - jumped up on blue a pillow.
- And that, - told Water, having waved the handle.
I immediately the crane - such ordinary, boring crane - was extended as the trunk of an elephant, revealed as gate, and the gentle music sinevato - gray began to sound, similar on river waters.
Water shook - the teapot which temporarily became the boat easily flew up, and at once splashed down, gradually rocking, stood minute - another, and floated - itself, easily and freely.
- And whether far to float to the real snail? - asked the Cornflower of the new acquaintance.
- It depends on the snail. They are two types - absolutely real and real for fun. What for fun, only pretend that they the presents, they are absolutely uninteresting, but real … oh, it is wonderful snails …
- So to what we float? - slightly the Cornflower
- To the most real got confused! - it is proud said Water. - Unless I would carry you to another?
of the Coast flew around and were poured polychromatically. Long lianas pulled the greenish hands to the geometrical fruits growing on trees whose strange forms could not but amuse. The cornflower looked as one mobile triangle, having come off the branch which swayed slightly evaded from a liana pad, and having sliped in a thick body of a circle, was dissolved in space.
- How about that!
Water shortly grinned.
- whether interests You far to the real snail any more?
- Interests, of course, - the Cornflower responded. - But here in general so much interesting!
- And so - the real snails live everywhere. - Authoritatively told Water.
- That is? - asked again the Cornflower, watching manipulations of a rhombus - it sought to be strung on the red shining pyramid that in any way - well at all in any way - it was not possible.
- That is, we can come at any time. Or to remove this moment.
- And unless the moment can be removed?
- In general it depends on the moment. Happen, of course, especially stubborn. But ours - appeasable. And we will easily remove it. So, if to you bothered to float - that we already came.
- And did not bother me, - told the Cornflower.
- Then we will swim for a while still a little bit.
- And whether it is impossible to entice some of figures to us into the boat?
- I Will ask not to forget, - deep-voices reminded a teapot, - that I am the teapot which temporarily became the boat.
- Of course, of course, sorry, - quickly told the Cornflower.
- Is possible. - Answered Water. - That square, in my opinion quite approaches for a role of the guest of walk.
- And happen such guests?
- Happen. Guests are everyones. - And Water addressed the bright square which jumped the ring which was just sliding somewhere.
- Dear square whether it is necessary?.
- Is necessary, - interrupted its rather impudent square, made a long jump and it was between Water and the Cornflower.
- All hi, - he shouted, one of the parties taking off a hat which it was not visible earlier. - I am a square what is clear, and you?
Friends were presented.
- And we float, - told the Cornflower, - on a teapot, temporarily become the boat.
the Teapot deep-voices hooted.
- And where you float? - asked a square.
- We float to the real snail, - with pride told the Cornflower, remembering what the few know the present of snails.
- About - about - about! - stretched a square, and threw the hat up. That waved wings and departed behind an irrepressible ring. - Then it is worth singing! it tightened

We float, we float, on a visit we float to a snail,
Any, any there is no mistake at all here - there is no
any at all. whether
Waits for us? No, does not wait, anybody a snail,
for Anything at all, there are no good times, any mistake,
of Any, any
At all there is no mistake here.
I Rub - la - la, I rub - la - la,
I Rub - la, I rub - la, I rub - la - la …

