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Druggists are wizards in white dressing gowns? Them we see

behind counters of pharmaceutical booths, they help us to cope with the first symptoms of cold, a headache and other attacks to our organism. In the ancient time they were known as doctors, healers, alchemists. Today druggists are experts in the field of production, research and sale of medicines.

the First drugs appeared in immemorial times. Then people attributed magic abilities to healers. Wizards in long raincoats and wide-brimmed hats, with a heap of test tubes and medicines from any illness, entered into a collision to evil spirit - probably, so represented them in the ancient time.

The first druggists it is possible to call alchemists, they in Renaissance began to study medical properties of chemicals and minerals. The first druggists appeared in Ancient Greece in the 4th century B.C. So called the persons who are engaged not only preparation of drugs, but also treatment of patients. Later the science about development of pharmaceutical activity and knowledge of drugs was called pharmaceutics.

In Medieval Europe believed in existence of black and white magic and considered that treatment is carried out by exile of spirits. - to alchemists of that time had respect and fear as pharmaceutical business then was closely connected with magic, astrology and, of course, alchemy for druggists. Paracelsus - the founder of pharmaceutical chemistry making numerous experiments was one of the most famous ancient scientists - alchemists. However, not always successful... as the ingredients used by it were sometimes life-threatening. There are such severe Middle Ages.

But Middle Ages times davny - remained long ago in the past... Now pharmaceutics - high-growth branch of pharmacology. Modern experts know everything about a chemical composition, creation and use of medicines. They cannot prepare various ointments, mixtures and drops according to the individual recipe.

The druggist helps people to choose medicines, can advise as well as in what quantities to use this or that means that it did good, but not to the detriment of health. Also helps clients if they need means for the prevention of a disease or prevention of treatment.

If you since the childhood dreamed of a white dressing gown and of a profession of the druggist, then for a start you should pay attention to algebra, geometry, chemistry, biology and physics. You differ in good memory and are responsible - consider that good luck at you in a pocket!

But as well as in any business, there are pluses and minuses here. In this profession there is a risk to be mistaken and do much harm to the client. But if you diligent studied textbooks and did not hesitate to ask questions, you will practically have no mistakes.

In addition, the druggist should deal with preparations which can cause an allergy. And also periodically to contact to the chilled people that will demand from you a good health and endurance. Similarly as well as patience at communication with buyers. But the gratitude of clients and payment for work will generously award your efforts. Generally, the choice for you!