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Whether and “men“ are guilty?

Never understood the phrase “All men - swine“. Quite often I hear it, unfortunately. I regard it as expression of the complex, and even many. It seems to me that the full-fledged and clever woman will never say it. At each of us, perhaps, sooner or later, happens when the relations with the person of an opposite sex come to an end not as it would be desirable. And further on a proportion: the less brains, the it is more than offenses. And here the following kills: why because of one person hatred to all male begins? Where pride and feeling of self-esteem vanish? Why not to get it together and to find in itself in forces on giving rise in itself(himself) to feeling of respect for the person at least for the fact that he presented you pleasant time, laughter, a smile?
A, how many the women offended on men. It is always very interesting to me and on what she is offended: on the fact that it does not accept its look, its development and a way of life? How many partings and gaps remain misunderstood participants of events. How it is possible to accuse the man of what he is not guilty of? It left you to younger? It became boring for it with you. It became closed? Read psychology, take an interest more densely it in affairs, try to help it - it is only not necessary to make scandals. In any case - even here the known principle “Works with everything begin with yourself“.
In my environment is enough men, of acquaintance to whom it is possible to be proud. It is a godsend? No. It is result of behavior. Also the fact that I am rather young is unimportant. About me always men of absolutely different years. With each of them at me rather cordial relations. At times I should hear as they talk to the former / real. A voice - as a lot of things it can tell. The nervous woman lost in the purposes and the principles, but trying to return darling - is awful. And after that “men - swine“? They are swine because they do not want to suffer similarity of the woman nearby?
to Shift fault to shoulders of another - the easiest, and, perhaps, for many pleasant business. At once Eric Burn and his transactional analysis remembers. All seems to me at such moments I try to hide from a problem in image is a Child. The question is created and to what then to rush so categorical phrases? And in this case it is unimportant how old are you: 20, 30 or 40. Such situations also show the Personality.
I this question is very actual. As there is a lot of young maidens who are brought up in the incomplete families filled with doctrines of mother about uselessness and the wrong focus of men today. The girl since small years begins to adopt these views. Having matured, she can face an array of problems. I consider
Ya that to love and respect the man it is necessary to teach young ladies since the childhood. And especially on it mothers who are bringing up the daughter without father have to turn. A lot of things depend on wisdom of views of mother. To respect is an ability, and to love - and in general skill. Each mother, certainly, wishes the daughter of happiness. So why we make so many mistakes?
education of representations which would not destroy our values, would learn to belong to each other kindly and validly, only strengthens not only our family, but our society in general.
Be a personality, do not afford unconscious phrases and then your children will be similar to you!