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What it was written in the book “School Zhenshchin“ about?

which is well forgotten old … In each family are the relics. Here and me for memory from the great-grandmother the ancient book of the edition of 1884 - “School zhenshchin“ which contains councils “for the Russian woman, on all cases of vsednevny life“ got.

When I take this book in hand, I am covered by inexpressible feeling of contact with past tense. It seems that air is condensed, paints of the present twitch a veil as a patina, and grand piano sounds, rustling of overseas silks, crackling of candles in bronze candlesticks … become heard

the End of the 19th century … Ah, this marvelous time with its not haste, visits in an occasion and without, balls, formal dinner parties, hunting in already falling into decay, but manors lovely to heart of any nobleman! Still far to “Antonovka“ of Bunin, but “Fathers and children“ Turgeneva, “Anna Karenina“ of Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky`s “Idiot“ are already written.

Contradictions in society become ripe, the atmosphere is heated, nihilists with the fatal idea of general destruction came to the world, and this idea poisons minds not only the young man with not dissipated heat of fight and destruction of foundations, but also women.

At this particular time the school zhenshchin“ - the book - caution, a reminder to ladies about their primordial role is published in society, the book - a parting word, the conductor in the sea of everyday problems “. Involuntarily I feel grief because, one and a half centuries later, we, women, got freedom, the equal rights, learned to be independent and to be proud of it, but lost ability to be the man`s value, his secret, the fact that really are afraid to lose …

Here model of ideal life of “the woman from society“ of the 19th century :

“Here the bride in a snow-white dress, with a green wreath from a myrtle, with the fluttering veils on gracefully brushed hair, under a hand with the groom, surrounded with girlfriends, blessed by double couple of parents. The groom, as usual, is dressed in all black, in unpoetic color, becomes imperceptible and takes the minor place; nevertheless the attention, all proofs of attachment and the surprise turned on the bride as if aim to inspire in the groom what treasure is acquired by it …“

“… The wife in a simple, but graceful dress strives in the household. Everything that only surrounds it, everything is new, everything shines with purity, neatness and a harmonous order. Here the husband came back home from the occupations; sitting together with it at a table, he kisses it a hand; he eats with appetite, everything finds tasty. He assures that he never edat a similar lunch in one of the best hotels. The lunch came to an end, and the husband a strong, long kiss thanks the wife for efforts. At them ahead still the whole evening together to enjoy life …“

“But the most brilliant picture in life of the woman is life of mother in a circle of children. It or carries on the baby`s hands, or he who is falling asleep in a cradle under song sounds rocks to sleep or reads something to the children who densely stuck around it from all directions or monitors preparation of lessons by the senior children. In all these moments mother is equally fine, majestic, equally inspires to herself feeling of the deep respect turning with a time into awe … in“

“There came the old age, sons married, daughters married, the new generation - grandsons and grandchildren was … All resort to this respectable old woman for receiving blessing, knowing that all her life was directed deleting from the house of trouble and a grief to install and extend tranquility and love …“

Regularity, steady life, a sort continuity, consciousness of own advantage (not general, depersonalized, namely female - pride) … That is why great-grandmothers on portraits such quiet and mysterious. They did not graduate from the universities, but with honors passed “School zhenshchin“, and, perhaps, we to something should learn from them?