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What to prepare from mutton?

In the childhood of a dish from mutton were frequent on our table. The father bred rams, grazed them with fellows villager in turn. Before big holidays or just to please the elder brother with the wife who arrived on a visit and sisters, the father pinned up the most well-fad lamb.

Steppe mutton - the most tasty, the most juicy, the most sweet. And our lambs were grazed on a steppe scope, drank tasty well water. And when mother prepared mutton with vegetables or pilaf with mutton, aroma stood such that the head was turned.

I prepare mutton dishes now not so often: there are no rams, and in the market meat is expensive. But when I prepare, happy are all - both the husband, and children, and guests.

So, most, in my opinion, difficult is to choose good meat because can palm off in the market anything. Mutton of the highest test has to be brightly - red color with white, gentle, solid fat. Fresh, good-quality meat when pressing by a finger quickly takes the former form.

After you brought home meat, with it it is necessary to work a little. Some culinary specialists suggest to place meat at several o`clock in slightly acidified water to beat off a specific smell of mutton. I do not do it as I clean this smell in the course of preparation by addition of a small amount of butter.

If meat fat, then just separate excess fat, cut mutton small pieces, put them on a bottom of a cauldron or a thick-walled pan, add some melted butter and fry on big fire, salt.

Then fire it is necessary to reduce and add vegetables in such order: the onions cut with large rings, the garlic head, carrots too cut quite largely and potatoes cut on four parts. To extinguish to readiness on weak fire, having closed a pan a cover, somewhere within an hour. Do not forget to salt vegetables. It is necessary to give to a table mutton with vegetables hot, having strewed with greens of fennel, cilantro and parsley.

Structure: on 1 kg of mutton - 100 g of butter, 2 - 3 big onions, 1 head of garlic, 3 - 4 carrots, 1 kg of potatoes, on a bunch of fennel, cilantro and parsley.

I cook mutton pilaf according to the recipe to which I was taught by my Uzbek friends when we studied together at institute.

It is necessary to put the mutton fat cut in small cubes on a cauldron bottom. After it is melted, to clean cracklings, and to heat fat before emergence of a white smoke, to put in it the meat cut by small pieces and to fry before emergence of a golden crust. To add a ring of onions and to fry it, all the time stirring slowly with a skimmer. As soon as onions gain reddish color, throw the carrots cut with straws and too fry, all the time interfering with a skimmer until carrots gain golden color. Do not forget to salt.

After that pour so much that it was two fingers higher than some meat in mix of meat and vegetables of boiled water. Add to a spice pan at your discretion and the rice touched and which is well washed out level a surface, salt, close densely a cover and you extinguish within 30 minutes on weak fire, without opening a cover.

Structure: on 1 kg of mutton - 500 gr rice, 250 g of fat, 500 g of carrots, 3 - 4 bulbs, spices, salt.

From mutton it is possible to cook both soup, and borsch, and chebureks, and cutlets... Everything will be tasty and it is useful!