At these I rub - la - la, the square caught from air a hat, so nobody and not caught up, threw it twice, and finally released.
- whether you want with us to a snail, dear square? - asked Water, a little ceremoniously. there is no
- thank, - that answered. - I was at it yesterday. And besides me it is necessary to solve a problem with a triangle. It it is strong zaznayotsya - as if forgot that it has only three parties, and at me - four. Besides, it is necessary to catch up with a ring.
- Then, we came. - Told Water.
- Farewell, - cheerfully the square shouted. - It was pleasant to get acquainted.
He jumped out overboard, and, cheerfully, splashing, swept on the river.
- As we came? - Asked the Cornflower.
- And here so, - answered Water.
I - the Cornflower saw: in tree shadows, whose roots went directly to water, and the krone rested against the sky, tsvetasto made of different geometrical figures, there was a lodge reminding a sink and over an oval entrance there was an inscription - the House of the real snail.
They descended on the coast, and the grass rustled with it a greeting.
- the Grass needs to answer, - told Water. - It is a pity that we did not take for it a gift.
the Teapot, having published quite difficult beep, fast was curtailed, and took the initial form.
- And it, - after they greeted a grass, told Water, - a gift for a snail. it picked up
I - dexterously and kruglo - an initial teapot.
- As? - the cornflower became puzzled. - And on what we will float back?
- do not worry, - deep-voices the teapot, &ndash answered; teapots like me - that is the real teapots - are able to cast a shadow. This shadow will wait for you, and will serve you as the boat.
I is valid - on a grass the pleasant gray shadow, a little oblong and cozy was designated.
- I will wait, - she confirmed.
Water called.
the Snail - reminding the cozy grandmother in a cap from which soft horns lovely rose, and in a greyish dress - smoothly opened a door.
- And, it you, - she sang. - You come, you come. I for some reason and thought that it you.
- We brought to you a teapot, venerable real snail, - said Water, stretching it a teapot.
- is wonderful, wonderful. - The snail had a roundish voice and damp. - Especially as you already floated on it that is its experience was added. And teapots with the added experience it is always more interesting just than teapots. Well, I ask.
I they proceeded in only - too roundish, but absolutely not damp - the room of the real snail. The table, naturally, was green, and chairs around it - precisely three. Under a loose overall from something green, slightly shaking the bed, and furniture - low settled down, brown - dressers, cases and so forth - stood as and it is necessary to it, along walls.
put the Teapot on a bedside table, and it began to boil itself, having vigorously thrown out a vapor jet.
Right there - a cheerful row took off from a dresser of a cup, a spoon, a sugar bowl - and were placed on a table accurately as it is necessary. And the snail got jam.
- Jam demands the special relation, - she explained. - It is no good if it takes offense. The offended jam becomes bitter, and in general - can leave the house.
- As it will leave? It has no legs … - the Cornflower doubted.
- It is absolutely unimportant, - the snail explained. - At the offended jam pads quite can grow, and it will go to look for other owner.
the Snail suggested to sit down. The flown-up teapot filled cups, and from its nose the most real flew, karminno - strong tea, and not boiled water at all; and they seated, displaying on rozetochka - those appeared on a table-top, without reminder - jam.
- I Think, - told Water. - It will be interesting to our friend to learn from what it.
- Oh, this special, ulitkovy jam, - with pride the snail said. - Its recipe passed to me from the grandmother, and that … It is already difficult to tell from whom. And its main feature is that nobody knows from what it.
- As so? - the Cornflower became puzzled.
- Is very simple. You put an empty jar in a dresser and very much ask jam - here not simply to ask the main thing, and very much to ask - that it lodged in it. Depending on request force, it at all never appears or the next day, or in a month …
- Or, - finished Water. - I heard about this ulitkovy jam. But the main thing - at it is such taste what you want.
- the Truth? - the Cornflower was delighted, scooping a spoon weight rather. - O, - blinked enough it, - strawberry.
- And at me, - delicately trying, told Water, - water.
- As water? - did not understand the Cornflower.
- Well, I do not eat anything, except water, - explained Water. - Only as jam - I have especially dense water.
- And that at you? - politely the Cornflower at a snail took an interest.
the Snail blinked, precisely listening to feelings.
- In any way I will not get used to its properties, - she admitted. - Sometimes it tastes like water-lily flowers, sometimes becomes absolutely tasteless. Now … perhaps, it resembles taste of a triangle.
- And unless eat triangles? - the Cornflower was surprised.
- Yes, but only triangles. It is impossible to eat rhombuses, squares and other figures at all, and triangles are very easy and nice to the taste.
- And with us one square - cheerful such floated, it had a hat and he sang a song, - reported the Cornflower.
- I know this square, - the snail told. - He, is, calls on me. Sometimes tells amusing stories. However, recently went in cycles in a ring with which it has to catch up for some reason. It Vtemyashitsya to it in the head …
- Unless it has a head?
- I do not know, - honestly the snail admitted. - But he thinks something when he sings songs.
- Expensive snail, - told Water, sipping tea, - many beings are capable to think a stomach, legs, or other parts of a body. So what I would not begin to claim that the square has a head.
- on the other hand, - thoughtfully said the Cornflower - I never met squares with legs, or a stomach.
- Happen invisible stomachs, - authoritatively the snail explained. - At a triangle it, for example, can be located in its center. But legs to it it is valid to anything - it and without them smartly moves.
- And here is interesting to me, dear snail, - said the Cornflower, - as you drank tea earlier if you had no teapot.
- Oh, it is not difficult at all, - the snail explained. - In - the first, I had several teapots - serially, not at once. But all of them took offense - teapots in general a sensitive folk, and left. At the offended teapots, as well as at the offended jam, immediately grow legs. They thought that they will deprive of me an opportunity to drink tea. But - not here - that were! My friends - water lilies and water-lilies which are so kind that allow me to regale sometimes on the parts willingly made tea for me. They are able to grow up it - directly hot, karminno - red - in a subsoil of the flowers, and generously share with friends.
- I Would like to try such tea, - pensively stretched the Cornflower.
- Alas, - the snail responded. - This tea - only for the real snails.
- Here you see, - addressed Water the Cornflower, - as we guessed with our gift.
- Yes, - the snail, &ndash said; there is nothing more important, than to guess with a gift. But, my friends, - she asked, - to me it is curious where you floated in general? Whether you had a route? there is no
- any, - honestly the Cornflower admitted.
- Well as, - noticed Water. - The route, of course, was, just you did not notice it. The route - to departure from loneliness which gnome can give remarkable hints.
- And, this gnome is known to me, - the snail exclaimed. - He sometimes comes, tells any stories.
- Means, you saw it? - asked the Cornflower. there is no
- alas, it is impossible to see it. And to hear what he tells, it is possible only in itself.
- I hear, - told the Cornflower. - Such gentle something. Sometimes, however, very boring, grayish …
- - you hear the Main thing, it is already good.
Tea ended, and the snail asked:
- But where you planned to go, having visited me?
the Cornflower shrugged shoulders.
- Where? - asked again Water. - Oh, it is simple. Our wonderful water path itself will bring where - nibud. If, of course, the Cornflower wants to float.
- I? I? Fine! Only also I dream of it.
- Then, - told Water, - let`s go, we will not pull. Thanks for tea, expensive snail, and all good.
the Snail, moving habitually - smoothly, saw them to doors, and explained that snails - especially real - at all do not like to leave the lodge.
Then the snail stood and watched how the Cornflower and Water is sent to the teapot shadow which was patiently waiting for them, and she began to grow, smoothly flowing down in water, to rock, turning into the convenient boat; and when they settled on pillows, the Cornflower waved to a snail with a hand, and it in reply proshchalno rocked horns.
- What it the darling, - told the Cornflower.
- the Real snails all darlings, - explained Water. - They never grumble and always treat all with tea. If they, of course, have teapots.
Grey water was poured by blue, medium-sized waves, sometimes flashed May greens, and that is cast gold of August, and the Cornflower took an interest where they this time.
- Perhaps, - thoughtfully told Water, having slightly increased in sizes, - I will acquaint you with cheerful shrimps.
- And why you became more?
- Unless? - responded Water, accepting last appearance. - I also did not notice. With Water when they reflect, it happens - they slightly will grow up, will decrease.
- Only do not decrease, - asked the Cornflower. - If you decrease, and then will disappear, then as I will get home.
- Oh, for it do not worry, - firmly promised Water. - I cannot throw you. Because you believe in me. And never Water will decide to throw the one who believes in him - any. Such is our rule.
- And is also others?
- Is, - answered Water. - But they - uninteresting.
- Wons, look, - right there it showed on the cloudlet of splashes moving quickly enough. - Same our acquaintance - a square.
I precisely - quickly - quickly - as small parokhodik - to them the square towards rushed.
When overtook, it was developed, and they floated nearby.
- to you managed to catch up a ring, dear square? - the Cornflower took an interest. there is no
- - the square, otfyrkivayas answered. - All the time runs away somewhere.
- And why it to you in general?
- And I want to ask, - without reducing speed, told a square, - as to become me a ring. I think, it does not want to answer, here and runs away constantly.
- And what for?
- Why runs away? Well I told not to answer. there is no
- why to you to become a ring?
- And me bothered to be a square. You represent what melancholy - all the time a square and a square. Even songs do not help. I think, to look for it behind a lodge of a snail is harmful as jam, a ring.
- Unless jam happens harmful?
- Jam - that? Of course. Here jam - never.
- is fine, I will float. - And the square was developed on the run. - So far.
Water foamed, it was gone for an instant, but right there came up, and quickly - quickly as small parokhodik, rushed off … more true, floated …
- So, shrimps, - told Water, having scooped water and having splashed it to itself in a face. Droplets passed through skin, and for a second the person Vodyanogo became ruddy with happiness. - As you understand, shrimps very much do not love when they are eaten. Especially, if it is cheerful, cheerful shrimps. Therefore, unlike the real snails who live everywhere shrimps hide. Besides to cheerful shrimps the loneliness is burdensome even if they sing in it, moving with short moustaches. For this reason, they live generally in couples - couple here, couple there. Sometimes it is possible to see eyes, trying to discover them - on all signs, there have to be shrimps - and they are absent for some reason. But we will find. Do not worry. - you Will find
, of course, - the boat which was a teapot shadow earlier said. - Especially as couple lives alone over there.
- Where? - asked Water. - You could not tell more precisely.
- There - it means there. And not here, and not here.
- Well, at least a hand show.
- I would show, - a little with insult the boat told. - But I have no hand. And there - it means came.
I it stopped in the middle of a water track, rocking discontentedly.
- There now, became, - disappointedly stretched the Cornflower.
- Became because it is necessary, - the boat told. - Listen.
Friends listened.
I was heard:

We are cheerful shrimps,
our short moustaches as branches, we move
with Them always,
That water did not wash away us.
We are shrimps, we are shrimps,
are not pleasant to us scraps -
clear water our lovely environment.
We are cheerful shrimps,
Though partly priveredka -
B dirty we do not live to water.
I we do not trust nonsense.

