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Why in Jerusalem there was no Trumpeldor Street?

Iosif Trumpeldor (1880-1920) - one of heroes of Israel. Practically in each city of the country there is a street of his name. And only in Jerusalem until recently Trumpeldor Street was not. Than this heroic person before municipality of the Israeli capital was guilty?

Yes anything! Just to Trumpeldora Street there was an interesting story. Frankly speaking, comical. But on the other hand, characteristic to start 1930 - x years when intelligent people did not think of themselves out of any ideological platform. And not only in Israel, not only in Russia - worldwide.

And so, in those nice times of Israel as the state was not yet. There was a territory which was called Palestine and which at that time was under the administration of Great Britain. Management had to continue until in Palestine there are no local governments which could delegate the power. The Jewish population of Palestine (“ishuv“) successfully created such bodies. The local government was engaged in administrative and economic activity. It was engaged in military activity too though this party of work before the British administration was not advertized.

So historically it developed that the management of an ishuv was sotsiat - democratic. Headed David Ben - Gurion (1886-1973) , it erected the power of workers in the subordinated territory. Quite in the spirit of that time sotsiat - democrats conducted irreconcilable (and not quite honest) fight against ideological opponents.

Ideological opponents sotsiat - democrats there was a party inspired by the outstanding writer, the journalist and the politician Vladimir Zhabotinsky (1880-1940) on the right . Sotsial - democrats considered them as bourgeois nationalists and tried “to prizhuchit“ where such opportunity only appeared. In the country where there were not much workplaces and almost all these workplaces were controlled sotsiat - democratic labor unions, there were enough such opportunities. It was much more difficult to Zhabotinsky`s supporters to find work in Palestine. Journalists and university teachers too generally adhered left (sometimes even considerably left) to views. So also easy university career did not threaten V. Zhabotinsky`s supporters.

We will notice that now when old political disputes lost any relevance, in any Israeli city near Ben Street - Gurion there is also Zhabotinsky Street.

During lifetime I. Trumpeldor adhered rather right, than left-wing views, and was on friendly terms with V. Zhabotinsky. But - Find fault with his death at protection of the Jewish settlement of Tel from the Arab bandits recognized as a heroic feat both “left“, and “right“. Sotsial - democrats honored I. Trumpeldor as the defender of kibuyets and after his death organized voyenno - a labor battalion of Iosif Trumpeldor. And “right“ at the initiative of V. Zhabotinsky created the youth organization “Iosif Trumpeldor`s Union“. In Hebrew this organization was called “Yosef Trumpeldor“ or in a short form “Beytar“ Is shaven. The name it was especially successful that caused in memory heroic anti-Roman revolt in Judea for independence. The last fortress of the Jewish insurgents which fell in 135 AD was to the South from Jerusalem and was called Beytar.

Here only trouble that in Hebrew there are two letters which now both are said absolutely equally. These are letters of “thetas“ (ט) and «tav“ (ת) . And so, the surname of Trumpeldor in due form has to begin with a letter of “thetas“, and Beytar is included into the name of fortress the letter “tav“. When to beytarovets pointed to this annoying oversight, they solved simply. Let`s write a surname of Trumpeldor with the letter “tav“ - and business from the end!

At the end of 1920 - x years when Jerusalem from the remote city of the Ottoman Empire suddenly turned into the capital of Palestine, rough inhabited construction was developed here. In 1921 on the site bought from the Greek orthodox church began to build “the area - a garden“ Rekhaviya on the project of the German architect of the Jewish origin Richard Kauffman (1887-1958) . The population of the new area was super - intelligent. As spoke, in Rekhaviya “professor greeted professor through a fence“. Even names of streets gave the high cultural level of inhabitants here. They were called on names of the Jewish wise men and philosophers by 11 - 12 centuries. From this rule there were only several exceptions.

Among other things, one of streets was decided to call by the name of Yosef Trumpeldor. All inhabitants of the area were for this offer, but when business reached registration of street plates, very basic dispute broke out. How to write a surname of the hero? Adherents “left“ and “right“ in Rekhaviya was approximately equally so it was senseless to put the question to the vote. But also to write the name of the street with an appreciable spelling error those years when on revival of Hebrew looked as at business very important, it was impossible.

Inquisitive Jewish mind itself thinks out to itself problems and witty resolves them. Not to revolt anybody`s political addictions, Rekhaviya`s inhabitants made a compromise. The street was called a fighting nickname Y. Trumpeldor - “agidy“, that is “one-armed“.

At that time the decision seemed to all wise. But literally in twenty years the name of the street began to raise questions. Not to mention the beginning of 1990 - x years when to Jerusalem there arrived many Jews from the former Soviet Union. They not only did not know what nickname at Y. Trumpeldor was. Often they and about Trumpeldor heard nothing. And many as there was a policlinic came to the street “agidy“. “The street one-armed“ - the truth, the remarkable address for medical institution?

Several years ago the Jerusalem municipality understood that none of residents of the area will protest against renaming of the street. And the street “agidy“ became, at last, Trumpeldor Street. In the correct writing, of course.