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How to get rid of dandruff?

Read for interest on this website the next million confused empty article “How to Get Rid of Dandruff“ wanted to leave a comment at the author, but at me was not located and I solved (the benefit the website allows) to write the article as all - to get rid of dandruff. I do not know if editors do not cut the name of a preparation, then consider that you have no dandruff any more. Also I will leave the mail if all - it happens.

So, history began when the brother from the sea brought a fungus in the form of light-brown spots (a leopard color) it is called otrubevidny deprive. Generally, while the brother was treated, this infection passed to me. The brother is healthy I is not. Having rummaged on the Internet, I found, than to be treated. By the way about dandruff, I had a different dandruff, both dry and fat and it is not enough and much. I cannot loudly tell that I tried a heap of shampoos, but repeatedly applied attempts. Since all known shampoos heldenshmelden I understood that us stupidly part. Applied non-standard methods of type as alkalization of the head soda a little, as it is known the fungus does not love the alkaline environment. But it did not yield results. While I scratched in the head, dandruff passed to me to eyebrows and it there was already a trouble. Mother in a drugstore super - a puper praised bought me shampoo specially from dandruff which even helped one little girl. The truth I do not know whether the effect was consolidated at it. I had enough week that I understood that this shampoo the next course of the pharmaceutical companies to which it is favorable that we provided them with the constant income, as well as in many other aspects of our life. From this shampoos at me the head instantly became covered by a layer of new scales, and I understood that so do not get rid of dandruff! The next frustration searches on the Internet with zero result. The secret is kept on a global scale! And I, probably, am doomed... There passed four days of my treatment and as that at me steel I looked at clean eyebrows in the head and did not see is fresh the undermined scales. And here I began to reflect that deprive it almost a fungus, and dandruff is a fungus too. Besides I knew that a fungus it is necessary to treat from inside, but not outside as druggists offer us a grief and that means between all this is communication. When I completed the course, I remembered that my brother had a dandruff the truth which is not so strongly expressed too, we together scratched the heads! And now it has no dandruff...? It could not be gone just like that...? I went to look at his head in hope to see what there effect later half of year as he spent on drink the course. And about a miracle, it does not have dandruff that! Means and at me will not be...? However, fungus piece opposite... And the brother already has new spots... I subtracted the benefit that deprive this for time is not treated, it is necessary to take two courses in half a year, differently recurrence. At the moment I practically have no dandruff, but nevertheless... But the brother does not have it. So, probably, not all fungi died, it is necessary to add. So what is became clear, to you it is necessary not shampoo, and a preparation from fungi. Look for that you will find in the drugstores. Advised me (I hope, the moderator will not cut out differently he in arrangement to the world government!) tablets nizorat and dermozol a course of 30 days on one tablet with repetition in half a year. It is also written that it is possible to increase a dose that I also advise you. Only tabletochka that not cheap... So the directions clear look for antifungal preparations and read what side effect! All of good luck.