- Sing. - Told Water. - Means they here.
- Still, - the boat responded. - If there is a song, so there will be also shrimps. There is no song without shrimp.
- Dear shrimps, - addressed Water directly water. - You could not seem. I would like to acquaint you with the friend. It very lovely and well-mannered boy.
- Not - and, - was heard from - under waters. - Jump here, to us better.
- As we will jump to you? - was surprised Water. - The cornflower will not be able to breathe under water.
- Here nonsense. Why it? It is necessary just to present that water is an air. Well, give, jump.
I friends jumped.
the Cornflower strenuously represented that water is an air. And - it turned out. It was breathed easily and nicely as outdoors, in the country.
Went down to shrimps quickly. How on chairs, sat in deepenings of big snags.
- Here is some more deepenings, - one of shrimps told: more largely. - You can sit down.
Friends sat down.
- Here and nicely, - one of shrimps told. - We would treat you with something, but we here and at have nothing.
- What you eat? - the Cornflower was curious.
- the Same water, - the shrimp answered.
Having bent down to Water, the Cornflower asked that - quietly, that did not hear a shrimp - Are necessary to learn, what are their names.
Water agrees nodded.
- Dear shrimps, - he told. - Here my friend is interested, what is your name. Agree to call very inconveniently all the time you - shrimps. Without saying already that it would be impolite.
- And us and call - shrimps, - one answered.
- And so you address to each other?
- Well, - the same said. - Us here only two so you will not mix.
- And what you do for days on end?
- we Sit in armchairs. - Cheerfully the second shrimp answered. - Also we bawl our songs.
- And is a lot of them at you?
- is decent. But the main thing that it is decent songs. For example - this.
I they began to wail:

Presta - a vresta - presto - that,
Under water beauty,
you awful
of Birds of prey dangerous.
the bugs threatening,
cares attracting.
generally - presto - a vresta - that,
Under water beauty.

- Oops! - one of them finished already.
- And what - Oops - cannot be sung together? - asked the Cornflower. there is no
- of course, - the shrimp, but not that answered that she sang Oops. - Together Oops it is impossible to sing. It can be offended for division, turn into somebody and departure.
- Or to leave, - assumed Water. there is no
- - told a shrimp. - Under water it is impossible to go, only to swim.
- Anyway, - other shrimp summed up. - But Oops together it is not sung. In it its feature.
- And, - crafty smiled Water, - you were wrong, saying that there is nothing us to treat. You treated us with a song.
- Well if it was pleasant to you - wonderfully. - Shrimps chorus said.
I one - truly it was more curious - asked -
I as to you a song on taste.
- Nice taste. - The Cornflower answered. - Reminds a boiled shrimp.
It right there bethought, slapped itself on a forehead - it appeared in water it is not difficult to make at all, - also apologized, saying that meant not it.
- And we did not take offense, - one of shrimps told. - We are very clever shrimps, and we know that the offense corrodes soul. The soul becomes spongy, according to the invoice reminding a worn-out lung - and why such is necessary? Besides often we sing subject songs, and those who sing subject songs - never take offense.
are what, for example? - took an interest Water.
- Well, at least this, - shrimps answered with chorus, precisely preparing and started singing:

- the drill - the drill …
Dermalinovy tuzhur
On a visit to a bukra hurries Dikotas,
Gently blinks ears. small waits for Bukr`s
I prepares tasty iodine.
will season Iodine with a dodder,
Drying, gold strawberry -
Will be tasty to two of them. We a song sing
. Dikotas`s
the drill - the drill …
Lived underwater wild shchur -
Squinted on everything on light
I it children were afraid.
Oh, bad this shchur Dikotas`s
- the drill - the drill …
the pike Will eat such shchur -
Will be everything another science -
do not look at light of
With a squint bad, the friend …

