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Dachshund dwarfish (tiny): a dog with character?

After breed of standard dachshunds was created, manufacturers began to work on minimization of these dogs. Their desire to receive the hunting animal capable to get into holes of hares, badgers and other small animals, is clear - the four-footed hunter is larger, the to her is closer in a hole.

History of emergence of breed of tiny dachshunds

Selection work F. Engelman living in Germany and heading group of selectors was engaged in i in

. The first attempts ended with crash as they were made by crossing of a standard dachshund with a dwarfish pinscher. Results were so unsuccessful that it was necessary to refuse this idea, - posterity, decreasing in a size, lost important hunting qualities.

Then selectors began to act with other methods: they began to select the smallest representatives of standard breed and to receive posterity from them. Of course, such work demanded much bigger efforts and expenses of time. Small individuals for some reason gave few puppies in one dung. However there were interesting results - the small dachshunds which kept the excellent scent and other important properties necessary for dogs - to hunters.

By the end of the 19th century dwarfish (miniature dachshund) and rabbit breeds of dachshunds which representatives differed from each other only in the sizes were created, habits and temper at them were identical. These breeds of dog were successfully used when hunting for hares and other small animals. Much later dwarfish dachshunds as well as rabbit, became mainly decorative breeds, but not workers. However and in present time at them it is possible to develop abilities they were worthy companions of hunters.

It is known that the queen of Great Britain had dwarfish dachshunds in the house. Unfortunately, the prudish English lady considered that process of knitting can offend its royal advantage owing to what “regal“ dachshunds had no posterity. At the same time dwarfish dachshunds enjoyed wide popularity in all Europe, only owners had different purposes: someone took doggies with himself on hunting, for others they were tiny friends.

Characteristics of dwarfish dachshunds

Clever, friendly dog, several smaller sizes, than her standard relative. Despite tiny dimensions, it has all necessary data demanded for norny hunting. The dwarfish dachshund will safely rush on production and will expel an animal to the owner.

The head has the extended form which is narrowed to a nose. Transition from a forehead to a nose is almost not visible. A narrow muzzle with accurately outlined nose having brown or black color. Perfectly developed jaws with densely pressed lips.

Eyes are small, have the oval form, according to the standard is dark - brown.

Ears are put highly, hang down, the ends their roundish, do not reach a nose.

Case. Dwarfish dachshunds thickset and long. They distinctly expressed muscles, a neck elastic, without saggings of skin. The breast is strong, slightly convex. Broad chest. The back is wide, powerful. A croup round, slanted to a tail. The belt is elastic, tightened.

Extremities are short, lobbies are better developed, than back. Sometimes legs of dachshunds are slightly crooked. Paws are round, svodisty.

The tail has the wide basis, and the end - narrow. It is in a free state at the level of a back.

Dwarfish dachshunds, as well as standard, can be three types by the form of wool: short-haired, wire-haired and long-haired.

Short-haired dwarfish dachshunds have a short hair, densely and smoothly adjacent to a trunk.

Wire-haired dwarfish dachshunds differ in the special hardness of indumentum and existence of an underfur, also they have moustaches with a small beard and eyebrows, and on the head and ears wool has small length.

Long-haired dwarfish dachshunds differ in beautiful wool, soft to the touch, sometimes it slightly curls. On separate parts of a body (a neck, the case, ears, a tail and hinder legs) length of wool is more, than in other places.

A color practically same as at standard dachshunds, also depends on wool type. In a color of long-haired dwarfish dachshunds any shades are allowed.

Short-haired individuals can be various tones of red color, some representatives on wool sometimes have hairs with the black terminations (subdead dachshunds). Black, gray or chocolate color in a combination with white spots on back and forepaws is allowed. Dwarfish dachshunds of subdead color have usually light spots on a muzzle on each side and over eyes, on a breast, paws and in other places.

Besides, short-haired dachshunds can have a marble color when primary color - brown or gray, light tones or white, and spots of a complementary color have darkly - a brown, red, red or black shade. Also representatives of long-haired type of dwarfish dachshunds can have all colors which are considered characteristic and admissible for short-haired dachshunds.

the Sizes and weight of dwarfish dachshunds

Height in withers of a standard dachshund makes 20-27 cm, dwarfish left her not so far, its parameters - 21-16 cm at dogs, at a bough - 14-19 cm. On weight the dwarfish dachshund is twice less than standard, only 4-5,5 kg while her larger “relative“ weighs about 9 kg.

At dachshunds the thorax grasp (TG) is of great importance. By this feature the dachshund is determined in the relevant group. The standard dachshund has OGK more than 35 cm, and at dwarfish this parameter is equal to 30-35 cm. These standards matter after achievement by a dachshund of “dog majority“, that is 1,5 years.

At education of a dwarfish dachshund the system of “carrot and stick“ does not approach. First of all, it is necessary to love a dog infinitely. If she made something well, surely praise. But it does not mean that the dachshund will be always mistress of the situation, just corrective actions on pets differ from education of other breeds a little. It is possible to punish a dwarfish dachshund ignoring, for her it will be effective and correct reception.

Ill-treatment of animals of this breed can lead to irreparable consequences: character of a dog will deteriorate, she will become closed and spiteful. It is impossible to assume that the dog a long time was provided to herself, she needs communication and regular walks.

In fact, all three types of dachshunds - standard, dwarfish and rabbit - have identical character, and, respectively, training methods for them should not differ.

Keeping of dwarfish dachshunds and care of them

Socialization of dwarfish dachshunds goes without problems, they are quickly trained in cleanliness, friendly treat cohabitants including to cats. Care of skin and wool differs in nothing difficult, the long-haired dwarfish dachshund periodically should be combed out, and also to drive in “beauty shop“ on a grooming. Many skilled owners of long-haired dwarfish dachshunds perfectly cope with their wool independently.

In conclusion there is a wish to note that dwarfish dachshunds - special breed. If to her representative climbs up in the head what right thing to do quite so, then it will be difficult to overpersuade a dog. To bring up dachshunds, it is necessary to have special intuition and huge love to these extraordinary clever dogs.