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What to begin day with? Products which cannot be eaten on an empty stomach

Day of any person to begin with a breakfast. This rule is carried out not by all. And those who carry out quite often eat not that it is necessary. I bring to your attention a top - a leaf of harmful products which cannot be eaten on an empty stomach.

1 place: yeast.

Yeast promotes production of gastric gases, the stomach is blown up that, you understand, it is not especially pleasant. Therefore on an empty stomach any barmy pastries and other products containing yeast - the evil and harm in one person.

2nd place: yogurt.

Many think that it is correct to begin the day with yogurt. “it such easy, useful“. And, in fact, in what its sense? By means of the useful bacteria which are contained in it to help digestion of food. And if all these necessary small bacteria get to an organism to food, then they will be just absorbed by strongly produced gastric juice and any to sense will not come out. That is yogurt on an empty stomach, by and large, is not harmful - it is simply useless. It should be eaten after food and only. Then you precisely will help process of digestion to pass easily and with the greatest advantage.

3rd place: coffee

of Coffee, coffee … Many, likely, dreamed of a coffee cup in a bed in the morning. But also this product got to our top - a leaf of harmful products on an empty stomach. When caffeine gets on mucous a stomach, it begins to tease it. Gastric juice is in reply produced and if not to shower it with other food, then he behaves aggressively and begins to corrode mucous and therefore through some time it is possible to wait for the guest in the form of gastritis.

Besides, caffeine irritates also a gall bladder. That is reduced, throws out a portion of bile which is necessary to help food to be digested. If it has nothing to digest, she begins to wander sadly on an organism idle. Let`s afflict also those who consider that effect of coffee can be softened with milk. The matter is that the knitting substances which are in coffee and tea contact proteins of milk and form almost insoluble connections which settle stones in kidneys. And in general coffee brings a lot of harmful in our organism. My grandmother spoke: “Coffee - the enemy of heart“.

4th place: sugar.

I all products like sweets or sweet fruit like banana. Sugar is instantly acquired by an organism and irritates a pancreas. In response to it it begins to produce insulin. It is known that insulin - the hormone lowering sugar level in blood. From - for the sugar uses its level in blood instantly falls. Owing to what we test apathy and fatigue instead of being vigorous and full of strength. And we also wait for it from a breakfast.

5th place: citrus.

Not the secret, in citrus fruit is a lot of acid which slowly corrodes mucous a stomach. Therefore if you have a gastritis with the increased acidity of a stomach, the ulcer and other problems with a gastrointestinal tract, from them are better to refrain from a citrus and juice. And I have in general on them an allergy.

6th place: pears. the phrase Is familiar to

: “A pear for an organism in the morning - poison, and in the evening - a rose“. The matter is that in pears there is a lot of rough cellulose which injures gentle mucous digestive organs. Pears with very dense texture are especially dangerous: in them celluloses especially much. It is worth eating pears after reception of the main food, then they will not do much harm.

7th place: a persimmon

This fruit sometimes it is even heavy to b to chew

. All the matter is that in it there are a lot of difficult digested fibers which slow down motility of a stomach and intestines. In this case say that “the stomach costs“. Especially there are a lot of such fibers in strongly knitting persimmon. Be accurate when you eat a persimmon. I remember a case when I already began to choke with it … All life before eyes flew by …

8 the place: garlic.

It, and also any different burning spices, works by the principle of caffeine, irritating mucous and a gall bladder.

9th place: cold drinks.

They narrow stomach vessels. From - for it problems with blood circulation of this body begin and all process of digestion is broken. Therefore to drink any cold it is impossible on an empty stomach, right after food - it is better through a couple of hours.

10th place: alcohol. Well here, likely, should not tell to

many excess words. All know how alcohol influences a human body. And alcohol on an empty stomach many times increases “force“.

Here you will look at all this list and you will think: “And than in general to have breakfast - that?“ On this case there are several options of an ideal breakfast.

Option 1: porridge with milk, pieces of unsweetened fruit and nuts. The last - 2 - 3 pieces that it was not too fat. Porridge - a source of slow carbohydrates which improve digestion process. And sugar from such complex carbohydrates is released on slightly - slightly, supporting the necessary level of energy several hours.

Option 2: proteins + vegetables (ideally seasonal, of course, but in the winter also frozen will descend). Protein from eggs, light meat and fish is acquired completely, gives long feeling of satiety and accelerates a metabolism.

Option 3: toasts from whole-grain bread with cottage cheese and greens. Cottage cheese - a source of the same protein, and whole grains are useful from - that in them the cover is not broken, they keep in themselves more vitamins and minerals.

Eat it is useful and it is tasty! Bon appetit!