around - the good song, - told the Cornflower. - But I have a remark.
- And we are always ready to listen to remarks. - One of shrimps noticed. - Sometimes they help.
- Here you sing - the science will be everything another, and then - there is a word the friend. Whom you address: to all, or to your friend.
- Oh, it is not important at all, - one of shrimps answered. - The main thing to address though whom. Besides the friend can tell other friends, and those will carry our song all over the world. And all will know that with a squint you should not look in general. Of course, if this squint bad.
- And if kind? - asked the Cornflower.
- Then as much as necessary. the Lilac shadow sliped
- you Know, - told the Cornflower, - to me, apparently, by us floated a kind squint.
- Of course, - the shrimp answered. - He often here swims.
- But here that it is interesting to me, - The Cornflower has a look around. - We already for a long time stay with you, and any fish did not float by. How so can be?
- Is very simple, - the shrimp answered. - It is our, shrimp corner, and fishes do not float here. Happens, however, sometimes. Here at least som. He is old, big and wise, and never gets into unpleasant situations. Here, by the way, and it …
I precisely - from an easy haze of water appeared big - moustached and broad-browed - the head.
- Hello, - fish said. - It seems, you spoke about me?
- Yes, if you som, - answered Water.
- Of course. - The catfish with advantage answered. - Really you - Water - do not distinguish som from not - som?
- I will distinguish, of course, - told Water. - And here my friend, the Cornflower, can confuse. - And he nodded on the Cornflower.
- the Truth? - the som took an interest, turning the big head in its party? - Then remember the friend - the som differs from not - som as I from not - I.
- And what I differ from not in - I? - asked the Cornflower, admiring smooth outlines of big fish.
- I do only good, - explained som. - But not - I line it eternally to play dirty trick some - to tell lies there, or to spoil something …
- And - and - and, - stretched the Cornflower, thinking that here, under water all also as houses, on the land …
- And we, - he told unexpectedly for himself, - were on a visit at a snail. At the real snail, - he added, having bethought.
is a business, - told som. - I sometimes too visit her.
- is interesting, interesting, - told the Cornflower. - And how it occurs?
- Is very simple, - the catfish answered. - I swim up to the coast, I put out the head, and the snail gives me some tea. We drink tea and we talk.
- And you know, - told Water, - we drank tea too and talked.
- is natural, - said som. - And how still can be?
- And here is interesting to me, - asked the Cornflower, - how you can breathe out of water?
- Is very simple. You breathe under water.
Honestly, was thought to the Cornflower.
the Shadow fell on them - gray and silvery at the same time.
- O, - stretched Water. - It is our boat reminds that it would be time also honor to know, as they say …
of the Shrimp were curious whom was their boat before became the boat.
- a teapot Shadow, - told them the Cornflower.
- Then it is not surprising that it casts a shadow, - one of shrimps summarized.
Began to say goodbye.
the Catfish declared that he would be glad to see them again, and even for the sake of it is ready to visit a snail once again - though generally is afraid to be annoying. Shrimps invited too, promising to compose many new songs to their following visit.
Friends thanked, Water even looked touched.
They, naproshchavshis, made a start from chairs, and precisely soared up up.
Boat - it is precautionary - slightly bent, but it is careful so that not to scoop water, and accepted them aboard, is more true - on pillows.
That is surprising - friends were absolutely dry. there is no
- But anything surprising, - stated Water. - When you leave from friends - from true friends - nothing bad can happen to you. And it is bad to be wet.
- You Water, - the Cornflower was surprised. - Unless for you wet to be bad?
- is bad it for you, - explained Water. - And time we are friends that is bad for you - that badly and for me.
the Boat quietly floated forward. Suddenly she told
- Excuse me, but …
- What it? - the Cornflower began to worry.
- To a regret, me is time to come back to a condition of a shadow.
- And as …
- do not worry, the friend. - Said Water. - Of course, of course, a lovely shadow, your desire is clear to me. It is difficult to be oneself long not. Do not worry about us - we will go to the old genie, and he will get us home. I do not think that it refused it.
the Boat swam up to the coast, slightly tilted a nose, and friends left, easily and quietly, without having wetted legs. Gray languages of water gently ran on the coast, and in them tiny bubbles froliced.
- Here who is necessary to us, - told Water.
- did not understand, - said the Cornflower.
- Bubbles, - explained Water.
He waved with a palm, and several small, nacreous balls jumped out of water. All of them laid down on a palm Water, and it, having tenderly blown at them, hid in a pocket.
the Boat began to thaw in the eyes, to decrease … and here the gray shadow laid down on blue water, the shadow having teapot outlines and from it was heard - Farewell, friends, farewell, was glad to get acquainted with you and to render you this trifling service.
- Farewell, the boat, - told a cornflower.
- Farewell, the lovely boat, - told the Water departuring shadow, and addressing the Cornflower, explained - it was necessary to add something tender to the word “boat“. Remember, the friend, all and always should tell something tender.
- Even that who is unfriendly to you?
- to Them especially. They will change then because their unfriendliness will be dissolved in your caress.
- And now we go, - he told. - The genie was tired of waiting.
- Unless he waits for us? He does not even know that we to it go.
- Oh, my friend, genies always know everything. This especially.
- Why? it has no
- Because it is very old, and more than forces to love itself. Only others. They passed
on golden sand which exchanged winks with them, entered a lovely kingdom of an emerald grass, greeted it, and, as well as it is necessary, approached the dark, old, covered with a moss lamp lying on the earth.
- Here, - asked the Cornflower.
- Aha, - answered Water. - Unless you do not know that genies live only in lamps. there is no
- Here, - was heard from air. - I can live now everywhere because I am very old and I have no desires.
is you? - asked Water.
- Of course, - air answered. The small part it was condensed, and the genie - in a sinenky jacket, small - growth is no more than bush - in the amusing, inflated pantalonchik, and, naturally, with a snow-white, silver beard - arose before them.
- Hello, - the Cornflower very politely because it never before saw genies greeted and did not know how to keep with them. - And I have to you a question.
- Only one? - the genie smiled, and from his bald head asterisks fell down - though there was a day … well on - a last resort light-. - Usually at all to me the mass of questions. However, I do not communicate with all long ago. So, what you want to ask?
- And here you told that you have no desires. Unless it is good?
- Of course, the boy. Desires eat you, but not you them. They are such muddy, sleepy, and they have not enough of all eternally. And when you will drive away them from yourself, you will understand how the sun is bright and air is transparent, and then you will have only one desire - to help others.
- the Truth? - the Cornflower was perplexed.
- Really you think that such old genie how I, will deceive you? there is no
- it is simple …
- Oh, you only the little boy, besides for the first time the traveler seriously … You cannot know yet that to help others is the only pleasure on light. But - I, hope - you learn it over time, learn surely because if you do not manage it … to
- Oh, the genie, - interrupted it Water, so, as if they were old friends, - do not confuse my little friend.
- Why only yours? - the genie was surprised. - Ours.
- is fine if the Cornflower not against - ours. He trifled
is sensitive the fine silver beard, and told - So, you should be sent home?
- Yes, - said Water.
- is wonderful, - the genie because everything was wonderful told - and the sun, a gold circle shining highly - is high, and the river, is gray - sinevato flowing so as if it was deprived of a current, and an emerald kingdom of a grass about which it would be worth writing especially, and …
- And, we forgot, - exclaimed Water. - We brought you balls.
- All right, - the genie told. - Unless it is possible to forget something important?
Water put a hand in a pocket, pulled out several nacreous balls from there, and they played, began to sparkle on the sun …
He stretched them to the genie, and then … Each ball was turned by
into a remarkable animal - whether fluffy, gentle, toothy - but not scary toothy, and it is amusing, - with thin wings, or the curling tail. These animals - able both to fly and to run, and to float - joyful - as though, are never not present anywhere and there were no troubles - ran up, either scattered, or blurred - who as wanted, thanking the genie who a waving of wings who a fancy zigzag of a tail who the word gradually thawing in air.
- is time Now, - the genie when all animals disappeared told. - You are ready?
- Of course, - answered Water, taking by Cornflower hand. the Genie proclaimed
Three - four,
Can still we will meet in this world -

