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How to treat the patient if he is a woman?

poets paid attention To the fact that women differ in something from men the first. “The woman has other word order. The woman has other order of dreams“, - stated Yevtushenko. “You are a woman, you are vedmovsky drink!“ - Bryusov exclaimed.

As always, all was confused by the woman, having reported: “I and horse, I and bull. I both woman, and man“. “Well and god with them, - doctors waved away. - They are such, will be impatient - and will enter the burning log hut, and at full tilt will stop a horse“.

If you come into weekday in policlinic, at once will be evident that most of patients - women. What to explain it with? The fact that men strenuously work and scornfully treat the health? Or perhaps female suspiciousness and existence of free time? Everything is much simpler and more sad: women ask really more often for medical care because they are ill more often.

As it appeared, women more often than men suffer from a hypertension, arthritis, diabetes, migraine, skin diseases and rheumatism. They are more subject to colds, asthma, cystitis, osteoporosis. Mainly inflammations of joints and a varicosity occur at women. It is more difficult, than at men, alcoholism and drug addiction will respond to treatment of a depression. However only by it distinctions in health of floors it is not settled.

The course of the same illness at the man and the woman is frequent can significantly differ. For example, the man`s heart attack begins with an acute pain in the breast giving to a neck, a hand and the lower jaw. At women heart attack can proceed absolutely in a different way - back pains, in the bottom of a stomach, feeling of weakness, nausea. Other woman with such symptoms and will be ashamed to see a doctor! “Nonsenses all this, did not sleep, she is tired, was alarmed... “ - and makes itself the Russian national diagnosis “Probably, ate something“.

Also the return phenomena are observed. For example, the wrong opinion that women suffer from osteoporosis generally, makes the sad contribution to figures of male mortality. And whether you know, as men have cancer of chest (not dairy) gland? Thank God, percent the small, but inexperienced doctor will hardly manage to diagnose this horrible disease in time.

There are a lot of troubles, and at times and tragedies occurs from - for the fact that the classical medicine still ignores need of various approach to treatment of men and women. No, of course, there are qualified clever doctors who try to approach this problem differentially. But rather scientific bases and the principles are only underlain.

At the top of the voice the new young branch - gender (English gender - a floor) medicine declares itself. She claims: any body of a female body is not the absolute copy man`s, any physiological process does not proceed at men and women under a carbon paper. It proclaims: women and men need to be treated differently.

Surprisingly, but it is the fact: new drugs and methods of treatment were tested only on men until recently. Why? Yes because with men it is simpler. Scientists quite consciously refused “inconvenient“ experimental - periods, an ovulation, discrepancies can bring probability of pregnancy in results of experiences, spoil statistics.

Even when for testing of drugs animals were used, took only male individuals. Then that again the poet is right: “... She / will grow old, will go crazy, / will die of a liver, under a wheel, of a bullet“.

Besides, in 1977 the most authoritative organization in the world the Federal management of the USA on control of drugs issued actually criminal order forbidding to attract women to research of drugs. Still we reap the fruits of this short-sighted decision.

We will take that well-known research of 1988 which proved advantage of reception of aspirin for prevention of a heart attack for an example. 22 thousand men took part in it. And any woman! Doctors began to prescribe strenuously aspirin to everyone to patients. And just now it became known that aspirin affects women not as on a strong half of mankind at all. For women it is absolutely useless!

One more of mistakes concerns preparations from the raised cholesterol level. Was considered that for women they are not effective. This conclusion was drawn as included few women in researches, and results were statistically insignificant. Only recently the question was studied anew, and scientists came to opposite results. Exactly thanks to gender approach revolutionary revolution in prevention of heart attacks and strokes at women is made. Millions of patients were lucky - they avoided a fate to become the victims of a medical error.

What turns out? Then the medicine not always knows how some drugs affect a female organism? It turns out that so. Only two years ago scientists of university of Nortvestern (USA) published sensational article that women 50% more often than men suffer from side effects of drugs. That some preparations do not act on them in general, and others on the contrary - influence too actively, as at overdose.

Also it was revealed that, despite preventions of experts of gender medicine, the pharmaceutical companies not really - that worry about this difference. Practically any of the checked preparations still did not contain the prevention that it influences a female organism in a different way.

The gender medicine is in the beginning of a way, but develops promptly. Experts are convinced that in several years the whole directions of medicine will already treat men and women differently. Long ago it is time for doctors of the same specialty to be divided by the gender principle: female cardiologist, man`s gastroenterologist etc. Such approach will provide better treatment and, respectively, healthier life.

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