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What to look for on Burano`s island?

Actually for most of tourists Venice became “the city for one day“. Everything from - for the fact that accommodation on islands of the Lagoon, in the old city, strongly rose in price. And in Mestre, the Venetian suburb on “the firm earth“, hotels are expensive.

Therefore many prefer to spend the night where - nibud far away from beautiful Venice, in Bologna, and even in Verona, and the first morning electric train to arrive to the station “Santa - Lyuchiya“ to start “gain“ of the city about which heard so much and read so much. In the evening tired, but happy travelers come back. Day passed, the plan is implemented. Venice was seen, photographed, souvenirs bought. Why to come here once again, next day?

Without being an admirer of similar “raids“ on the cities like Venice overflowed with art and historical treasures at all I nevertheless understand those who want from such short acquaintance to receive a maximum of impressions and to keep whenever possible integral picture of visit in the head. Such children can only advise to develop better the plan of visit not to waste precious time.

Consider that you are in magnificent restaurant with a plentiful buffet. Of course, everything will not be possible “to eat“ also it and to anything. And here it is necessary to try the coolest features of the local chief. Also have will power! Manage to depart from a table in time not to overeat, have a rest from a feast, pobaldev behind a coffee cup.

One of the best ways in time to come off delights of Venice - to make a trip to the Lagoon to see the city from outside in all its beauty as if rising from water. For this purpose it is necessary to get on the boat which is carrying out a role of city transport in Venice only. This boat by ancient tradition is called “parokhodiky“, “âàïîðåòòî“.

Boats make regular flights to Murano, Burano, Torchello`s Venetian islands and San - Michele. On the last island tourists - to “odnodnevshchik“ have nothing to do. There is the Venetian cemetery. However, I. Brodsky`s fans can arrive on a grave of the favourite poet who deceived their promise: “to Vasilyevsky Island I will come to die“ . But nevertheless, you see, walk on a cemetery - not the best pastime when not so it is a lot of time.

Murano`s island probably the most known of the Venetian islands. In Europe, except as on Murano, were not able to roll glass in thin and equal sheets anywhere. Nobody, except local zerkalshchik, knew composition of amalgam for a covering of a glass leaf silver that from it the mirror turned out. Therefore Venetians protected production of glass and mirrors more vigilantly, than the well-known Arsenal.

On Murano glass furnaces, but mainly, for tourists still flare. Tourists are the main buyers of the well-known Venetian glass now. Rather expensive in spite of the fact that here, on Murano, he is also made.

And here Burano`s island is known less. Despite it, it, in my opinion, is most of all worthy visits during flying tourist attack to Venice. In - the first, going there and coming back, it is possible to see the city exactly as the Venetian merchants and seamen saw it once, going to the distant countries and coming back home. In - the second, boats on Burano come approximately once an hour. It is quite enough this hour slowly to wander on the island, being surprised and photographing. So to speak, without hurrying to enjoy kofeyu after a nourishing Venetian lunch. By the way, during this time it is also possible to eat here, and souvenirs to buy.

To what to be surprised on Burano? Yes to the most this small fishing town! Main “counter“ on Burano - all houses are painted everyone in the color here. The bright and unique scale surprises even in gloomy day, and under a bright sun the town is literally poured in all flowers. I will not tell in “all flowers of a rainbow“ because flowers in a buranovsky palette it is much bigger.

Concerning this surprising raznotsvetya tell a joke that for the first time Burano`s inhabitants painted the houses in order that drunk men, coming back from a tavern, found the native dwelling. The same who was accustomed to revel to unconsciousness, going to pub, made up a forehead in color of the house, and then unmistakably carried them on houses. It is, most likely, a joke. However on Burano color behind the house is formalized, and it is possible to change this coloring only with the permission of local government.

Except multi-colored houses, Burano`s island is glorified by the trade, knitting of laces. Venetians adopted art of weaving of graceful lace by means of a thin needle in Crete which long time was controlled. (You remember where Othello was at war? In Crete!) The Venetian laces which knitted women with Burano competed with the well-known laces from Bruges.

In 19 - m a century trade almost disappeared, it was tried to be restored already in 20 - m a century. But unsuccessfully. The Venetian women did not wish to be engaged in this art, labor-consuming and low-paid any more. Production safely drove off in Hugo - East Asia.

Know about it, buying souvenirs on Burano, but be not too strict. In total - laces are created on local ancient samples, and all - they are beautiful. And thanks to the international division of labor, they are also rather cheap that the stray tourist received pleasure from purchase of a fine souvenir.