I immediately began to spin everything, was started turning. The Cornflower had a feeling that it flies and floats at the same time - feeling sweet as jam of the real snail, and amusing as singing of shrimps, feeling which it would be desirable to prolong, but it ended, - ended at once and sharply, and the yard - so familiar yard - old, favourite appeared.
Water stood nearby, and held the Cornflower by a hand.
- Means, everything was actually? - the boy asked.
- Of course, - answered water. - Nothing ever happens for fun.
Was upset the Cornflower or was delighted?
the Piece of a hose rolling about a lilac bush addressed in not a terrible snake, and, having spat - but not contemptuously at all - water - crawled away not to disturb friends.
- Oh, and I also did not know that it - a snake. It … lies long ago - the Cornflower wanted to tell “rolls“ - here.
- Of course, it a snake. But not terrible - will never sting anybody, and is an expert in fairy tales.
- And happens such snakes?
- Happen. Though it is rare.
it was necessary to Say goodbye, but there was no wish absolutely, there was no wish. - do not endure
, the Cornflower, - told Water. - We still will meet.
- Precisely? - slightly upset boy asked, understanding that about being with him to nobody it is impossible to tell - neither mother, nor the father.
- I Promise! - smiled Water.
It began to decrease, then suddenly grew, became pouring, was shrouded in aura, the sparkled blue, and - turned into a small, nacreous droplet. The cornflower held up a palm, and the droplet fell to it, flashed and evaporated.
A the Cornflower went home.

the Cornflower sat at a window, and learned the multiplication table. Figures looked at it strictly, and he thought that if to suggest them to play, they - who knows - can be offended. Therefore he diligently remembered them - more true what can happen to them if to multiply them.
Light streaming in a window was golden and it is pleasant - gentle.
- is not boring? - it was distributed behind.
the Cornflower turned back, and saw Water. That was small, sat on the sofa roller, and cheerfully stirred legs.
- Hi, - joyfully the Cornflower exclaimed, swelling up from a chair.
- Hi, - cheerfully responded Water. - Wait, do not rush to me, now I will increase, and we will greet normally.
It drew in legs, was bent fancifully, and, having jumped off from the roller, became normal - well, that is almost from the Cornflower. They shook hands with
each other.
- And unless you can appear not from water? - the Cornflower took an interest.
- I can appear from where it is necessary, - answered Water. - Besides, - he added, - water is on friendly terms with air as we with you.
Water approached a table and looked in the textbook.
- And, the table of multiplication, - he stretched.
- It such planing, - the Cornflower complained. - It is partially remembered, and partially not.
- Of course, planing, - reported Water. - It cannot change. And to be all the time identical - yawn. There is our multiplication table, for Water - that is more cheerful much.
- And is also such? - puzzly asked the Cornflower.
- Aha, - responded Water, put a hand in a pocket and pulled out a small notebook.
the Notebook immediately revealed, and figures started singing melodiously …

We are figures of darlings Water,
Are clear we for them one.
We help them with water,
On the land and in general everywhere. We love
our Water.
I is not necessary for us others.
Another - not Water,
does not understand us another.

