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How to prepare a liver in smetanny sauce? Several simple recipes of

of the Dish from a liver are considered useful, and love their many. We will not speak about advantage of this product, in this respect there are different opinions of nutritionists. I personally adhere to option that a liver - a valuable and useful product which in many cases is dietary food at diseases.

of the Dish from a liver was prepared, since ancient times, curative properties of this product were already known to scientists of that time. Great Avicenna ordered to give to patients with the weakened sight a goat liver.

The dishes prepared from a liver not only are useful, but also are tasty. Especially, preparation options a set as the liver is perfectly combined with various vegetables. The liver both fried, and stewed in a pot is tasty. I offer several dishes from a liver which are loved in our family.

the Chicken liver with a garnish from buckwheat

Is a dish it is useful doubly as the chicken liver is considered a dietary product. And buckwheat - a source of many vitamins and mineral substances, is a valuable dietary product too.

In the beginning we will make friable porridge from buckwheat. For this purpose we wash out grain, we fill in it with water, we salt and we put on fire. When water begins to boil, we switch to the slow mode - buckwheat will reach. And we will prepare a liver meanwhile.

For this purpose we will wash out it, we will dry and we will cut on pieces thickness in two fingers. We cut onion rings. Further small we cut tomatoes, previously having husked. We fry onions in the beginning. When it begins to be reddened, we add a liver. We fry it no more than 5 - 7 minutes, without forgetting to stir slowly.

In the last turn we put tomatoes. Let`s salt, we will pepper. After that we add wheat flour and sour cream. We mix and fill in with water. We extinguish minutes 15 on average fire. When the dish is ready, we add chopped greens. We give together with a garnish from buckwheat. Bon appetit!

For this dish it is required to us: 500 grams of a chicken liver; 2 tomatoes; 1 pieces of onions; one spoon of wheat flour; 2 tablespoons of sour cream; buckwheat - 1 glass; salt pepper and greens at will.

the tomatoes Stuffed with a liver

the Second version of our menu - the tomatoes stuffed with a liver with sour cream. The dish is interesting on taste and looks beautifully on a dining table.

We begin preparation with clarification of a liver from a film and bilious channels. After that, washout properly, we will pass it via the meat grinder.

Then we will prepare tomatoes for a farshirovka: let`s wash out, we will cut off a top and we will clean from pulp and seeds. It is not necessary to throw out tomato pulp, we will postpone for time. Further we will peel carrots, we will rub on a small grater or we will pass via the meat grinder.

We will arrive also with onions. Then slightly propasseruy it with carrot, having added tomato pulp. Let`s mix with a liver, we will salt and we will pepper. Let`s stuff tomatoes with a stuffing, we will fill in from above with sour cream, we will place in a brazier or a baking sheet with high boards then we will put a vdukhovka for 20 - 30 minutes. To a table we give, having strewed with greens.

For this dish it is required to us: 5 pieces of average tomatoes; 300 grams of beef liver; 1 bulb; 2 averages of carrots; salt pepper, greens, sour cream to taste.

the Liver, “stewed“ in a pot

Before starting preparation of this dish, we will remind that pots need to be put in a cold oven and only after to include fire. It is necessary in order that they did not burst. It is necessary to get a ready dish from an oven in 5 or 10 minutes prior to the end of preparation. The hot pot by inertia will continue “to prepare“.

A liver for languor you can take any: beef, pork or liver of a bird. On your discretion. Mushrooms which can be bought fresh, frozen or dried also will be necessary for us for this dish. It is necessary to prepare them in advance. If the mushrooms frozen, then it is necessary to defreeze them. If dried - to wet. Then mushrooms need to be cut on pieces and to fry.

That the liver was softer and did not taste bitter, it is possible to take it a little in milk. Then to cut and fry in melted butter. We salt a liver at the end of roasting. It is not necessary to fry long, minutes 10, no more. We fry onions till golden color and then we will add carrots and tomatoes.

We pour in a pot on a bottom 1 tablespoon of oil, we spread layers a liver, mushrooms and the fried vegetables. We add water, salt, pepper, sour cream and greens to your taste. We cover with the test and we put in an oven for 30 minutes then we switch an oven to the slowest mode and we allow to be extinguished even minutes 15. The dish is ready. Bon appetit!

Such dish turns out tasty and in the crock-pot. The same recipe, but vegetables it is possible to put in the crock-pot without frying. After preparation to put “heating“ that the dish “potomitsya“ on the mode.

For a liver in a pot it is required to us: a liver - 500 grams, onions - 1 piece; tomatoes - 2 pieces; carrots - 1 piece; sour cream - 3 tablespoons; mushrooms - 300 grams; the rest on your taste.

Bon appetit!