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“What not dostayet for horoshago vospitaniya?“ On what examples brought up our great-grandmothers of

In the ancient book “School Zhenshchin“ the great value is attached to education of daughters. Authors do not stint eloquence, drawing verbal pictures from life of exemplary ladies. As we know, presentation - the best way of training.

Authors of the collection admire chastity and patriotism of Americans and cite their moral qualities as an example to the Russian girls of the 19th century: “The American lady can serve as an ideal of the woman full, independent and strictly faithful the debt“.

What in them remarkable?

In America the respect for the woman as learn at “School zhenshchin“, is built in a cult: even counter men respectfully give way to it. “If the carrier, having taken away the woman passing through the street, does not stop the horse, then the closest constable has to send him to police prefecture“.

I represent how cheeks when mammies told them that girls in America can go without relatives worldwide - guides because turned pink at our young great-grandmothers (ah!) can ask to accompany them … any man:

“It becomes very simply and easy.
- the Sir, I go to N. Whether you will be kind to be my companion to the road?
- At your service, the lady, - hurries to answer the gentleman, and from this point... enters protector duties which consist that it has to be silent if it is not asked and to warn service the slightest desire of the lady. In an award he has the right … to follow the lady everywhere, not to leave it for a minute, to expect it at a table - the word, to execute everything that anyway can give to the lady pleasure or convenience. At the same time the protector has no right even to ask a name of that lady with whom he travels“.

Perhaps, similar stories concerned minds of young ladies not less, than romance novels. But in each history there is an edification. Here and to our great-grandmothers inspired: to be a real lady, it is necessary to be able to deserve respect . It is possible to get an education, to shine with talents, but if at the same time you are a bad hostess, “you feed dogs before departure on hunting“, you learn to watch the house at servants and you are not able to make a lunch - not to be to you the true lady and not to see a knightly worship of men!

Not for nothing the fragment from A. Kolachek`s work “The woman in America“ is given in the book. Her author tells how he came to the known “musician and the composer“ once and was surprised that she spread a carpet on a ladder. In response to his surprise the lady just told:

- You pass, you pass. In the evening I am a lady, and now I am the maid.

In it, according to originators “Schools zhenshchin“, special wisdom and foresight of Americans: to bring up the daughters not only as the lady, but also as maids.

And in England, present, “in one of offices of Windsor Castle the model kitchen is arranged. It is kitchen of Her Majesty of the Queen Victoria where she, having forgotten for a while debate and speeches of the lords and deputies, together with princesses of blood is engaged in preparation of darlings kushanyev. Prudish ladies, close queens, in simple convenient suits serve the sovereign and help her with preparation of a lunch“.

Noticing that many English aristocrats, by an example of the queen, do not consider shameful to prepare for themselves a beefsteak for the husband with own hand, authors “Schools zhenshchin“ dared our emotional great-grandmothers: “Far in this regard to our ladies of society to the English ladies!“

Yes, passed time of magnificent crinolines and distinguished manners, and we still want to be at least a little bit similar to these mysterious ladies which could be different: proud and unapproachable, warm and house, but permanently desired and up to the end not solved …