- And I can look? - asked the Cornflower.
- Of course, - answered Water. - Only you will hardly follow them.
I is valid - figures in this table exchanged winks, interchanged the position, inflated tiny balloons, and lapped in the small pool.
- Is necessary, - the Cornflower admired, trying to catch a look the bright five.
- But - but, - the five, &ndash told; I am not a butterfly that to catch me.
It vigorously flopped to the pool, having lifted fountainlet of tiny splashes.
- What interesting pool! - the Cornflower exclaimed. - And how all this finds room in your notebook?
- But same a special notebook Water, - told Water. - It is also calculated on an umeshchenye of much.
- And what it is concrete?
- Oh, what you will want!
the Three, shaking handles, jumped out of the tiny, glaring water, and dumped a little jellyfish on the round head of the nine. That sniffed in reply, and sent a jellyfish further - on relay.
- Precisely - on relay, - told Water. - Jellyfishes love relays.
the Six and the eight floated competing in speed.
- Well, - offered Water. - Would you like to dive into a notebook Water?
- And is possible? - puzzly asked the Cornflower.
- And why is not present? What to us can place?
He put a notebook on a floor, and it, having sparkled blue, plainly nestled to a parquet checkered pattern. Pictures in it flickered somehow especially brightly, and Water, having taken the Cornflower by hand, asked:
- Is ready?
- Aha, - bravely that responded.
- Then into the account “three - four“ we jump.
the Cornflower concentrated.
- Three - four, - said Water.
I they jumped.
Easy - as if spring blue - floated, rocking, around, increasing, decreasing. Smooth jellyfishes solemnly flew by, and figures threw in them tiny balls - nacreous and lilac.
- And where they take them? - asked the Cornflower. He remembered
how he breathed under water when they visited shrimps, and now, having easily presented that water is an air, just used the previous experience.
- They do them of bubbles, - answered Water, having released the friend`s hand as understood that that is guided in local space already enough.
- And you so are able? - the Cornflower took an interest.
- And you too.
- I? - the boy was surprised.
- Of course. Just you do not know about it yet.
- And when I learn?
- Already learned. Well, catch a bubble.
Just one, medium-sized, floated by, and the Cornflower dexterously seized him.
- And now?
- Blow at it, and all.
the Cornflower blew. Casting lilac, the bubble immediately hardened, and the boy felt how in a palm very pleasant, warm ball - and already nacreous lies.
- Thanks, - that published thin gratitude.
- has nothing, - the Cornflower answered. And all - took an interest - And what you thank me for?
- Well as … - the ball, &ndash answered; to me all the time is boring to be a bubble. There is a wish for a variety. And I a ball cannot become. Now throw me … at least in that jellyfish.
- And in the three is possible? - the Cornflower was curious.
- Yes though in the nine, - the ball answered. - To throw the main thing.
I threw the Cornflower.
the Ball, having drawn the shining zigzag, dexterously flew in a poluduzhya of the three, it slightly clasped it, and further already they floated together.
- Here so, - told Water. - I said that there is nothing difficult in transformation of a bubble into a ball.
Water parted, dispersed, flickering edges, and they smoothly fell by a small green glade. The notebook Water developed and planned to it in a pocket.
potopat the Cornflower legs, being convinced that under them the most natural, the soil covered with a grass.
- the Soil, - he said in low tones. But already not with astonishment.
- That you tell, - asked again Water, - mail? there is no
- Yes, - explained the Cornflower. - I speak - the soil.
- Of course, it always appears when water comes to an end.
- But in this case water it seems also did not come to an end, - told the Cornflower, showing on a small pond.
- Yes, we passed water through, but it came to an end in that sense what I cleaned a notebook in a pocket. And it, - Water nodded towards a pond. - Beginning of new water. They approached
closer a pond. It was poured by yellow and green fires.
- So - so, - told water. - Fires yellow and green - Tyuni`s lodge nearby means.
- Whose lodge?
- Tyuni, - explained Water. Also added - Perhaps, it is worth visiting her.
- And she will not take offense? - unexpectedly asked the Cornflower, following near Water. They bent around a pond.
- Tyunya - that? And at what to it to take offense?
- Indeed … Easy zigzags were designated by
in a grass. One moved behind another, another for the third, and all together they formed very entertaining column of moving zigzags.
- Is necessary, - told the Cornflower. - I always considered that the zigzag is something, drawn by the handle or a pencil.
is a special type of zigzags, - explained Water. - Moving zigzags. They creep only in the direction known for it. And never fly up, in otlichiye from ovals.
Slightly far away from a grass rose two large ovals. Slowly and smoothly they floated by air, decreasing in sizes until disappeared at all. Zigzags stopped and lifted ostrenky muzzles.
- the Poor. - Regretted the Cornflower. - They want to fly too. there is no
- - calmed him Water. - They are quite happy with the - zigzagovy - a fate.
- Yes? - the Cornflower doubted. - And it is possible to ask them about it.
- Is possible. Only they will not answer.
- Why?
- Just they do not like to talk. Put them to creep. But you believe me, I know, they are quite happy with the life.
- And where Tyunya, - asked the Cornflower, having remembered the purpose of their way.
- Here its lodge, - told Water, pointing to the long pipe growing directly from the earth. Or rather, from a grass because the grass was here everywhere. the Pipe cast
a steel whiteness, but a whiteness warm, tender, there was a wish to stroke a lustrous side.
- Namely it also needs to be made, - said water, showing ability to read mind which does not concern water beings at all. - Otherwise we will not get to Tyuna.
the Cornflower stroked a pipe side, and it zamurchat in reply enough as a cat.
- Here you see, - told Water. - It appears, Tyunya waits for us.
In a side of a pipe was formed quite cozy door, and behind it the short flight of stairs - small, leading seemed down.
Friends went down.
Tyunya - itself similar to a small pipe and all covered with a gentle, brown hair - sat in a pipelike chair.
- Hi, Tyunya, - told Water.
- Hi, Water, - Tyunya answered. - Who it with you?
is my friend - the Cornflower, replied Water, and the Cornflower was told by Tyune - Hello.
He did not meet any Tyuni therefore he did not know how it is necessary to address it - on first-name terms yet, or on formal terms.
- Sit down, - Tyunya offered.
Was in a room some more chairs too enough extended and friends sat down. In general the room was a little extended up what had to be as was located in a pipe subsoil, and all furniture - that is the table, two cases and chairs had a little pipelike character.
- Perhaps, you will show the muzzle? - asked Water.
the Cornflower took an interest quietly: Why you did not tell
a face?
From a brown hair appeared a muzzle - lovely and amusing, reminding homyachkovy.
- At Tyun does not happen persons, - Tyunya told. - They have muzzles.
- And is a lot of you in general - Tyun? - asked the Cornflower.
- While is known to me one - I am. But time I is - that there have to be also others.
- But if you never saw them from where you know that they have no persons?
- I judge by myself, - sensibly Tyunya answered. - What I have is designated as a muzzle. Means if there are also others Tyuni - they will have not persons, and muzzles.
Tyunya blinked and sneezed.
- Good luck.
- And I am always healthy, - Tyunya told. Also sneezed once again.
- Why then you sneeze.
- And I do not sneeze, I make habitual Tyunin a sound.
- Is very similar to sneezing, - told the Cornflower.
- is possible, - Tyunya, &ndash noticed; in the world from which you came it also is called sneezing, and here, at me is Tyunin a sound. You already understood that the worlds differ in different substantial filling.
- What you were engaged recently, dear Tyunya? - asked Water.
- the same, than and always, - Tyunya answered. - With concentration reflected on mumrika.
- And who it? - carefully, not to be trapped, asked the Cornflower.
- I also do not know, - Tyunya answered. - For this reason reflections about them demand special concentration.
- But why to reflect on them? - did not understand the Cornflower.
- Well, in - the first, I have to do something. And in - the second just because I do not know who such mumrik, my reflections have abstract character that is can lead to interesting results.
From a case was distributed a sound - hard of hearing, squeaking.
- In my opinion, - assumed the Cornflower, - someone wants to get out to will.
- And not for the first time already, - Tyunya told. - The case periodically makes this sound, but nobody leaves.
- And whether it is impossible to open and look.
- Is impossible, - Tyunya told and sighed.
- Why?
- But you see - Tyunya pipelike and fluffy, but it has neither hands, nor legs. - Explained Water.
- So give we with you, - offered the Cornflower Water - we will open a case.
is a thought. And, Tyunya? You do not want that we opened a case? - Try
. Perhaps, something interesting is concealed there.
the Cornflower and Water approached a case. It was quite big, dark subject, and it seemed that it is made of mighty wood roots. The cornflower undertook the left handle, and Water right.
- Well, into the account - three - four, - told Water.
I they opened shutters.
the Fluffy hill moved down down, and comfortably was arranged on a floor.
- Ah, I and knew, - Tyunya exclaimed. - Here it - mymrik. Well, at last I see you.
Mymrik was a yellowish color, the muzzle is not larger than a small doggie, and, similar to Tyunina, appeared at it on a back.
- Hi, Tyunya, - he told. - Here we also met. I am glad.
- And as I - that am glad! - Tyunya exclaimed. - you See
, the Cornflower, - told Water, - what lead sometimes persistent reflections to. That on whom you reflect can appear in reality.
- If is Tyunina reality, - told the Cornflower, closing the shutter of a case.
A Water closed the.
Mymrik rose a little, was stirred up, and quickly - quickly touching shaggy pads, moved to Tyuna.
- Dear Tyunya, - asked the Cornflower. - And as you if you have no hands and legs, move.
- Tyunyam it is not necessary to move, - Tyunya answered. - They should sit and reflect.
Mymrik climbed up Tyunino chairs, and it slightly moved, freeing it the town.
- Here so. Together to us it will be good, - Tyunya summed up.
Mymrik breathed heavily, and, it seemed, dozed off.
- But … - again - the Cornflower, &ndash very carefully was curious; what do you eat?
- I eat air, - Tyunya answered. - Air which filters through my pipe - a lodge. Therefore, my friends though I am very grateful to you for a mymrik, I cannot treat you.
- is Also not necessary, - told the Cornflower. - One our familiar genie says that the most important - to help others, and at all not to be treated. So that from us there is enough emergence of a mymrik.
- Ah, what clever genie, - Tyunya admired. - However, and has to be. Genies are not silly.
Water and the Cornflower at the same time rose from chairs.
- Darling Tyunya, - it is time for us. - Told Water.
- Yes, now when at you is mymrik, you will be absolutely happy.
- Thanks, - Tyunya told. - You truly noticed it. And if mymrik did not fall asleep, I think, he would tell you too - good-bye. But, as he sleeps, I will tell two times - for myself and for him. she told
Friends answered, and went to a short flight of stairs.
Having climbed it, the Cornflower stroked seamy side of a pipe, and they got out to a green glade.
- Here and is under construction life, - philosophic noticed Water. - We helped Tyunya, and somebody will help then us.
On an edge of a pond sat two frogs.
They sang a song, widely opening mouths:

