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How Stevie Wonder wrote down the greatest album, the most famous song and inspired the rapper Kulio on a hit about gangster paradise?

Last time we stopped on how Stevie Wonder sat down in 1975 for record of the, probably, greatest cloth - an album “Songs in the Key of Life“. A great cloth I called it not just like that - songs was so many that they were not located even on the double, and it was necessary to let out a makeweight in the form of EP.

of Hits on the album which left in 1976 was a great lot - it is both reef “I Wish“, and the dedication stylized under a retro to jazz musicians of the past of “Sir Duke“ (Duke is, of course, the jazzman Duke Ellington). But we more are interested in two other songs from an album.

“Isn`t She Lovely“ (“Unless it is not fine?“) interests us just because it beautiful, lyrical, it is loved by women. However, it is devoted not to the woman, but the girl - more precisely, the newborn daughter of Wonder - Aisha. Aisha`s mother is Iolanda Simmons - will give rise to the musician of one more child, but, remembering the previous failure in marriage, Stevie does not marry Iolanda.

The mass of the people knows the second song about which the speech will go only is mediated. Having for the first time heard “Pastime Paradise“ of Stevie Wonder, many will exclaim: “So same practically “Gangster`s Paradise“ - a lethal hit of the rapper of Coolio of 1995 of release?“.

We will begin one after another. Wonder who is carried away by synthesizers buys in 1975 the rare device Yamaha GX1 weighing 300 kg and worth 60 thousand dollars. Such synthesizers not less than 50 pieces were let out, that is, it was the newest and most fashionable gadget of that time. By means of it Stevie also wrote down those well-known string parts in “Pastime Paradise“ almost indistinguishable from live tools.

Sound producer Gary Olazabal:
“Later we scrolled the song for one legendary musician whose name I do not want to tell not to upset him. He asked Stevie where wrote down string, and Stevie answered that it is the London philharmonic orchestra. Well, the guy believed it though we from Stevie joked; fortunately, the guy left and did not appear in studio any more. I told: “Stevie, let`s it tell the truth“ - did not tell“.

I once, nearly 20 years later, the friend Kulio by a nickname L. V. began to sing a melody of a refrain of “Pastime Paradise“. Here on Kulio the inspiration condescended, and he right there began to compose the text. At the same time a hand of the severe rapper, according to him, nearly for the first time drove something not angry, but kind. It was no next hit about women, smart wheelbarrows and the incredible gangster steepness. Wonder sang
In the original about problems in society (a segregation, isolation, operation) and that it is necessary not to dream of paradise, and to do everything that to bring closer it. At Kulio the bitter song - a regret about gangster destiny was born. It was opened by lines from 23 Psalms, said usually on a funeral: “When I will go the valley of a mortal shadow...“.

They operate a situation, they forced me to understand,
That I cannot lead normal life. I grew up on comics,
Therefore to me the place in a gang of hooligans.
Ya too often watched TV, and it influenced my
Ya the educated fool, I work not the head, but muscles.
With me always a gun of the tenth caliber and a spark in eyes.
When I junked, I like to arrange gun fireworks,
A if to my children it is not cheerful, I fly into a rage, the fool …
Death is only navsy lack of heartbeat.
Ya I live, but I do not know whether I will live further.
to me 23. Whether I will live to 24? I do not know
Ya that waits for me ahead.

They carried out the most part of life in gangster paradise. We continue to carry out by
big parts of the life in gangster paradise.

the Text really appeared bright, “Gangster`s Paradise“ became the first a rap - the track No. 1 in the USA and also which is the most sold by a single of year. Though what it would cost without penetrating samples from Wonder`s original? Stevie not only graciously granted permission for their use, but also sang the song together with Kulio on “Billboard Awards 1995“.

But we will return in 1976. An exit of a megaalbum “Songs in the Key of Life“ became for Wonder a certain top of his creative abilities. Some time of Stevie successfully remained afloat, writing down quite good songs (for example, a reggae “Master blaster (Jammin `)“ 1980) . In 1982 he was marked out in a duet, having executed one of the most famous songs about interracial tolerance - “Ebony And Ivory“ (“A black ebonite tree and an ivory“) with Paul McCartney.

And then for many fans of the creativity he made “fall“, having written down the song “I Just Called To Say I Love You“.

But it for admirers, and here broad masses still perceive Wonder`s creativity through a prism of this electronic ballad in which it was sung that phone call with the simple words “I Love You“ can turn any day into a holiday.

It not celebration of New year,
the candy which is not covered with chocolate in the form of heart
As a gift.
Not the first day of spring,
Not the song which needs to be sung.
Is just one more usual day.

I just called to tell that I love you.
Ya simply called to tell how strongly I love.
Ya simply called to tell that I love you.
I it - from all my heart.
the seller of musical shop even calls by

In the movie “Fanatic“ of 2000 “I Just Called...“ “the worn-out sentimental shit“ and “a musical crime of Stevie Wonder“. But such melodies are pleasant to women and where we without women?

This the most sweet as syrup, the song with the most banal arrangement which is busily sounding almost all second half of 1980 - x, was written by Wonder especially for the comedy of 1984 “The woman in red“ from Kelly Lebrok in a leading role. Exactly thanks to Stevie the movie also received only “Oscar“ - “for the best film song“. At the same time “I Just Called To Say I Love You“ of a zaborol even such excellent film song as the vigorous anthem from “Ghosts hunters“. In 1985 the version songs “To byl vam den“ (“It was your day“) was executed by Czech “nightingale“ Carel Gott.

Victorious procession “I Just Called...“ saddened scandal when the former coauthor of Stevie - Li Garret - raised the claim for authorship of a hit - however, unsuccessfully a little.

Practically in the same sound - only pozhivy - the following hit of Wonder - “Part Time Lover“ (1985) sounded. The song established a peculiar record, having headed a hit - parade of “Billboard“ in four categories at once (the priest, r`n`b, dens and the priest focused on adults). But she was fated to become the last hit No. 1 in Wonder`s career.
Though our hero while it is live - is healthy and who knows...