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What types of consumers of goods exist?

Buying various goods and receiving various services, we are consumers in the market. We are included into group of the people using goods, services, ideas. However it is possible to notice that one consumer looks narrowly, studies goods, and another buys it at once. They differ from each other. Therefore in marketing some types of consumers were allocated.

First type of the consumer. Such consumer carefully studies goods, sometimes bothering the seller, collects detailed information on any product. Such consumer is attracted by any information which belongs to a product: its main characteristics, the main functional qualities, advantages of a product before others, features of material and the forecast of long duration of use of a product. Such consumer is information-oriented, he will carefully study information on a product, will not buy at the same time it. Sometimes such type of the person likes to wander just like that without special need along counters to find out where and that at what price. “do not feed him with honey“ - give information maximum. He can be engaged with enthusiasm in comparison of qualities of products and forgets about own requirement.

Second type of the consumer. Such type of the consumer the characteristics of a product indicating convenience of application, giving the chance of satisfaction of the requirements interest. The principle of pleasure, comfort, sensual satisfaction - main it. He studies part of characteristics of a product which guarantees satisfaction of his requirements. Just information is not necessary to it, interests him only from the point of view of prospect of satisfaction of requirement. It is important to such consumer to feel a subject, to feel pleasant feelings, to feel esthetic pleasure from appearance, from harmonious forms and practical qualities. He does not intend to overload the head with excess information, it is not necessary to him.

Third type of the consumer. This type of the consumer learns information on a product and does not forget about the requirement. But there is one main distinctive moment - it very carefully compares requirement with the product capable to satisfy it. Being interested in information, it compares as far as this or that characteristic of a product answers its inquiries. Before acquiring goods, it weighs everything, draws a conclusion about quality of a product and only then makes the decision on purchase. This type of the consumer is more unpredictable. Information for such consumer has to be original and fascinating. For it the main thing to compare and estimate requirements with a subject. Such consumer cannot impose anything, it is only possible to offer, considering his requirements.

Knowledge of types of consumers can help sellers with realization of goods and services in bigger quantity and volume. The thin and thorough knowledge of psychology of types of consumers will allow to find an individual approach to each client and it is non-standard and original to approach advertizing of a product. All three types of consumers demand to inform them on a product therefore the good seller will be interested to provide expanded and detailed information on goods to realize it as soon as possible.

Source: chapters of the book V. N. Verkhoglazenko, A. A. Zvezdenkov, M. V. Hlyuneva. Profit psychology. - M.: The prior - to publish, 2005.