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How to earn to the copywriter - from personal

Today gains popularity distant work. It is enough options of work at home: to assemble handles, to answer the phone calls, to be engaged in a set of texts, to create and advance the websites, and also to write unique articles for these websites. About it the speech will also go - as the copywriter can earn.

As everything began

of Years from ten began to write stories. They were plain, their main characters, as well as I, studied at school. At literature lessons (when there was a home reading) read to all class the stories.

After leaving school reflected where it is possible to go to study. Since the birth I am a humanist. Russian and literature, and also the other humanities came to me easily. Decided to get pedagogical education.

School or writing?
four years Later became

the certified specialist, went to work to school. Years through one and a half was disappointed in school and began to think how to live further. By trial and error reached that I am able - to teach and write only two things stories. Did not want to come back to pedagogics, decided to be engaged in “literary trash“. Began with placement of the summaries. Specified in them that I custom-make examinations, I script for holidays, I write articles. Through some time good luck smiled to me - offered work. It consisted in the following: it was necessary to add on the news website, to develop pages of this organization on social networks. It is not enough, of course, but it is necessary to begin with something.

Approximately in four months began to work with two organizations, became later than customers more, work became more serious and began to make notable profit in the material plan. Still so I work and I am not sorry about the choice.

Sometimes when I communicate with so-called “colleagues“, some have questions as I manage to receive quite worthy salary, without exhausting themselves. I share councils from personal experience. Studied on the mistakes (I repent, on ignorance “upakhivatsya“ with all the organizations, did not get enough sleep, chucked in itself etc.) .

Councils for copywriters

Begin with small. You do not hurry to take many orders at once, and then to panic that you do not manage to perform all work.
Save up experience, read more and develop.
Make the schedule of work, convenient for you, - here without it in any way. Also do not forget about days off - exactly days off which you will devote not to work, and yourself.
Hand over all orders in time - so your clients will trust more you and to offer over time more interesting and highly paid work.
Work with all the heart, try, do not write article with thought “perhaps will carry by“.
you Love and respect the work.
Patiently you treat all remarks of the customer.
do not try to charge yourself with many cases - so you will just begin to hate the work, early “fuse“.
Surely try to have a rest.
Equip the workplace that distracted nothing you from “creative process“.
you Watch the literacy.
Try to communicate more with other copywriters, you impart experience.
In order that you had though some stable income, try to find the organization with which agree on the fixed payment of your services. It will also be your salary, so the minimum sum which would suit you. Everything that from above - as you “will acquire“.
Be ready that members of your family can treat with scepticism your work at home - but until it does not bring in the notable income.

Someone can contemptuously be twisted: “You stay at home, you suffer from nonsense“, “From this literary trash of any use“, “Where you will be taken still“ etc. Nonsenses it. If there is a desire, there is an aspiration, there is a belief in the forces, then everything will turn out. In my opinion, it is better to do favorite thing and what you are able instead of decaying (in a different way I cannot tell) at stuffy office, for days on end to drink coffee and to gossip with colleagues. But each to their own.