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Why to live if...? If you do not see

in sense life if the love is not mutual if parents do not hear if there are no friends... Life - difficult piece, but nobody said that will be easy. To give in to a temptation, to leave voluntarily it, it is equivalent to desertion from a battlefield. But you - not the deserter! You are a brave fighter who was just a little tired in long battle.

First that needs to be made - to understand in what a problem. For example, threw you or darling does not notice. To you it is bad, thoughts - only that without it - in any way. At first sight, a problem in it. But on the second - that this love prevents you to enjoy life. You know why love, but not love? Because the true love would not force you to suffer so. The passion, love or love fever, but in any way not love is capable of it. The love, on the contrary, gives force, the desire to create, and the first reason gives, from - behind which it is worth continuing to live - to have this feeling! Believe, the black strip surely will pass, and you will see a new snow-white strip of the life. Do not lose hope! Give to love the chance once to enter your life!

“To you not to understand me“, - many of those who “on the verge“ so speak. They consider that except them nobody ever faced similar problems, nobody will be able to share their feeling. But on light there are a lot of people that surely there will be the one who endured similar experience, and, having met him, you are surprised how similar were your situations.

Do not fall a victim of circumstances! Think what in the circumstances depends on you and what you cannot affect? Divide the problem preventing you to enjoy life into two parts. What you cannot affect, needs to be taken for a reality. It is, and with it it is necessary to live. And with the second part which directly or indirectly depends on you it is necessary to work. Judge for yourself to correct everything - in your forces, so try!

Not to express in words that you feel when the native person and the more so when he leaves, having voluntarily left life leaves. You do not understand for what you with you so managed, feel guilty, but will not return the person any more...

There are in you forces, it is only necessary to find them! At first splash out emotions. Cry, shout in a pillow, break a two-three of plates. When you feel that the internal negative “became silent“, think what brings you joy, pleasure? To get warm on the sun? To listen to favourite music? To stroke a cat, to dance in front of the mirror?. At first there is no strong wish, but then you feel such pleasure! Believe, all this is capable to change your attitude to 180 degrees.

You remember if often to think of something, so it also will be. Therefore, it is as if simple and naive sounded, think of good! Try to begin every morning with something pleasant, be fenced off by the personal invisible dome from all bad that can occur today. Of course, completely to be closed from all it will not turn out, but so it will be easier for you.

“It is necessary to live. Through pain, tears, blood, offenses and misunderstanding to break to the purpose. Not to stand and be trampled down, expecting when the big aunt comes and will carry out to long-awaited happiness. And to tear clothes and to wear out boots, to tear veins, but not to be given! To look for, for, for and to find the happiness!“

Forever remember these words, they are told by those who know the life price now, those who regret now that he tried to leave it once. Listen and do not repeat such mistakes!