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About what we laugh VKontakte?

Every time, coming Vkontakte, I see new “cheerful pictures“ and I am surprised as far as they became primitive recently. How to make the picture for the publication? Very simply! To take not strongly deep joke, to draw with a mouse couple of little men and - the meme is ready!

Sometimes arrive absolutely simply: the same picture is duplicated with different texts. It seems that authors compete in primitivism - who has jokes ploshche, and it is simpler than the picture.

What is it? dullness Epidemic? Laziness of a brain? Degradation of society in general?

Actually more and more simply and more deeply at the same time.

What we use on the Internet first of all? Our eyes. Through them there passes the first and main part of information. And not always our reason “filters“ what we see. Sight - the most ancient instrument of perception. In times when life was at stake, only a sharp eye could rescue from a predator or prompt where the food disappears. Wind could carry a smell aside, wind could hide sounds. But stir of a grass showed where the lion is stolen or the turkey hides. This most ancient and most developed feeling. Therefore we through eyes perceive much more, than through other bodies. Also we trust them more often. “A picture is worth a thousand words“ - the proverb says.

But focus is that the image is more primitive, the easier and more unambiguously different people understand it. Presently popularity of the author or a resource is defined by quantity of “likes“ and viewings. Than their is more - that more abruptly. And that at the same time “the rabbit thought“ - concerns nobody. Epidemic of “memization“ of the Internet is only a pursuit of a rating. And if on the first place in popularity - a naked bottom (forgive for a pun), then on the second - “a point, a point, a comma...“ with the foolish signature.

Worst of all what “primitivchik“ tighten. It is possible not to notice how hour - another behind their viewing will fly by. You will look back to time and you will be terrified on what egopotratit.

Of course, there are specialized resources on which it is possible to examine only masterpieces of painting or 3D. But VKontakte is the most democratic resource, this mirror of modern mentality of our people. It is daily intellectual food of millions. And the fact that “havat people“ directs at sad reflections about the future of this “pipl“.

“Memes“ and “primitivchik“ are generated often by the people. And that it is more important, duplicates according to the pages.

Whether it is possible to fight against this phenomenon?

And whether it is possible to fight against McDonald`s? It is possible! It is simple not to eat in it is mute. To fight against intellectual “McDonald`s“ even more simply. Not to examine, not to duplicate. To propagandize a true art and really standing thoughts. To create in the same VKontakte of group of intellectuals, judges of the fine arts and fans of wisdom. And the good joke is necessary as air. Only you should not pour in it in a stream of flat humour. As they say, if to mix to bank of jam with a can of sewage, then it will turn out two banks of sewage.

Culture - not the place for democracy. There is always a division into the aristocracy and common people, on “belts“ and are lower above. And as if the Internet was not available and open, it will not change a culture essence. It or is, or it is absent. And laughter - the best indicator of it.