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Mori girl: the beauty from the wood?


fashion - the story are from the East where the sun is born every day and any spring the Oriental cherry blossoms. Japan - the amazing country. From there extensively light new technologies, strange movies and ultramodern fashion filter.

is Told, Japanese turn any business into art, and art in well put business. All teenagers of Japan had mori girl style. Mori girl is translated as “the forest girl“, or “the girl from the wood“, and means special style in fashion and life. By sight it is rather rural clothes from Scandinavia at which there is a surprise element.

Mori girl always prefers a free cut in things, and in these things easy ethnic motives are traced. Most often this dress or a skirt with a tunic. Any trousers, except leggings. Colors - warm, soft, pastel. Good, sound fabrics are won in comparison with the electrified synthetics. This style will suit both to thin persons, and fat, the silhouette of mori girl looks as a letter “A“.

Winter and fall - favourite time for women of fashion of mori. When it is cold, they are able to afford several layers of clothes. A cap - an obligatory accessory. It is healthy if it is fur. Even better - knitted the hands. When it is cold, so pleasant to walk, having thrust hands into the coupling. A poncho, a bolero, a palatine, a scarf - distinctive signs of “diseased“ with this style. Dresses and skirts from a grandmother`s chest in combination with figured stockings perfectly supplement an image. Footwear - convenient and simple. Mori dislike heels and hairpins, only occasionally experimenting with a platform.

The comfort is very important for such girl. She lives in own world, dreams to stop time, photographing landscapes. She admires the nature, becomes engrossed in reading of kind fairy tales, looks for new “old» clothes. Before getting a thing, the girl - mori tries “to talk“, understand with it mood and character of a product from within. She has no place to hurry, and she does not wish to be similar to the residents of the megalopolis living according to the schedule in the mode non - stop.

“To be simpler in everything“ - here the slogan mori girl. If a hairdress - that natural, without varnish and spangles. Hair in itself - fine ornament, them it is possible to braid in a braid, to lay the streaming ringlets, to twist on koklyushka and to pick up a ribbon around a forehead. It is necessary for you practically nothing: to allocate eyes and guide a gentle flush on cheeks, instead of long nails - short manicure. It is necessary to get out as often as possible to the nature, to walk on groves and parks. Any mori plans travel across Northern Europe to study Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland, to like their spirit of balance and natural tranquility.

In the house of mori there is a lot of light and heat. The most important element of the room - a window. Best of all furniture wooden, decorated with own hands. Mori - needlewomen, like to make something, to think out, invent. These are quiet and peaceful girls, but everyone manages to create own unique image, having united the past, the future and the present.

Try on also you on yourself an image of mysterious mori: gentle, light tone and soft fabrics will emphasize innocent beauty, and soft, fur accessories will create around you a cozy aura.