We are frogs, we are frogs,
We are cheerful girlfriends. we pryg - skok Like to do to
of Pryg - on the South, skok - on the East.
And if we meet a clover,
It, so will be the North.
A to the West to jump
the Reluctance to us again.
of Pryg - skok, pryg - skok.
Here it is the West, here the East … One of frogs jumped up

and vigorously plopped down in water. Over water it was distributed discontentedly:
- Eternally these frogs … Never can quietly sit.
- Who is it? - the cornflower
- As who was surprised? - answered Water. - Pond, of course.
- Yes? Never it happened to bathe in the talking pond.
- And I not for bathing, - told a pond.
- And for what then?
- I for rest. And these frogs - girlfriends jump in me eternally. What here rest!
the Frog who jumped in water put out a muzzle, and took an interest at friends:
- whether you know what time is it now?
- Alas, - made a helpless gesture Water. - It is unknown to us.
- And why you are interested time? - asked the Cornflower.
- Because we should sing on hours.
the Frog got out of water, and went in near the girlfriend.
- If we go too far in our singing - the pond in general to be indignant.
- Yes, - told a pond. - I would prefer to do without your singing at all, but if you live there`s nothing to be done. it melodiously shook
I small waves. - Listen to
. - Told the Cornflower, addressing frogs. - If you so are interested time whether you should not wind watch.
- We would get, - one of frogs, &ndash answered; but we do not have them.
- And if carefully to look? - offered the Cornflower. - Hours have to be where - nibud in the district.
- We looked for, - the second frog told. - Looked for in a pond, and on its coast. Even jumped to a lodge - Tyunya`s pipe, but hours did not appear anywhere.
- Yes, it is not simple to find hours, &ndash here; sympathized with frogs Water.
- However, - told the Cornflower, - if you have no hours how you can sing on them?
- And we feel, - frogs with chorus, &ndash answered; when it is possible when it is impossible.
- Then, - logically assumed Water, - can be, you do not need hours at all?
- Perhaps - one of frogs told. - But with hours nevertheless it is more reliable.
- whether not to look to us, - bending to Water, offered the Cornflower, - suddenly it will turn out?
- Perhaps, - that agreed.
For a start they bypassed a pond. Hours were not anywhere. The small stones, cockleshells casting nacre, stuff came across, but no hours - neither manual, nor wall - to them met at all. The pond flickered zolotisto. Frogs silently looked in it.
- Then, we will look in the wood, - offered Water. - In the wood what is only not present.
- But where the wood? - asked the Cornflower.
- And we will arrive by Tyunya`s method - we will present the wood, it also will arise. Give, blink, and represent - carefully and precisely. On three.
Water ordered, the Cornflower blinked, presenting the wood, the mighty sum of trees, paths between them, mossy boulders, beautiful glades … to
- Everything, - he heard a voice Water, - it is possible to open eyes.
the Wood really shone, was poured by green and golden shades, and friends moved to it - what else they needed to do?
They entered under a live deciduous arch, and she played beams of leaves, welcoming them. Footpaths politely opened, precisely specifying where to go.
- But, - told the Cornflower, - hours do not grow on trees.
- And why not grow at it? - answered Water. - Same not the simple wood.
They came to a small glade where spots of sunlight played leapfrog.
- Hi, children, - told Water. - Whether hours met to you?
Hares stopped, and the senior has a look on Water.
- Go there, - it waved a ray - in a thick. There they meet sometimes.
- Thanks, - told the Cornflower, and they went.
Boulders appeared on the former place - that is where they and were represented by the Cornflower. The moss was beautiful, a barkhatist, and different amusing bugs and small insects floundered in it.
- Oh, - peep was distributed, and the Cornflower shuddered.
- Who is it?
- It I am a small insect, - the small insect told. - And you as we think, after hours, huh? of
- Aha, - the Cornflower answered it.
- Generally my name is the little one. But many find such name offensive therefore I am usually represented by a small insect. Go on a path that begins behind our boulders. It is thought, hours already grew. You will see them.
On the fifth - if to consider from boulders - a tree, on the lower branch grew very decent - if to mean their volumes - hours.
- So, - summarized Water, - we at the purpose. But here a question - as them to remove? there is no
- anything more simply, - told hours, allowing bewilderment of friends. - We are already ripe hours. Depart a little bit, and now we will break down.
- And you will not break? - the cornflower was frightened.
- never fight Hours, - hours answered. - Sometimes they only hurry.
Friends departed, giving to hours the chance to go down quietly. Absolutely quietly it did not turn out - there was a small noise, but everything in general passed well. In a rectangular wooden cover, with a lovely tail behind hours stood on a footpath, and welcomed friends the course of the arrows.
- is wonderful. - Told Water. - Now - if you not against - we carry you to frogs.
- And why us to carry? - hours were surprised. - We can go.
They slightly rose, and the Cornflower saw their legs - small and accurate.
ran Hours ahead, cheerfully turning a tail flourish.
As soon as came out of the wood - it was gone.
- Anything surprising, - noticed Water. - Same the imagined wood.
of the Frog silently looked in a pond.
- Here we, - told the Cornflower. - We brought to you rather brought hours.
sat down Hours on edge a berezhka, directly before frogs, and those, is pleased stared at the dial.
- Here thanks, - frogs chorus, &ndash told; now we will precisely know when it is worth singing and when - to keep silent.
I started singing:

We with hours, we with hours, Will be more cheerful than
to us,
will be sung by us on hours -
So more convenient, know.
not to disturb a pond,
will be sung by us on hours.
Oops - ri - ru - ri - ru - frames to Sing
- such cheerful work.

- Wonderfully, - told Water.
I somehow became clear at once to the Cornflower that it is time to come back home.
- But … as we will return? Without genie.
- Oh, it not to be necessary this time for us. I have a notebook.
Water pulled out the notebook from a pocket and as earlier on a floor, spread out it directly on a grass.
- Farewell, farewell, - frogs cried out.
- Good-bye, - politely told hours.
- was glad to get acquainted, - politely said a pond.
the Tiny pool arose on a writing-book leaf - tiny, but absolutely real - was visible and heard as in it water lives and laps. Water took the Cornflower by hand whether took an interest that is ready, and, having received the satisfactory answer, threw - we Dive.
I they dived.
of the Jellyfish floated by them, smooth and solemn again, and figures froliced around, confirming own rules.
the Way was short - friends, dry and easy, came up in the room of the Cornflower, and the notebook lay on a floor.
Water bent down, lifted it and hid in a pocket.
- Here so, - he told smiling.
- Well, - said the Cornflower with hope - to future meetings?
- By all means, - promised Water, and as last time when they said goodbye, addressed in a nacreous droplet which evaporated from the Cornflower palm.

- the Main thing - contours and silhouettes, - spoke Water, having conveniently settled down on a sofa. This time he came up
from the crane in a bathroom, welcomed the Cornflower, right there increased, splashing a little, and they passed into the room.
- As this main thing? - asked the Cornflower. - I just always considered that the main thing is that in these contours and silhouettes. there is no
- - told water surely. - Podumay, if not contours and silhouettes, what could fill them?
- And whether the dream has contours? - the Cornflower was curious.
- Perhaps, - responded Water. - Though rather unsteady, precisely washed away by a rain.
- And you how water, probably you love rains?
- Rains, ponds, bathrooms - in general any water. Water cannot without water, - stated Water, having raised a forefinger.
- And you said that water and air are on friendly terms, - reminded the Cornflower. - Means, you and air love?
- Of course. The rain drips from air. However, and the land is on friendly terms with water and air - so that I and love it.
He waved with handles, and asked -
Well where we will go this time?
- And what it is possible to choose from?
- Oh, from everyone. However, this everyone - is always limited. In it its essence, and from it it is a little sad. But we with you will not long, the truth?
the Cornflower nodded.
- Then, we will go to air walk on roofs.
- is healthy, - the Cornflower admired. - And how we will make it?
- Is very simple, - reported Water. - Simply better, than difficult, I so believe. At first we will dive into pipes, and on them, on water - you did not forget the rule helping to breathe with it? - let`s rise up, it is above and above, and we will jump out already on a roof.
- the Rhyme turned out, - told the Cornflower. - Above - roofs?
- And you love rhymes? - took an interest Water.
- Never reflected, - honestly the Cornflower admitted.
- Well, went.
I they went to a bathroom. - Cost
, - the Cornflower was frightened - and suddenly walk will break? - You can decrease and increase, and I - that as?
- Well, I am with you, - calmed Water. - Means, everything will turn out. Take me by hand.
took the Cornflower, and immediately everything was started turning, began to spin; The cornflower felt that it decreases that was amusing, and is not terrible at all because his friend Vodyanoy was near and decreased with the same speed. They synchronously rotated some time, and then with ease unusual, were screwed in in the crane. Again, as in last times, the Cornflower presented that water is an air, and began to breathe - absolutely freely. Water was everywhere, it carried them, swung, sometimes slowing down a movement, then rolled a new wave, and they rushed, rushed. It was healthy.
At last, a new crest threw out them on a roof - dry and safe, small, holding hands.
- Uf, - exhaled Water. - Well, how it was pleasant to you?
- Very much was pleasant, - the Cornflower responded.
They stood in the middle of a roof as though in the middle of a stone glade, and the sun played cheerfully - cheerfully, and hares exchanged winks with them.
- you Know that? - told Water. - I think, here you should not increase. It is excessive.
- So we will remain small? - specified the Cornflower.
- Well. In my opinion it is an optimal variant.
One of hares who just jumped through another was unbent, and noticed:
- Small in general to be more pleasant.
A, having bethought, added:
- Hello, - the Cornflower answered. - Whether you will allow to play with you?
- Is necessary, - the hare, &ndash was surprised; the first time me is asked by permissions on it. Usually, we are just used in the purposes. - Play
, play, - told Water. - And I a little bit will admire the sun.
- Today it very bright, - the hare responded. - You look, as if not to tire out an eye.
- Anything, - answered Water. - I have water eyes and nothing will be it from the bright sun.
I the Cornflower played some time with hares - he jumped with them, froliced, caught up with them, was enough for fun - they were solarly - fluffy, very pleasant naoshchup - laughed, ran with them races. Several hares fluttered too much roofs and departed somewhere, having dexterously dissolved in air.
- Now, - told, at last, the senior - to us is time to say goodbye. Thanks for game.
- And to you thanks, - the Cornflower responded. - To me it was never so cheerful.
the Senior constructed all hares on growth - if the concept growth is applicable to such round and small beings, ordered, and they flew up as a small school of birds. In their minute it was not visible any more.
Water looked at the sun.
- will not stick together? - the Cornflower took an interest, approaching it. there is no
- - answered Water. - Water in general can long look at the sun. It translated to
a view of the friend.
- Well, - summed up, - I think, will be enough now. It is possible to go for a walk.
I they went.
Rounded one pipe and approached the second.
- This pipe reminds me Tyuni`s dwelling, - told the Cornflower.
- Yes, perhaps, only its lodge is more. They approached
a pipe absolutely close, and from it puffing was distributed.
- Really and here someone lives? - the Cornflower was surprised.
- And how? - told Water. - Everywhere someone lives. Most likely Hokhrik. Or Mykhrik, - he assumed, having thought. Sopenye`s
amplified, from a pipe tumbled down the silver steam replaced by splashes, the muzzle was extended then and all body - long, smooth, speckled seemed.
- Precisely, - told water. - This is Mykhrik.
- And you for whom waited? - Mykhrik asked, being turned by a ring, like a doggie, and wiping with pads eyes.
- Perhaps Hokhrika, - answered Water.
- Hokhriki live in holes, - Mykhrik reported. - and digging of holes at them is brought to perfection - they are capable to dig them even in air.
- is improbable, - the Cornflower sighed. - And how they do it? If Mykhrik had
shoulders, he would shake them, and so he had to wag a tail.
- Frankly speaking, I also do not know, - he responded. - They become invisible and rotary movements break through tunnels in air. Then bend them, crown with cups, and already live in them. Likely, well. I do not know - never met any Hokhrik.
- And you, Mykhrik, live in a pipe?
- Why, not only. But generally - yes.
Water scratched a palm. The droplet which scattered from it got to Mykhrik on a nose, and that licked lips. the silver droplet, &ndash was
- It; he told. - I love gold more. They are very sweet.
- Please, - told Water. - I am not sorry.
It scratched other palm, and the droplet turned out gold. Such it also brought her Mykhrika - on a palm, and that pinched and thanked.
- Here, - it added. - It is possible to consider and have dinner.
- to you have enough only two droplets?
- Quite. We, Mykhriki, beings not choosy. Especially in days when such bright sun shines.
- you, Mykhrik, like to look at the sun too? - asked Water.
- Oh, of course. Who does not love it?
- my friend Vodyanoy, - reported the Cornflower, - today long looked at the sun. So far I played with his hares.
- Yes, they often here jump. But then always depart.
- But whether the sun will stick together you? - asked the Cornflower, - I mean if long to look …
Do not, no, - Mykhrik responded. - For this purpose I have special mykhrikova points.
It whistled, and points, it is amusing a feather